It was the middle of winter, and just around the time of the year when the genin of konoha had their annual school festival. Like always, the girls had to be the one to ask the guy to the festival.

However, it wasn't a really big surprise for Naruto to be left out. He always spends this time of year in the house, or in an unused classroom. He himself knew perfectly well that the parents at the festival would gladly gives him the evil, hatred glare.

He tosses the flat pebble across the surface of the lake, commonly known as, 'The Lake of Eternal love.' Many couples would come there every year to express their love.

Even though Naruto hated when couples are around, he usually liked it when he's alone. It calms him down when he felt angry or think negatively. It's about the only place other than his house where he can find peace. Nobody really comes here on daily basis but him.

"And here I thought I'll be the only one."


Naruto turn around, quite slowly.

There it stood a boy around his age; tall, handsome, blue hair, black-jet eyes, and the one who had all the girls falling head over-heel in love.

"Sasuke?" he whisper his name with quite surprise.

"Let me guess, nobody ask you to the dance, huh?" he said sarcastically with a smirk on his face.

"S-shut up!" Naruto shouted angrily at Sasuke, which only prove that he got Naruto's attention.

"It has nothing to do with you, " Naruto continue, "whether I got ask or not," his voice got quieter and a little sad.

Sasuke move closer, keeping his eyes on Naruto.

"You're an idiot Naruto," he said to him.

Naruto turn his gaze at Sasuke angrily, "Don't call me an idiot!"

"But you are an idiot."

"No, I'm not!" he shouted even more angrily, "Leave me alone!"

"I can't."

"Why not" Naruto shouted.

"Because someone here would feel very lonely if I do," Sasuke answer him in a softer voice.

Naruto's expression softens. He look away embarrassed.

"I-I'm not lonely…" he hesitate, "You're the one who's lonely."

Sasuke let out a sigh, "Maybe."

Naruto look at him and gave a little smile, which surprise Sasuke.

"I guess cool guys like you can feel lonely some times too, huh?" he asked happily, but quietly.

Looking at Naruto's smile, Sasuke couldn't help himself but gave a little smile when Naruto turn away.

Naruto sat down on the ground and stare at the 'Lake of Eternal Love.' They remain silent for a while until Sasuke spoke up.

"Do you know why they call this lake 'The Lake of Eternal Love'?"

Naruto look at Sasuke who wasn't looking at him.

"Why should I know?" Naruto said quietly.

Sasuke continue after a while of waiting, "A hundred years ago, there were two clans. One was call the Senju clan and the other was my own clan, the Uchiha clan. As you know, both clans were strongly against each other. Not one kinsmen respect the others. But then one day, on a night like this, a girl from the Senju clan and a boy from the Uchiha clan met and fell in love. They knew what clan they both belonged, but even so they couldn't deny their love for each other. They decided to meet secretly every night, hoping the clans wouldn't discover their love.

"One night, the girl said, 'If one day the war between our clans ended, I want to built a big lake here. A lake; where love ones can always be together. They can all set sail to where they wanted to go without anyone stopping them. A lake that will flow through time, not ending the love between those who wish to be together, despite the interference.' The boy promise her that that day will surely come.

"But then one day, they were discover by the clans and was torn apart. The clan forbidden them to see each other again and thus married the girl to another man. When he found out about this, he sneak into the Senju clan to find out the truth. When he saw her at the alter, his heart sink. With one last glance he disappear from then on. Nobody, not even his own clan, knows where he went. Some said that he commit suicide, others said he went and get married somewhere far away.

"However, she believed that he was still alive and not married. After many years, she went back to the place where they first met and had always met secretly. There, she found a lake that was never there before and an old crumple letter address to her. In it, it says:

Even though we couldn't be together, at least let this lake stands for our love. I promise you back then, that your dream will come true. I don't care if you're someone else's wife; I still love you nevertheless. When you find this, I probably will have been gone very far away. To a place where you will never find me. From the bottom of my heart, I will always love you despite the interference.

"And thus, she named this lake 'Lake of Eternal Love' meaning that wherever he is, their love will continue through time without change."

Naruto wipe away a tear that was forming in his eyes. By now, Sasuke was sitting next to him. Sasuke look at him and gave a little smile.

"Truly a tragic tale, don't you think?"

Naruto gave a little nod. He look at the lake once he clear his eyes of tears.



"Do you believe in eternal love?"

Sasuke remain quiet. Naruto look at him and then turn away after a few seconds.

"For me, I believe… that eternal love do exist, for it's what bid two person together."

Sasuke look at him and whisper, "Usuratonkachi."

"I told you not to call me that!" Naruto protest.

"Well, let's go."

Sasuke got up and started heading back to the village.


Naruto follow after him.

He turns back after a few steps and smile at the lake, then he quickly ran after Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Wait up!"

"Hurry up or I'll leave you behind." Sasuke call to Naruto.

Naruto rushes to Sasuke. Soon they were walking side by side.

Sasuke is so mean! Naruto thought to himself.

Suddenly, Sasuke stop in his track, causing Naruto to bump onto his back.

"What is it?" he asked.

Sasuke turn around and headed for the lake again.

"Sasuke? Why are you turning back?" Naruto asked, curious.

"C'mon, if you don't want to get caught right in the middle of that crowd of girls then follow me." He answered.

Naruto look at the crowd and decide to follow Sasuke instead. He stumbles back to Sasuke. Wait… Whoa! Naruto trip on a fallen branch and fell forward.

"S-Sasuke!" he manages to choke out.

Sasuke quickly turn around just before Naruto reach him. He opens his arm and let Naruto fell into them. They stumble onto the ground. For a moment, Naruto could feel something soft under him before whatever was under him roll him over to the other position.

"Sasuke?" he ask dumb fully looking up at Sasuke.

"Usuratonkachi," Sasuke whisper quietly to Naruto.

From a distance they could make out girls voices approaching. Sasuke got up, pulling Naruto along. Without a second of thoughts, Sasuke start running the opposite direction pulling Naruto along once again. They ran into the bushes and through the trees; not looking back.

Naruto could feel adrenaline rush through his body just from having Sasuke holding his hand. Even though they were deep in the forest, they could still see the lake from the side.

Sasuke was right. The lake really is big. Naruto thought as they continue running. They finally stop as they reach their limits.

"I can't believe how big this lake is!" Naruto said, "We've been running this whole time and the lake haven't even reach its end."

"True," Sasuke replied after taking a deep breath of air.

Naruto step out of the forest and sat down beside the lake. Sasuke also did the same. Naruto unzip his jacket and lays it beside him on the ground. Inside he wore a black t-shirt with an orange twirl in the middle. Sasuke watch him quietly.

"I saw someone run through here!" a girl shouted.

They both look at each other and nodded. It was as if they knew what the other was thinking. At the count of three, they both jump into the water.

Under water, they could a few girls' voices near the place where they sat just now. A girl with pink hair picks up Naruto's Jacket.

"This jacket," she spoke, "its Naruto."

Naruto let out a bubble at the word jacket. Sasuke quickly turn to Naruto. Luckily, the girls didn't notice the bubble. Naruto let out another bubble. It seems like he can't held his breath any longer. Without thinking, Sasuke pull Naruto closer and took him by the mouth. Naruto open his eyes very wide, but close it tightly when they continue to exchange breath. They remain in that position as they held each other.

Soon the girls left and they both surface after letting go of each other. Naruto look away from Sasuke with his face red. Sasuke is probably doing the same thing. Naruto look at the water bank and saw his sweater in the same place he left it.

Sakura-chan's probably didn't want me to lose it.

Naruto smile and got out of the water and grab his jacket. Sasuke look at him and turn away. Stop smiling. Sasuke wanted to say. He slowly came out of the water as well. They took off their shirts to dry while they sat on the ground and wait.

Naruto look up at the dark sky.

"It's so dark."

Sasuke nodded in agreement. Slowly, light start to shine around them. They both look around them. Sasuke notice that mostly the lake is what shine the most.

"This is different."

"How so," Naruto asked.

"This never happen before," Sasuek replied, "Although, in legends, some says that only true love can bring out the lake's secret. So this is what it meant by secret."

Naruto smile and touch the water in admiration, "It's so beautiful, especially the lights."

"That's true," Sasuke agree.

Naruto let a smirk form across his face. When Sasuke wasn't paying attention, he splash water on the other's face. He let out a loud laugh. Sasuke wipe away the water with his hand and out of nowhere, push Naruto into the water. They both fell underwater once again. Both let out loud laughter as they resurface.

"I didn't know you can laugh that much," Naruto spoke happily.

"Me too," Sasuke said softly, but happily.

"Hey Sasuke," Naruto shouted.

Just when Sasuke look at Naruto, big splashes of water punch Sasuke in the face. He quickly wipes his face and gladly returns Naruto's splashes. They were having so much fun that they didn't even notice two presences near them.

"It seems they achieve what we couldn't," one presence spoke to the other.

The smaller presence smile and nodded, "Yes."

The two presences held hands and with one last glance at the two who was splashing at each other, the two presences smile and walk on through their forever.