(Druitt POV)

He was the enveloping darkness.

She was the light.

She was the warm dayspring.

He was the night.

Why should yin and yang so thoroughly match?

Because everybody knows

Opposites attract.

He hadn't wanted this.

Fighting insanity day after day.

Trying not to be consumed by the darkness.

He wanted to make her happy.

He wanted to be with her and protect her from the darkness, not be the very evil she needed to be protected from.

He wanted those blissful days at Oxford, not the mad dark days spent searching for nothing.

But the blissful days, the precious hours he looked upon her, the glorious jewels of her whispered admittance of her love for him, were worth the pain and insanity now.

The darkness worth the light.

An alleyway near the entrance afforded him a nice view of heaven.

The special world he wasn't given access to, the place of healing and hope and safety.

The place that had them.

His beloved and their precious girl.

They gave sanctuary to all.

Well, almost all.

(Ashley POV)

She had seen him sometimes, the bald demon lurking in shadows.

The red flashes heralding his arrival to his lonely post in the darkness did nothing to stop her curiosity.

There was something that interested her in this man, some darkness and pain around him that like her mother she wanted to help, to cure.

After all, that's what they did, offering Sanctuary to the unwanted demons, the monsters hanging on the edge of society, living and feeding of fear and madness.

At least the darker ones did.

He seemed to be one of the darker ones. While what must have been an instinct instilled by her mother that made her want to help made her almost want to venture out to the darkness and let him come in, some terrible darkness hanging about him drove her away.

It's not that she was scared of the evil that surrounded him like mist.

No, she just couldn't talk to him because she wasn't allowed to talk to strangers.

Yes, that was it.