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In this prologue there will be a scene of an attempted suicide.

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Iron and Wine – Boy With A Coin.

IAMX – Rain To See.

Band of Horses – No One's Gonna Love You.

The Smiths – Miserable Lie.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. -ANONYMOUS"


December 14, 2007

The scene before me unraveled quickly... once I kicked her bathroom door open. The smell of dirty water and blood lingered heavily in the air. The light bulb that hung directly above me flickered on and off continuously. The faint sound of The Smiths played softly in the background; her favorite music. The pink and white rose I had brought for her fell to the ground slowly as the CSI-like scene played out in front of me.

She sat, unmoving, on the cool, tiled floor. The only thing covering her tiny, petite body was a black t-shirt that stopped just above her pierced belly button. Her long, lean legs were spread out in front of her as her thin arms laid limp at her sides. She was leaning helplessly against the bathtub with her head tilted upwards and her eyes closed.

Her cameras, the things that had brought her happiness, were shattered behind her, floating in the water filled tub... along with shredded pictures of her and me. On the floor beside her were scattered pills and alcohol bottles, which encased her in her own personal hell. Broken glass littered the floor in front of her from the mirror above the sink that she most likely hit. The many flowers I had given her over time to show my affection were torn to pieces in her lap; they were withered and lifeless like she was.

My heart broke as I noticed what was in her right hand. What she promised she would never attempt to do again. It was a single bloodstained shard of jagged glass. It laid there, seemingly powerless in her tiny hand, yet it was mocking me, as if letting me know that there was nothing in my fucking power that could help her now.

She was gone.

I quickly wiped the tears that descended willingly from my eyes as I closed the distance between us. I removed my sweater and lovingly draped it around her. Slowly, I sat beside her then gently grabbed her cold, spiritless body so her head could lay in my lap. My fingers lightly skimmed along the fresh cuts she inflicted on herself. They were rough and trailed the length of her right arm, reaching all the way to her shoulders. I noticed the previous scars on her legs, so I dragged my fingers along them as well.

As I sat there, transfixed by her broken body, I remembered a quote I had once read.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same."

I never understood that quote until that moment when she laid helpless in my arms.

I realized that Isabelle Swan is my 'other'. The 'other' that made the footprint on my heart and forever stayed. The 'other' that I fought for every time the sun set and the moon rose . The 'other' that I cried for and cried with when she felt unwanted and worthless. The 'other' that I held and loved when the darkness got the best of her. The 'other' that I made a promise to, a promise to always fight her battles with her and never surrender.

I was weak and wanted to surrender; I was happy to wave that white flag. I couldn't exorcise Isabelle's past demons or destroy the many ghosts that haunted her every dream. I couldn't save her with flowers, despite what my mother had once told me. I internally cursed my mother as I remembered her explaining to me that flowers can heal and they can mend. But they couldn't. They didn't heal my mother when she was sick in bed, crying for someone to help her. And I had come to believe they wouldn't heal Isabelle, who laid in my arms.

I let my head fall into her soft, raven-black hair, and I cried. I cried because I hated myself for letting her down. I cried because I couldn't save her like I thought I could; I couldn't make her happy or show her that love is real and pure. I cried because I needed her, just like she needed me.

I whispered her name repeatedly, begging her to come back to me. Begging her to love me like I love her. Begging her to fight for me, to fight for herself, and even to fight for us.

Just as I started to remove my tear stained face from her hair, she stirred slightly. She began to cough, which lead to a violent convulsion. As I gently tilted her body upwards she turned her head to the side. Vomit started to spew from her mouth, spilling onto the floor next to her.

When she finished, she turned her head back to look at me. I smiled, overwhelmed with relief and joy. As I looked back into her eyes I caught the beauty that still radiated off of ma fleur rebelle*. Even though she never realized it or believed me, she was a beautiful creature. I saw her light brown eyes that cried out for forgiveness; forgiveness she wasn't ready to accept. I heard the fragile beating of her heart that screamed out for love; a love she thought she didn't deserve.

She lifted her hand up slowly and gracefully skimmed my left cheek. I smiled lovingly down upon her as tears of joy fell from my eyes. Isabelle then said the words that are forever embedded in my memories.

"Save me..."

~x-x-x-End of Flashback-x-x-x~


*ma fleur rebelle- my rebellious flower


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