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This is going to be a two-shot about what happens to Dastan and Tamina after she accepts his proposal.

Chapter 1- Do not lie to me

"Do you not realize how you watch everyone, Prince?" Tamina asked from where she was perched against the fountain in the courtyard, watching her betrothed clomp back and forth across the stones in front of her. He was agitated for some reason and she was determined to figure out why.

Prince Tus had arranged for her marriage to his youngest brother, Prince Dastan, nearly a month ago. And since that time, Dastan had been staying in Alamut getting to know the system of government and becoming more familiar with the people, seeing as this was where the happy couple would be living upon their marriage. Something about Dastan aggravated her so. He was cocky, arrogant, blunt, and he seemed to know her better than he should. Dastan was also keeping a secret from her which did not bode well with Princess Tamina.

"How do I watch people, Princess?" Dastan spat out as he continued to pace along the path.

"Well, noble Prince, you watch them as if something awful is going to happen and they will disappear," Tamina replied calmly.

Dastan floundered, like he always did when he couldn't think of a decent retort. Taking a minute to gather his thoughts, Dastan finally issued a response to his pompous princess.

"Clever princess," he sneered, "thinking you know everything about me. Pray tell, why do you think I look at people this way?"

Glancing up at the high tower where the dagger was stored, she answered, "Because you have experienced their deaths. You know what it is like to lose them and not be able to save them. Dastan, I know you have used the dagger."

At his attempt to cut her off, she snapped, "Please don't insult me by lying about it. I have seen what the dagger can do, Dastan, I know of its powers."

Dastan paled as he realized that he hadn't fooled her.

"How long have you known?" He asked quietly, moving to sit next to her on the edge of the fountain.

"Only a Prince of Persia would think he could outsmart a princess and a guardian," Tamina replied, rolling her eyes at his naivety. "I've known from the moment you handed me the dagger."

"But how?" Dastan questioned, his brows furrowing slightly. "I was so careful with what I said."

"And that is where you slipped up, dear Dastan. You acted as if you had no idea what the dagger was but any fool could see it meant something to you. Our talk after Tus' little announcement only cemented my beliefs. You looked at me through haunted eyes with an emotion one does not show after having just met someone."

"Does the princess not believe in love at first sight?" Dastan grinned at her.

Tamina turned to face her future husband and looked up at him through hooded eyes. Moving her body closer to his, she reached one hand up to trace along his strong jaw line before whispering, "How can it be love at first sight when we have met before in a different life?"

Before Dastan realized what was happening, Tamina had reached around and pulled out his sword that was always strapped to his back. The blade was pointed directly at his throat and he was uncertain as to whether or not this Tamina would try to kill him like the last one. But the dagger had been taken out of the equation so he had no idea why she was holding him at sword point.

"Princess Tamina, care to tell me what this is all about?" He asked as the sword point nearly cut his throat.

"Yes, Dastan, I will tell you since you are so good at listening," Tamina smirked at him. "You are going to tell me what happened when you used the dagger. As the guardian of the dagger, I need to know what happened so I can prevent it from happening again."

His eyes, suddenly full of emotion, begged her not to force it out of him but she would have no mercy on this Persian Prince.

"Dastan, you are trying my patience."

"Tamina, I am not going to tell you about what happened. Just know your dagger is safe and the one who wanted to use it for evil is gone," Dastan choked out as the blade pushed against his throat.

His words left her with little doubt that whatever she did, he wasn't going to tell her.

A noise from behind them caused Tamina to lose her concentration for one second. But one second was enough for Dastan. In that instant she glanced away, he was able to grab her wrist and knock the sword from her hand, ignoring her cry of pain. Once his sword was safely strapped to his back, he turned to look at the approaching forms of his brothers.

Garsiv grinned as he neared the couple that had gone back to glaring at each other. It amused him that Prince Dastan, the noble warrior, would jump off a building if needed yet in front of this princess he made a fool of himself.

"Trouble controlling your betrothed, Brother?" Garsiv sneered at his youngest brother.

"Prince Dastan and I were discussing something rather delicate, gentlemen, so if you would please excuse us," Tamina stated, motioning for them to continue on their walk.

Tus looked at the angry couple. It was really too good of an opportunity to pass up. While he may love his younger brother, Tus loved getting in good shots at him even better.

"You haven't gone and pissed her off, have you Dastan? That's the one sure way to get yourself banned from the bedroom. I bet this one in a wildcat in bed," Tus grinned at Dastan who had paled and Tamina who was seething.

"I, uh, no," Dastan stammered out.

Tamina just scoffed at his complete inability to utter a coherent sentence. She knew that his brothers were mocking them but she had had just about enough with the foolish and prideful Persian Princes.

"For your information, Prince Tus, Dastan has never bedded me nor will he in the immediate future. You would be wise to choose your words carefully, Prince, for I am not as forgiving as this idiot you call a brother," Tamina spat out, pointing at Dastan who was gaping at her. "And furthermore, Prince Garsiv, I am not a lady to be controlled as you so delicately put it. You would do well not to cross me again, dear Princes."

With that said, Tamina walked out of the courtyard as gracefully as a princess even though she was furious inside. These Persians and their entitled attitudes drove her mad. They were the ones who mistakenly entered her city on a false accusation and have the gall to mock her in her own palace. She would show them just how vengeful a Princess of Alamut could be.

Tus whistled softly under his breath as the princess stalked away. Patting Dastan on the shoulder, he laughed, "Good luck with that one, brother. While she may be a beauty, her tongue is wicked. I've never seen anyone garner the nerve to attack all three Persian Princes at the same time."

Garsiv looked after the girl, slightly awestruck. "Dastan, if you weren't marrying her, I would gladly take her off your hands."

"Not a chance, Garsiv," Dastan snarled, shrugging off Tus' hand. "That is my and so help me, if you look at her in any way other than brotherly love, I will kill you."

"Ah," Garsiv nodded, "Tus, I do believe that our young brother has fallen for the hellcat we call Princess Tamina."

"What? No," Dastan tried to deny the accusation but the words died in the back of his throat. Did he love this princess? He felt a certain affection for her and knew one day it would come to love but he wasn't ready to put that kind of label on it when she barely tolerated him.

Realizing that the mess his brothers made needed to be cleaned up, Dastan clapped them both on the back, called them idiots, and went in pursuit of his princess hoping that she would take him back. And not try to kill him again. Shaking his head, he walked through the entry way into the castle thinking about how much more successful this confrontation would be if he had the dagger to protect him from Tamina's wrath.

But luck was not with him today as he saw her walking into the throne room.

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