Rhea Wilson walked into William McKinley High School for the first time in three years. Her blonde hair was all messed up from the wind outside and she started brushing it out automatically since the pieces of purple were more visible now. She grabbed the folded schedule from her pocket and started trying to find her first classroom. She had a meeting with the Principal after lunch but he was busy this morning so she had to find her way around herself. Great…


Ugh! This is impossible! I had been walking around for 15 minutes, - thank goodness I got here early, - and was almost positive that this room did not exist…Not to mention the people that were here at their lockers talking all stared at me and I heard whispers of, "Who is she? Do you know her?" "She just looks so familiar!" and other comments like that.

I wasn't quite ready for everyone to know who I was yet, so I turned and ducked into the first classroom on my right. I'd just have to ask a teacher. As soon as I walked into the room I ran into one of the reasons I didn't want anyone to see me. And I literally ran into him.

"Oh crap! I'm sorry, let me help you up." I was hoping that if I didn't look at him he wouldn't recognize me. "You're the new girl, right?" I looked up at him quickly, surprised everyone was already talking about me. That was definitely a mistake. "Rhea?" I looked at him dumbly; I had no idea what to say. There was no denying who I was now; we had known each other since we were little kids.

"Hey Finn…" I said sorta awkwardly. "Umm, what's up?" How lame was that…

"I haven't seen you since the last day of eighth grade! Where'd you go? You just kinda up and left. We all tried calling your house and you mom's cell but no one every answered. I've missed you." I instantly felt horrible for trying to avoid him.

"I've missed you too!" I said, giving him a hug. "As for the where I was question, New York City. At LaGuardia to be exact…."

"Wow—that's just—wow…I forgot how great of a voice you had."

"Yeah, well, they thought so too. My mom got me an audition since she knows people up there and when I got in we moved."

"Then why'd you come back Re? This whole town is full of losers and you finally got out."

"It's—it's a long story." He nodded, understanding that I wasn't ready to talk about it yet*. That's the way it had always been between Finn and I before I left; he just got me "And Finn you're not a loser and you never have been." He gave me a look that said, "Yeah right."

"Come on, I'll walk you to class. You seem lost." I laughed and put his arm around my shoulder as we walked out of the classroom.

We paused outside a room, which—what do you know?—was the room that didn't exist. "Lunch?" I asked.

"Of course. Everyone is going to be happy to see you." I smiled weakly at him, hoping he wouldn't notice. I wasn't so thrilled to see everyone, specifically one of them. I turned and walked into class. Spanish class. Yuck.

The teacher was late…well, at least I don't have to deal with Spanish on top of everything else right this second…Crap I spoke too soon the door is opening and up that's a teacher…sigh…I hate Spanish…

Our teacher had his back to us when he came in but I coulda sworn he looked really really familiar. The he turned around to look at us. "Mr. Schue!" he turned and looked at me as did the rest of my Spanish class.

"Rhea Wilson? Wow, it's been a long time. You were little last time I saw you. Is your hair purple?" I nodded

"I dyed it last month…How's Terri?" He looked uncomfortable. "Oh…sorry…" He and Terri had never really gotten along when I used to live here; they used to babysit me because my mom went to high school with the two of them. She was actually in Glee with Mr. Schue.


I was almost twelve and my mom still thought I couldn't take care of myself even with Mrs. Annoying and Mr. Schuester down the hall. I had to actually go stay with them and Mrs. Annoying was trying to get me to clean her house! Seriously!

"Oh, but I've had such a long day at the office and I still need to make dinner and…" I tuned her out. No way was I cleaning her house and did she really just call Sheets N' Things the office?

She is insane!


We were talking about stuff and I started telling him about LaGuardia and then he asked me to join Glee and I was trying to decide did I really want to get back into that? My life was finally back to normal. No performances and no super busy schedules. Then the bell rang…"Well, I'll see you at Glee practice this afternoon Rhea!"

Well, I guess that decision just got made for me…

I walked out to my next class, Biology, which went by uneventfully and then I had a study period and so I went to the room where me and Finn had run into each other it had seemed pretty empty.

I opened the door and walked in and saw three of my old friends and one guy I didn't know. Mercedes and Tina jumped up and attacked me and Artie tried wheeling my way. The fourth guy looked confused as they had obliviously been in the middle of a conversation…

"'Cedes! Tina! Artie! Can't…breathe…Mercedes…" Mercedes finally let me go and I hugged Tina and leaned down to hug Artie too.

"I love your hair!" Tina said.

"Thanks T; I love your hair too! When did you add the streaks?" I asked.

"I don't know, a while ago," she shrugged. Mercedes turned me around.

"Where in the world have you been, girl? It is seriously not cool for you to jet off to New York and stop calling me after a few months!" she always has been a diva but she did have a point…

"I'm so sorry. Stuff happened and I just really didn't want you guys dragged into it all and so—" I didn't get to finish…

"Aw hell to the naw you are not gonna pull some, 'I didn't want you guys involved' bull; it's not going to work with me!" D.I.V.A! I shot her a look that said, "We'll talk about it later."

"Is someone going to introduce me to the very fashionably dressed girl that you're yelling at?" the guy I didn't know said, saving me from Miss Diva.

"Rhea, Kurt. Kurt, Rhea. You're introduced. Re, don't you dare tell me, 'We'll talk about this later' because we won't. I know you." Sigh…

"Seriously Mercedes we will talk about this. Later. I need to deal with it myself first before I tell everyone else. Okay?" she must've heard how serious I was because she shut up. Then the bell rang. Great, just what I needed the drama of Mercedes times Cheerios and him.

I walked with the girls to the cafeteria and then to the table where I saw my three old best friends. I almost ran, but I didn't want to freak out everyone who was eating so I just walked faster. The first one I hugged was Brittany "Brit! I haven't seen you in forever I love the uniform but your hair really looks better down!" I said, instantly jumping back into best friend mode. Then someone came up behind me and picked up my hair and shrieked. Like, really shrieked. Loud.

"What happened to your hair?" Quinn asked freaking out. "How are you going to be a Cheerio with this—this—stuff on it?"

I laughed. "I'm not going to be a Cheerio, Quinn." She stared at me.

"But you've always wanted to be a Cheerio. You, me, Britney, and Santana were supposed to be Cheerios together."

"That was a long time ago. Cheering and I aren't really into each other these days. LaGuardia changed me. Speaking of Cheerios, where's your uniform?"

"Who's LaGuardia?" Britney said from behind me. I ignored her and looked at Quinn.

"If you had been here for the last three years instead of ditching us, your best friends, you'd know." She turned around and ran out of the Cafeteria. If I didn't know her better I'd think she might've been crying.

"Umm, what's her problem?" I asked, feeling kinda stupid for not knowing what the hell just happened.

"She was dating Finn, Puck got her knocked up, and Sue kicked her off the Cheerios." Aw crap, I really wish someone had thought to tell me this before I said what I said to Quinn.

I was about to turn and say something to Santana, but then I heard another familiar voice. Thankfully not the one I was dreading, but it was close.

"Miss Wilson, back from the Big Apple I see? Here to join Cheerios?"

"Umm actually—" and I got cut off again.

"Your hair is perfect; exactly what we need to make the head cheerleader stand out from the rest. Miss Wilson, you're on the team. Stop by my office to pick up the uniform after school today." She turned to leave.

"But I'm the head cheerleader! You can't just make her head cheerleader because of her hair!" Santana said while standing up.

"Well actually, I can and I suggest you sit down if you want to be on the Cheerios at all." Sue said and walked off. I sat down across from Santana, not really sure what to say, and then I remembered something from when we were little kids.


I was running around the neighborhood with Santana and Britney until I tripped. Santana and Britney fell down laughing and we were all rolling around on the ground laughing and I couldn't really breathe.

"Tana. I can't breathe," I mumbled. Maybe I'll just lay here and go to sleep. Sounds good to me. It's all nice and warm out here today perfect day to just fall asleep in the grass.

"Re?" someone said, poking me with a stick."Is she dead?" that was obviously Britney and I woke up enough to realize that Santana was poking me with a stick.

"Stop poking me Tana!" I said, not opening my eyes

"Why are you calling me Tana?" Santana asked and poked me again.

"'Cause I want to," I yawned again. "Go away."

"Nope. Get up."

"Ugh, Tana," I said, getting up.

"I think you hit your head 'cause you know I don't like nicknames."

"If she can call you Tana can I call you Santa?" Britney asked.

"No Britney you cannot call me Santa!" Santana said glaring at Brittany.

"Well you just deal with Tana 'cause that's what I'm calling you from now on till forever!" I said, laughing and running off, resuming the laughing and chasing game…


"Tana, I'm sorry. I really didn't want to be a Cheerio, especially not head cheerleader. I'll tell Sue I'm not joining the team if you want me too. Tana, don't be mad at me." Santana looked up at me and smiled a tiny smile—but at least she smiled.

"You know how Sue is. There's no way she's letting you go without a fight; and purple hair won't look good on me. Take the spot. You should get it. You were always first in command when we were kids and if you hadn't left the spot would already be yours so just take it." I looked at her and was about to say something until I realized that yet again, a decision had been made for me.

"Hey Re!" it was Finn. I turned around smiling and then I saw him walking with Finn. I think I almost fainted.

"Hey Princess," he said with a smile.

"Hey Noah," I said, not returning his smile.

"Come on, it's been a long time. Don't I even get a hug?" I only hugged him 'cause it would look suspicious if I didn't.

"Not nearly as long as they think," I whispered in his ear. And he smirked and oh, that made me want to slap him, but I wasn't about to explain to everyone why I was slapping him so I didn't.

"I'll go grab you some food Princess, unless you already ate?" he said when I started to sit down.

"I'm perfectly capable of getting my own food Noah." He shrugged and walked up to the food line. The truth was that I really did want some food but no way was I about to get in line with him.


It was the first Spring Break I had up in New York, but me and my friends were doing the same things we had done over Fall break and Winter break: go see shows and act like tourists. We were at theRichard Rodgers Theatre getting ready to seeIn The Heights, one of the only Broadway shows I hadn't seen, when I saw a very familiar hairstyle.

"Puck?" I said not too loud but he heard me anyway and turned around.

"Rhea! Hey! I haven't seen you in forever. You live up here now, right?" I nodded.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Looking for you, actually."

I laughed "Are you stalking me or something? How'd you know I'd be at this show?"

"Actually, I kinda wanted to see it myself…Don't tell the guys…Even Finn probably wouldn't approve of me going to see a musical no matter how much rapping it has in it." I laughed again.

"Do you want to hang out with me and my LaGuardia friends after the show?"

"Yeah, that sounds cool."

"Okay, meet us out front afterwards."

He smiled. "See you later Princess."

I blushed at my childhood nickname and hurried off. "Who was that hottie you were talking to?" my friend Charlotte asked me when I went back over to where they were sitting.

"His name's Puck. He went to school with me back in Lima."

"Does he have a girlfriend?" Char asked, instantly interested.

"Not that I know of, but I haven't seen him in almost a year."

"Well, can you find out for me? Unless you like him?"

"I'm still with Finn…" I said uncertainly.

"Sure." She snorted. "Even if you actually wanted that to be true, which we all know you don't, you're never going back to Lima, Ohio. You're way too far out of his league." She looked at me, waiting for me to comment and when I didn't she smiled. "See what I mean? You should consider Mohawk Boy. He may be from Lima but it doesn't look like he's going to be a Lima Loser for long…