My name is Joanna Blake. I'm the person that if talked to I sit there, listen, and comment only when necessary and is the one that everyone knows but really doesn't know what is going on with her life. Ya, I have friends. Ya, they're really fun and I love hanging out with them and Annabel knows all my secrets and is there when I'm the one that needs to vent but even but even with her I can't tell her everything. Some things I just can't tell anyone and if you have big secret that weighs down on you. She knows all about my alcoholic mother, Emily, and who is also bulimic. The one thing that she doesn't know is that my mom also started popping pills that she didn't take when she broke her foot a few years ago. My stepdad, Ethan, is aware of all this stuff going on with his wife but is too afraid to admit that anything is going on. He owns a local insurance business. He is always busy and is almost always at work. My dad is on his first tour of Iraq and won't be home for a whole year and I'm now stuck in the house at my mom's house that is always has some kind of drama going on. Making it about the last place that I want to be around. My older sister, Danielle, who just moved off to college and has found a life that doesn't really include me. That is the brief history of my family and if you haven't noticed it is very dysfunctional and chaotic. The only thing keeping me a little sane is my music. I listen to it when my parents are fighting on a subject that I don't even think they know, or when I just need a pick-me-up when my day has just gone downhill. I like all kinds- rap, hip-hop, country, or jazz even. It all matters what I'm feeling like and what my head says that I need.