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Fenton works 1994

"Jazz come on and play with me! I am so bored." Said a three year old Danny.

"Sorry Danny I can't play right now. Can't you see I am reading? I need to study if I am going to get into a good junior high school" Answered a five year old Jazz.

"Jazz all you ever do is study! Besides Mommy said you had to play with me!" Danny said whining.

"Danny I love you, but you need to find some friends of your own!" Jazz replied only to be scolded by their mother.

"Jazz that is no way to talk to your baby brother. He is only three, and doesn't have any friends his age yet." Maddie said scolding her oldest.

"As much as I would love to play with Danny, I don't have any time for that. If I don't study I won't get good grades. If I don't get good grades, then I won't get into the best school. If I am to be a brain surgeon like my idol, I need to get good grades!" Jazz said wanting to study.

'I should have never let her start watching that damn show Kim possible!' Maddie thought as she took her now crying son into her arms.

"Don't worry Danny you will find a friend soon I promise. Until then I will be your friend." Maddie said while hugging her son.

"You are the best mommy." Danny said while giving his mother a hug.

"Mom you need to let Danny grow up like you did with me! If you keep babying him like this he will become dependent on you, and will never grow up or find friends." Jazz said trying to scold her mother.

"Jazz just because you have the mind of an eleven year old doesn't mean you can tell me how to raise my son!" Maddie answered back.

Maddie looked at her two children. Jazz even though she was five had flowing red hair that went halfway down her back. She was wearing a red shirt, and pair of black pants. Danny was wearing his usual blue pants with a white shirt only in a smaller version. He has raven colored hair that stops just past his neck.

"Danny it is time for you to go to preschool and Jazz will have her first day of second grade." Maddie said to Danny and Jazz (Jazz is skipped two grades in this story)

"Jack dear I need you to take Jazz to school. So stop messing with that Ghost portal downstairs, and get up here right now!" Maddie said sternly.

"Sometime I swear that you are the only real adult in the house mom." Jazz said honestly.

"You don't talk about the man I love that way! Only I can do that! Besides he is a kid a heart, and that is one of the reasons why I love him!" Maddie said as Jack came up stairs.

"How is my little Jazzy pants doing?" Jack asked a now embarrassed Jazz.

"Dad could you please stop calling me that, it is embarrassing!" Jazz said to her dad.

"I love the both of you, but you are my favorite Jazz. That is why I call you my little Jazzy pants!" Jack said as he took his daughter's hand.

"See you later Jazz I love you big sis." Danny said as Jack, and Jazz walked out the door.

"Even though you are completely annoying at times, I love you too little brother." Jazz said only to get the look from Maddie.

As soon as Jack and Jazz were gone Danny looked at his mother with teary eyes.

"Mommy, you don't think I am annoying do you?" Danny asked with tears in his eyes.

"Of course not Danny, I love you with all my being. If anything were to happen to you I don't know what I would do." Maddie answered honestly.

Before Maddie could turn off the TV, a clip about the carnival coming to town caught Danny's eye. Maddie saw how Danny looked at the TV, and could tell that Danny wanted to go. Smiling at her youngest son she gave him her answer.

"I know you want to go to the carnival this afternoon, so we can go together just the two of us, and I will get you anything you want Danny." Maddie said smiling.

"You are the best mommy anyone could ever wish for. I love you so much!" Danny said with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks Danny I love you too. But the carnival isn't until this afternoon so until then you will be going to pre school. Hopefully you will make some friends your own age there." Maddie said to her son.

"I don't need any new friends I have you, Mom I don't need anyone else but you!" Danny said sincerely.

'I spoil him so much he is now a mommas boy. But to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.' Maddie thought to herself smiling.

Amity Park preschool

"Mommy I don't want to go to preschool I don't have any friends here." Danny said honestly.

"Don't worry Danny with your charming personality, you should be able to make yourself a lot of new friends." Maddie said with hope for Danny.

"I will see you at 2:30 Danny. I love you very much." Maddie said sincerely as she gave the teacher Danny's items and left.

Danny took a look at his teacher, and even though she seemed friendly he wasn't trusting of her. She is a woman who was in her late 30's. She had flaming red hair that went down to her shoulders, and a star shaped scar on her hand. She is wearing a lavender colored dress that had rose designs in it. Lastly she has on some open toe sandals that showed off her flawless toes.

"Hello Danny. I am Ms. Casket, and I will be your teacher. If you need anything just call me, and I will be there." Ms. Casket said with a sweet smile.

"Do we get to watch TV here Ms. Casket?" Danny asked.

"Of course Danny, every student here gets one half hour of TV time. If you are watching the same thing as me though it doesn't count." Ms. Casket said sweetly.

"Just get me when I dream of Jeannie is on please." Danny asked politely.

"Of course Danny." Ms. Casket said in a kind tone.

Even though the teacher was nice, Danny didn't like it in the preschool all that much. He was alone in a strange place, and his mother wasn't there. However, he remember what Maddie told him, and decided to do what she said he should do at least until his favorite show came on. Danny looked around so see what other kids were there that could be his new friends.

'Well here goes everything please be right Mom.' Danny thought to himself as he walked over to a group of six kids.

When Danny got over there he took a look at each of the kids. The first child is an African American with a red hat. He has on green pants, yellow shirt, and has brown boots. The second is an Asain boy who wore a black shirt and blue pants. His hair is tied into one long ponytail.

The third is a Latina girl who has her hair tied up in two pigtails. She has on a pink shirt, and a pink skirt with matching pink shoes. The fourth child is an African American female with Raven hair like Danny. However, unlike Danny who's hair is long hers was short and in a peter pan style haircut.

The fifth child Danny sees is a blond boy who is big for his age. He has on a miniature commando uniform, and has the matching combat boots. The last child Danny sees is a white female who also had raven colored hair. However, like the Latina girl she also wore a lot of pink. Her hair went only to the end of her neck and was tied in by a green bow-bow. The Latina girl is the first to see Danny and frowned.

"What are you doing here in our secret club meeting? None of us invited you so go away!" Paulina said in a snobby tone.

"Will you guys by my friends?" Danny asked using the SSE (Sad Soulful Eyes)

This time the African American girl spoke to Danny.

"We aren't interested in momma boys! That alone makes you a loser!" Valerie said in a cruel tone for a three year old.

Danny wanted to cry, but he remembered what is mother told him about that some time ago so he held back his tears, and stood strong.

"So what if I love my mother? She is the greatest mom in the world!" Danny said defending his mother.

This time the other girl in pink spoke up.

"Your mom is the best in the world? That is more proof that you are a loser who doesn't deserve to be in our club! I swear as soon as I get old enough I am going to rebel against them!" Sam said in a cold tone.

"So what if I am a mama's boy, That boy over there is sucking his thumb, and he is in your group!" Danny said in an attempt to sway the group.

The blond boy this time spoke up to defend his friend.

"So what if he sucks his thumb? Kwan save my life from the boogie man one time. Besides me and Paulina are the ones in charge of the A-lists so he is in for life!" Dash said standing up for his friend.

Danny upset and heartbroken ran away into a corner with tears in his eyes. The African American boy did feel some pity for the raven haired boy was about to go out when the Latina girl in pink stopped him.

"No Tucker he isn't one of us, and he will never be one of us. Besides we can't have any mama's boys ruining the A-lists." Paulina said to Tucker.

For most of the school day Danny stayed in the corner crying his eyes out over being rejected by the popular kids until he fell asleep. This didn't go unnoticed by Ms Casket. About a few hours later Danny is woke up from his sleep by a blond girl who had a flower in her hair. She has on a white shirt and red pants. Danny with now dried up tears in his eyes wipe them out, and make another attempt to make a friend.

"Hey there my name is Danny. What is your name, and would you like to be my friend?" Danny asked with hope in his eyes.

"My name is Star, and no I don't want to be your friend. My friend Valerie over there told me not to hang out with you sorry. The only reason I woke you up was because Ms. Casket asked me to." Star said as she walked away toward Valerie leaving Danny alone.

'At least she wasn't mean to me like the others, but I still don't have a friend.' Danny thought sadly to himself.

Even though he is three years old like Jazz he was smarter then everyone gave him credit for. Only difference between him, and his sister is that he was more attach to their mother like Jazz is with their dad. It was at that moment that looked up, and sees that the TV was on. Upon looking Danny sees that his favorite TV show is on. Danny then went over to were the teacher is, and sat quietly as the program was on.

'Yay even though those kids are being mean to me, they can't make me ruin this for me.' Danny thought as he, and the teacher watched I dream of Jeannie.

On the other side of the room

"Why were you talking to that loser over there Star? You know you risk getting booted out of our club for talking to that unpopular mama's boy!" Valerie said in a scolding tone.

"The teacher was the one who told me to wake him up so he wouldn't miss his program I dream a Jeannie." Star said defending herself.

"That give me an idea. Let's make it our new club activity to make his life miserable as long as he is in our preschool. For starters we all call our TV time whenever he wants to watch TV. We can do it in pairs to overrule him." Sam said as the rest of the group became cheering at the idea.

The A-list kids went ahead with their plan, and went over towards the TV. As soon as they began to watch the TV all of them began to stay whining.

"This show is boring! We want to watch cartoons!" Dash said winking at the rest of the his group.

"Hey no fair, you were just over there a few minutes ago talking about whatever you were talking about, and now as soon as you see me watching TV you come over here!" Danny said pouting.

"Teacher last I remember you told us that it was majority rule, and the seven of us want to watch Kim Possible!" Sam said with all the other A-lists agreeing with her.

"Even though that is normally true, I won't let you six vote on what you want to watch. The way you six were treating Danny is unacceptable! The only person who has a say out of your group would be Star, and then I would have to be the deciding vote since it is one vote on one. In this case my vote is in the favor of Danny!" Ms. Casket said causing Danny to smile.

"I see so you are going to vote in the favor of one kid instead of seven? Wait to I tell my Daddy what you are doing!" Paulina whined.

"I don't know what you are learning, but threatening me won't work at all! Paulina you are on a time out, and as for the rest of you! If you be mean to Danny again, I will take away your TV time for the rest of the week. Now all of you sit down and watch the program Danny, and me are watching!" Ms. Casket said sternly.

'Thank you for at least giving me a friend even if it is only my teacher.' Danny thought to himself as he watched his favorite program.

'Oh that is it! no one denies me of what I want! You are so going to lose your job Ms. Casket!' Paulina, Sam, and Dash thought at the same time.

Danny for the first time that day since his mother left is happy since he not only got to watch his favorite show, but had made his first friend. When the show was over Danny's mother came through the door and smiled at her son.

"Hey Danny, how is my beautiful baby boy?" Maddie asked smiling at her son.

"I am happy mommy. I just finished watching my favorite TV show I dream of Jeannie." Danny said with a smile.

That is wonderful Danny, I have to ask you though did you make any friends?" Maddie asked her son.

"I did make a friend with the teacher. She is the nicest person I have met next to you mommy." Danny said honestly.

"That is great honey, but did you make any friends your own age?" Maddie asked.

"No mommy none of them wanted to be my friend. They were mean to me. They even tried to gang up on me so I couldn't watch my show. Thank goodness the teacher was there for me." Danny said honestly.

'I can't believe those kids, ganging up to my little Danny trying to make him miserable! Hopefully Danny will find a friend his own age soon.' Maddie thought to herself as she walked home with her son.

After Maddie and Danny left Sams parents came into the school to pick up their kid. It was at that moment that Sam went and told her parents everything that had happened in front of Ms. Casket.

"Mommy, daddy, Ms. Casket was mean to me and my friends. She played favorites to that Danny kid, and broke the class rules." Sam said with fake tears in her eyes.

"Ms. Casket, is this true? Did you play favorites?" Pamela Manson asked the teacher.

"I didn't play any favorites with any of my students. What your daughter, and her friends did to him was unacceptable. He was looking for some friends. and from what I saw not only did they turn him down, but I know for a fact that the planned on making him miserable." Ms Casket said only for the Mansons not to be impressed.

"They are all three years old with the exception of Paulina. They are kids not the mob! They aren't smart enough to do something like that. In fact Ms. Casket I have some news for you. I am replacing you with someone else who will follow the rules, and not show any favoritism to one child." Pamela said showing that she was indeed the owner of the preschool.

Ms. Casket wasn't happy about what was happening, but she knew that she couldn't win this case.

"I understand I will get my things, and I will get out of here when the kids are gone." Ms Casket said hiding her emotion.

'That will teach her not to interfere with me, and my friends! Oh wait until tomorrow Danny you may have gotten away from our torment for now but it will get that much worse tomorrow.' Sam thought to herself with a smile on her face as she was taken home.

Fenton works one hour later

"Hello Maddie, I see you come back with Danny from preschool how was his first day?" Jack asked.

"Danny claims he is fine, but he didn't made any friends his own age at the school." Maddie answered.

"Don't worry about him too much Maddie, He has Fenton blood in him, he will find some real friends. I mean look at me I didn't have too many friends, but in the end I have you and Vlad. If I never made another friend in the world it doesn't matter since I have the best friends in the world." Jack said sincerely.

"Even so Jack I am still worried about Danny. If he doesn't make any real friends his own age, then he may go down the path of a troubled childhood. I mean think about it he might go Emo or Gothic." Maddie said in a worried tone.

Maddie then went on to ask "Can you tell me how Jazz's first day of second grade was?"

"Work wise she was at the top of the class. The teacher said that at the rate she is going he says that she will be able to skip to the fifth grade. I am so proud of Jazz." Jack said causing Jazz to smile.

Jack then went on to say "However, friend wise all the kids ignore her, and call a know it all or an egghead."

Jazz over hearing this part of the conversation went on to say "I don't care what they think of me, I am in school to learn, and pass my classes not to make friends. I can make friends after I become a brain surgeon like my idol."

"Jazz while I am happy that you are taking your studies seriously, you shouldn't try to rush through school." Maddie said concerned for her daughter.

"Time waits for no one mom, If I am going to do what I want to do I got to work hard to get there!" Jazz countered.

"Hey Jazz how is my big sister doing?" Danny asked while giving his sister a hug.

"I am fine Danny. But right now I need to finish my homework so I can watch the one cartoon I watch before Law in Order." Jazz said answered.

"Jazz that is no way to treat your little brother! He had a bad first day at pre-school! He was teased for being a mama's boy. To top it all off he didn't make any friends either!" Maddie said annoyed.

"Danny I am going to let you in on a little secret. It was the same for me when I was in pre-school. But there is an upside to not having any friends. If you don't have any then they can't stab you in the back." Jazz said honestly on to cause Maddie to get upset.

"That is it young lady! For that you will you not watch Kim possible or Law and Order for two weeks, but you are coming with us to the carnival! Oh and Jack, you aren't to record them for her either! I found out about that a little while ago when I tried to punish her last time!" Maddie said causing Jazz to get upset.

"But mom I don't want to go to the carnival! Why can't I just go to my room like normal children?" Jazz asked.

"Cause unlike normal children you enjoy going to your room and reading. The only way I can think of punishing you is by giving you the rewards of normal children." Maddie answered.

"Don't worry Jazz, you will have fun like a child your age should." Danny said trying to cheer Jazz up.

The Carnival

Maddie hold's Danny and Jazz's hands while at the carnival. Danny watched, and was amazed when he saw the wild animals perform their tricks as well as enjoyed the games. Jazz on the other hand was bored out of her mind.

"Mom can we go home please? I am so bored it isn't even funny!" Jazz said in a sour tone.

"Jazz don't be such a downer. Try to have some fun while you are here. Look at your little brother he is having a blast!" Maddie said as she watched Danny fire the water gun to pop the balloon.

"Congratulations kid you won a prize. What is it that you want kid?" The carnival man asked.

"I will take that one over there please." Danny said point to the bearbert Einstein toy." When the Carnival man gave it to him he then gave it to Jazz.

"I know how much you wanted it the last time we came to the carnival, but someone beat you to..." Before Danny could finish Jazz gave her brother a hug.

"Thank you Danny! You don't know how much this means to me. Don't worry little brother, if no one wants to be your friend, I will be your friend." Jazz said making a complete 180 attitude adjustment.

Maddie then takes her children by their hands, and walked them down the carnival to see what they wanted to do next. While walking by a certain shop caught Danny's eye. The table was filled with old lamps, and other mystic items. However, the one thing that caught his eye was the shiny golden bottle that looked exactly like the bottle from I dream of Jeannie.

"Mommy can you buy me that bottle please? It looks just like the one from my favorite show!" Danny pleaded with his mother.

"Let me see if it is for sell Danny if it is, then I will buy it for you, but you must promise me that you will take care of it." Maddie said trying to teach Danny a lesson in the process.

"I promise mommy, and you know how I am with my promises!" Danny answered sincerely.

Maddie upon hearing this walked over to table where the shop is. The shop itself has a big sign that says Madam Babazita's mystical oddities. When Maddie asked about the bottle Babazita went on to tell Maddie a story about how an actual Genie was in the bottle but of course Maddie didn't believe it. Maddie seeing the look in Danny's eyes brought the bottle, and handed it to her son.

"Here you go Danny, let me know if there is a 'genie' in that bottle" Maddie said in a joking tone.

'If there really is a genie in this bottle hopefully it will be my friend, if not then I have a bottle that looks exactly like the one from my favorite show.' Danny thought to himself.

'When that kid opens that bottle he will be in for a surprise. Besides it will do that genie some good to have a friend.' Babazita thought to herself as she pocketed the two dollars Maddie gave her for the bottle.

Stage out

I wrote this since it was too good to pass up in my thoughts. In this story Danny is only three, but he like all the other children in this story will be smarter then the average child their age. As you read Sam and Tucker won't be Danny's friends since they were already recruited by the A-lists so throught this story they along with the rest of the A-lists will be complete jerks to Danny. If there is a pairing in this story it won't be until much later in the story. R and R people.