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Desiree's realm

"Erika, what are you doing in my realm? In fact I have a better idea as I will show you the door!" Desiree hissed only for Erika to disappear and reappear right next to Danny.

"So this is the man you have fallen for." Erika said while licking her lips. "I see my sister has good taste. I am also loving this long sliver silk like hair." Erika said while running her hand through Danny's hair. "Hello there what is your name?"

"It is Danny, and could you please let go of me? You are making me feel uncomfortable." Danny said as well went intangible and flew next to Desiree. "Honey I have to ask you who is this woman in your realm? I don't remember you mentioning her to me."

"She is my older sister Erika. The only difference between us in looks is that she is a red-head while I have raven hair. As for you Erika, I am not going to share my man with the likes of you!" Desiree said in a very overprotective tone.

"Come on dear sister, what is wrong with sharing the love? Besides if Danny can make a woman who all but hated men fall in love with him, then he must be something special." Erika said with a smile on her face.

"Erika, the only reason Desiree didn't hate me when we first met was because I was 3 years old and very innocent at the time. I had no clue about being the kind of man she hated back then. Also I only wanted a friend back then not a girlfriend, or fiancée as it is now since I didn't have any friends back then." Danny stated.

"Not only that, but almost everything Danny did was either very unselfish or for the benefit of our friendship. Every person I met before Danny was extremely selfish and wanted stuff to impress others." Desiree said with a plenty of disgust in her voice. "But Danny literally gave up half of his life to protect me from Eerised. No one has ever done something so selfless for me before. As time went on my feelings for him grew as did our friendship. I was originally trying to convince him to take more than one wife, But Danny wouldn't have any of it. He wanted me as his only queen even though I did try to convince him otherwise." Desiree added causing Erika to smile.

"I see so you were trying to use the loophole for our curse I see." Erika said causing Danny to raise an eyebrow.

"What is she talking about Desiree? What exactly is this loophole she is talking about?" Danny asked now curious about this secret.

"Do you want to tell him or shall I? Never mind, I will tell him since you had since you got with him and didn't tell him the truth." Erika started only for Desiree to cur her off.

"No I will tell him the truth. Danny as you know way before you met me I had a curse placed on me which bound me to the bottle that you used to own. However, there were two curses put on me both of which bound me to my sister." Desiree started.

"Desiree what is this second curse, and what does it have to do with you trying to talk me into getting a second wife?" Danny asked.

"My sister also had the same curse placed on her. However both curses break together. When one of us finds true love the other is set free. However, at the same time we have to marry the one who set's us free to stay free." Desiree continued waiting for Danny reaction.

'Ok but that doesn't explain why Desiree was trying to get me to agree to marry someone else. Or why Erika is all over me like I am leaking pheromones.' Danny asked himself.

"However, at the same time though when we get married due to the person who cursed us being a perverted magician he made the curse state that the person who sets me free would have to also marry the other person under the curse as well to stay with the one they loved. Unless of course you choose to take someone else as your second wife." Desiree said causing Danny face to lose all color.

'So that is why she wanted me to marry someone else. It was a package deal if I want to be with either of them I would have to have the other as my second wife.' Danny thought to himself while shielding his thoughts from Desiree.

"Well baby sister, it looks like we might go back to being under both curses instead of just one. It is sad really because I was just beginning to enjoy my first sense of freedom. Oh and don't blame this one on me since if you would have married him without a second bride you would have disappeared never for your love to find you again." Erika said completely cutting off any counter she could think off.

'Desiree knew that and never told me?' Danny thought to himself losing even more color in his face.

"Danny please say something to me. Please don't hate me for this one secret." Desiree said causing Danny to respond.

"Desiree how badly do you want to go through with having an actual wedding? From what I heard the magician never said anything about us living like a married couple without ever getting married. We can do that and you can still keep me all to yourself." Danny responded causing Desiree to release a breath that she could never hold.

"Getting married one day to the person I loved has always been a dream of mine even when I hated men. As nice as it would be to live as a married couple, there is no substituting it for the real deal. That was why I continuously try talking you into getting a second wife." Desiree said causing Danny to frown.

"Desiree you could have told me the truth instead of hiding this. I also don't think it would be right to pick through your mind even though I could since our minds are linked." Danny responded.

"I am sorry Danny, I was afraid that you would leave me. I come with enough known baggage as it is. It is even a miracle that you feel this way about me." Desiree said only for Danny to embrace her.

"Desiree, I love you. If I didn't your bottle would have never shattered that day 4 years ago so you should know by now no baggage you have could ever push me away from you. But on to more important things Desiree I wish that the magician who cursed the two of you was right here, and could not use any other magic other then to reverse that part of the spell. I have some words I want to share with him." Danny said in a cold tone.

"So you have wished it so shall it be!" Desiree said applying every restriction on the wish causing the magician to appear before them.

"He he he, nothing like a… Where am I? This isn't the female's hot spring… Oh god it is you two again! Also when am I? This isn't Kyoto Japan!" The magician said causing Danny to glare at him.

The man is the definition of don't just a book by his cover. The man stood at the height of 6 foot 2 and wears a hood and cape that actually matched Clockworks. The man has bruises all over his body, and has a wooden staff in his right hand. His legs are well toned while the rest of his body however isn't nearly as toned as this.

"So this is the guy who put you under that double edge curse Desiree?" Danny asked glaring at the man.

"Desiree? The last Desiree I remember I put under a 2 layered curse. The first one to teach her that love is real, but the second just because I could. Now if you excuse me, I am going back to Kyoto to do my 'research'." The magician said only for his magic not to work. "What gives my magic isn't working."

"That is because I wished for all but one spell not to work you creep! Now you have two choices. You can either remove the second curse you put on both Desiree and Erika, or I can wish for my fiancée to make it so you can never do whatever research you are so fond of successfully ever again!" Danny said causing the magician face to lose all color.

"No without my research, life would be terrible! Please don't do that!" The magician said causing Danny to frown.

"Then release both Desiree and Erika from the second layer of the curse you placed on them. Desiree has found true love with me, thus freeing them from the first part of your curse." Danny said causing the magician to use his ability to sense this and actually smile.

"You are correct ghost child. Even without my magic I can see that she loves you. Looks like you were wrong Desiree when you told me that you would be stuck in that bottle forever." The magician said causing Desiree to smile.

"For once I am glad I was wrong. Now remove the rest of the curse from me and my sister now!" Desiree hissed.

"I can't do that. When I made the spell so long ago, I made it so it couldn't be undone by magic since you and your sister are magical beings with power greater then mine. But on another note ghost child why are you complaining? You get to marry to smoking hot twin females because you fell in love with one. Think of all the possibilities you can have for the rest of eternity." The magician said while all these of them noticed the perverted grin on his face.

"Thankfully my fiancée is not a pervert like you! However, Danny made it so you could remove the second curse with his wish. However until you do so you won't have the rest of your powers, and from the looks of it eternal youth is one of them." Desiree said as everyone watched as the magician began to age rapidly.

"At the rate you are aging you will be a ghost before you know it. So I would advice you to remove the second half of your curse before you die and become a very old ghost. I doubt the ladies would be interested in an old man." Danny said causing the aging magician to cry.

"I am sorry, but I can't do that even if I wanted to. I mean I could, but if I did you would never met her again. I am not lying please believe me!" The old perverted magician said while continuing to age.

"Danny as much as I wish he was lying he is telling the truth. Even with the wish that you granted the back lash would be you being without Desiree." Erika said causing Danny to frown.

"Fine since I don't want to lose the one I love, and he can't do anything I wish that he was sent back to where he was with no memory of being here. 'Also make it so that females will know he is there even with his powers. God I can't stand perverts.'" Danny said saying the last part through their mental link.

"So you have wished it so shall it be!" Desiree said granting Danny's wish causing the man to go back to where he was before he was brought there.

Kyoto Japan hot springs

"Oh yeah nothing beats Japanese women in the hot springs. So much research so little time. What am I saying I am immortal I can peep for all… AHHHHHH perverted peeping Tom let's get him girls!" The women of the hot springs said as they instantly gained a six sense to the perverted magician.

"Oh great someone else must have been caught peeping and they discovered them. Oh well at least it isn't…" The magician never got the chance to finish his thought since all the women in the hot springs proceeded to give him a beating that would be far worse then even Pariah Dark could give the box ghost.

'I don't know what has happened but it isn't good! Someone must have made a wish against perverts or something.' The perverted magician thought as he continued to get the stuffing beat out of him.

Back in Desiree's realm

"Well thanks to this happening I am left with two choices since you want us to be married, and what my queen wants my queen gets." Danny said as he placed his arm around Desiree's waist.

"What would that be master?" Erika said causing Danny to frown.

"Erika I am not your master you are as free as Desiree is thanks to us falling in love." Danny answered never having liked being called master.

"No I am not that free Danny. I mean sure I am free from my bottle, but like Desiree I can only grant your wishes. Besides I am glad baby sister found you and fall in love with. I think if I got to know you I could truly fall in love with you as well Danny. Plus you will be the envy of your peers and I just can't get over your long silky silver hair. To have not one beautiful wife but two that are twins. You really hit the jackpot Danny." Erika replied with a smile.

"What was it you were saying your choices were Danny?" Desiree asked ignoring her older sister.

"Well my choices are who am I going to take on as my second bride. I mean as much as I hate the idea of polygamy it is the only way I can have you as my wife and make you happy. So my choices are either your sister, or my sister." Danny said causing Erika to frown.

"Master why would you want to marry your sister for? I mean you can't love her in that sort of way right?" Erika asked shocked that Danny would bring up the idea of committing an incest marriage on his part.

"I don't Erika not like that anyway. However, Jazz loves me not as a sister loves a brother, but as a woman loves a man. If I have to be with someone else other than Desiree, I want it to be with someone I know will love me as well as accept having to share me. The only other person I know who likes me is Kixen, but I know she isn't keen of the idea of sharing me." Danny answered.

"No Danny, what about your future children? If you were to bed your older sister and knock her up, you know what could happen right? Think about your future children being born with birth defects. With me you don't have to worry about that since I don't share your DNA only my sisters." Erika said trying to sway Danny.

"Desiree what do you think about this. Since you are my fiancée you are my equal, and you have as much say in this as me." Danny said causing Desiree to smile.

"You do realize that if you do this Erika, you like myself will be permanently bound to Danny till after death parts either yourself or Danny. If after death parts me he is still your husband. So are you sure about this?" Desiree said causing Erika to smile.

"I am baby sis. Besides your standards are even higher than mine. If he had what it takes to win your heart, then I know I can grow to love him as well. Besides I love the way he is so protective of you. It will be nice to have a man feel the same way for me." Erika said smiling.

"Erika, remember I am only doing this to make Desiree happy. I want to marry her, and thanks to that perverted magician I have to marry another and I don't want to hurt any children born in the process!" Danny said seriously.

"You will grow to love me with time just like with Desiree. But on another note Danny are you sure about this Danny? There was one other thing I had to do to seal the deal with this, and once it is done it can't be undone." Erika said in a calm tone.

"What would that…" Danny never got the chance to finish that sentence since Erika decided to put his lips to better work. The kiss lasted for about 6 seconds before Erika released Danny.

"I would have to kiss you Danny to make the bond permanent. Now if you choose to wed with another besides me the two of us will disappear as well. Sorry I didn't make this rule that pervert who is getting his ass kicked did. Oh and since it can't be undone by anything even our magic, you could have just wished that none of the kids have birth defects Danny." Erika said causing Desiree to fume.

'I should have expected that from my older sister. While we share beauty that can wow any man, she is always calculating and thinking 10 steps ahead.' Desiree said to Danny.

'Well there is nothing we can do about it. I am bound to her now, but if it means that I can be married to you without you disappearing then it was so worth it.' Danny said causing Desiree to smile.

"I wish I could kill that bastard for placing me under a double curse! If it was only the first one I wouldn't care but having to have to share you with my sister or anyone sickens me!" Desiree finally admitted.

"Don't be that way baby sis, think of all the fun we can have together as a family. Plus our parent's wish will finally be coming true. They did want us to find someone who would love and cherish us and I believe Danny is that." Erika said smiling.

Desiree then took a look at Danny face, and upon seeing it knew something was wrong. To find out what is on her love's mind Desiree decided to speak up.

"Danny what is the matter? I know I have share you with Erika something neither of us wanted, but we are still going to be together, and nothing on this planet or ghost zone will stop that. So tell me what is wrong?" Desiree asked concerned for her fiancee.

"My parents won't approve of this at all. Especially my mom. She was the one who got me into the no polygamy thing since she had strong beliefs that one man is destined for one woman not 2. Plus don't forget my parents are ghost hunters, and thanks to your extra's from my wish of four years ago, they don't know I am half ghost either. This could be a complete disaster." Danny said frowning. "Oh well might as well get it over with. But before I do Desiree I wish my parents would listen to what I have to tell them before they try to kill us." Danny said causing Desiree to frown.

"So you have wish it so shall it be. However, how come you have such little faith in your family." Desiree asked.

"It is just a feeling in my gut, and I know my family including Jazz will be upset with something." Danny said just before he used his power to disappear in a poof of green smoke.

Fenton works

"Jack he will be back soon, we will get the truth out of him. While he is our son and I love him, I don't like that he hid this from us until now!" Maddie said with disapproval.

"Maddie ever since that incident 6 years ago Danny began drifting further and further away from us. It isn't like it was before he turned 12." Jack said only for Maddie to glare at him.

"If that is the cause then I blame you Jack! You were the one who said it was for his own good without telling him!" Maddie hissed only for the door to open revealing a now annoyed looking Danny.

"And they wonder why I been spending Christmas eve and Christmas day away from them." Danny said to himself out loud. "Mom, dad I have a couple of things I need to tell you that are extremely important."

"Let me guess, you been engaged to someone for the past few years and you been spending Christmas with them instead of us?" Maddie said with great disdain.

"Well that is part of what I wanted to tell you. However, there is more than that. I also came to tell you that the wedding will be taking place tomorrow and if you want to come you're invited." Danny added while keeping his nerve.

"So Danny were is the girl who has captured your heart at? Is it one of the many girls we know that has a crush on you?" Jack asked while actually being happy for his youngest child.

"No dad we didn't go to school together. In fact I have a better idea. 'Desiree come now since you granted my wish it is show time'" Danny said saying the last part through the link.

Within moments Desiree made her appearance in a poof of green smoke. Upon seeing Desiree who is now hinged in her human form Maddie and Jack actually clapped at her entrance. Danny however was actually surprised she did this.

"Wow Danny, I never knew your fiancée was a magician. Also what an entrance!" Jack said impressed only to get elbowed by Maddie.

"Now it not the time to be impressed by flashy entrances even if it was good. Besides I can tell just by looking at you that you are a cradle robber. I know every person around Danny's age in this town, and you aren't in any of the public high schools. Plus you look to be in you late 20's. Danny I don't approve of her in the least!" Maddie said causing Jack to frown.

"Maddie you have to let Danny grow up sometime. Besides if what you are saying is true Danny did have a good reason to hide her from us until now. Besides at least we know that Danny has grown up, and isn't into the genie thing like he was younger." Jack said causing Desiree's face to turn to one an annoyed one.

"Desiree we are telling my parents the entire truth. If they can't accept it then it is on them, because whether they like it or not we are getting married." Danny said while holding Desiree's hand firmly.

"I have to ask you since we didn't get your name what is it?" Jack asked.

"It is Desiree, and your wife is right about one thing I am cradle robbing but not by the age gap she thinks. I know you will hate me when you learn the truth, but as long as I have Danny I don't care what you think." Desiree said as her hinge vanished leaving her ghostly form and her regular attire.

"Severing spooks she is a ghost! Maddie our son is dating a ghost! But for some reason I want to hear what they have to say before I rip her apart molecule by molecule." Jack said in shock.

"Well if you are going to rip her apart molecule by molecule then you will have to go through me!" Danny said as he like Desiree went to his ghostly form only difference is the way he changed.

"Our son is the ghost boy? When did this happen Danny? Why didn't you tell us?" Maddie asked completely shocked at this.

"I will explain everything to you since it is time to release all of our secrets." Danny said in a calm tone.

"Maddie, Jack I am Desiree, not a genie, but a wishing ghost. I was trapped in that bottle you brought Danny under a curse for over 2,000 years. 15 years ago Danny released me from that bottle." Desiree started. "It was back then that I figured I would be his master since I have the ability to sense the heart of my masters as well as the one's I grant wishes for. Unlike everyone else Danny had an innocent heart even though he was being bullied by the masses." Desiree said causing Maddie's expression to frown.

"Danny was never picked on you lie! If he was then he would have… I wish they could see all my memories from then until now." Danny said causing Desiree to work her magic.

Maddie, and Jack watched Danny memories like they were a movie. Maddie and Jack gasped at all the stuff Danny went through but even gasped more when they saw what Danny did to himself. Upon seeing this they glared at Desiree.

"So you are the reason my beautiful baby boy is half ghost! I knew you were trouble! Now you will pay for what you did to my sweet innocent Danny!" Maddie said with fury that would make Pandora proud.

"Maddie there is still more we will get her after we are done listening." Jack said as they watched the rest of Danny memories. 30 minutes later Jack and Maddie saw everything and to say they were shocked was an understatement.

"Maddie as much as I hate ghosts, I think we should make an exception for her. I mean Desiree has been there for Danny as much as we have, and we did see that she does truly love Danny." Jack said actually surprising both Danny and Desiree.

"Personally I want to make her wish she never met my son, but you are right about one thing. From what we saw she does love Danny. However polygamy is out of the question!" Maddie said causing Danny to frown.

No sooner did Maddie say the word Polygamy Jazz came downstairs and within moments Erika made her presence known.

"Trust me when I say this I would rather have one wife, but due to circumstances beyond our control to stay with Desiree I would have to get another wife. I was originally going to ask the other girl I knew loved me like Desiree, but I was reminded of possible birth defects if we were to have kids." Danny said causing Maddie to frown.

"Danny there is no way that your second wife would have a child with birth defects. That would only be possible if your wife was me or your sister." Maddie stated.

"That is because the other person who was truly loves Danny in a romantic sense is me mom. Remember when I originally had a crush on the ghost boy? Well six years ago I found out the truth about my brother being the ghost boy so right there and then I tried to forget about him. However no matter who I dated I would always think about the ghost boy who is my little brother. It also didn't help that I found out Danny made one of his early wishes to make sure I didn't have to go through the same fate as him." Jazz added.

Jack at this point then remember another crucial memory from Danny's past and frowned.

"Severing spooks, so you knew you were kissing Danny in a romantic sense when you were flying with him to get back Desiree's bottle." Jack said in shock.

"That is right Dad, and I have no problem doing it again in a heartbeat!" Jazz admitted without any shame.

"Sorry sister-in-law, but Danny is mine and Desiree's not yours. Everyone knows incest is wrong even when me and Desiree were coming up we were taught this." Erika said causing Jazz to fume.

"You wannabe Desiree, what is your name?" Jazz said with plenty of venom in her voice.

"Oh did I hit a nerve Jazz? Well if you must know it is Erika. Erika said causing Jazz to glare at her.

"For what you have done you have my eternal hate. Also if I find out that you hurt my brother in any way I will make your afterlife an undead hell for you." Jazz said in the coldest tone ever causing Erika to actually flinch and Desiree to smile.

"Jazz, you need to forget about your brother in a romantic sense. If you two had kids the birth defects would hurt the innocent baby." Maddie said only for Jazz to frown.

"Mom Danny first wife is a wishing ghost. Danny could wish that none of our kids would have birth defects." Jazz countered.

"Regardless Jazz incest is still wrong no matter how much you love the person. But personally I would rather rip both of these I dream of Jeannie wannabe's apart molecule by molecule!" Maddie hissed.

"Now Maddie, as much as I hate the fact that our son is involved with one ghost let alone two, he has no choice." Jack said causing Maddie to frown.

"He does have a choice. He can choose not to marry them and find himself a normal human girl." Maddie countered.

"That would never happen mom at least not in Amity. Besides I would scare them off especially if I could sense that they were trying to use or abuse my brother." Jazz said causing Maddie to frown.

"Why couldn't we have normal children like everyone else?" Maddie complained to no one.

"Mom what is wrong with wanting to marry the one you love? Isn't that normal? Besides is it normal for everyone's parents to be fighting on Christmas eve and Christmas day every year?" Danny countered.

"Desiree, Erika you are both wishing ghosts that have to grant every wish that you hear correct? Well I wish that I never brought that bottle for my son 15 years ago." Maddie said only for neither Desiree or Erika to comply.

"Sorry mom, but since Danny was the one who broke the first curse they only grant his wishes. So unless he makes that wish they aren't going to comply." Jazz started.

"Not to mention both of them can choose and pick which wishes they grant. I gave Desiree that freedom years ago, and since I did it for her when Desiree gained her freedom the freedom's Desiree gained roll over to Erika." Danny continued.

"Lastly there is no way we would ever grant that wish even if Danny was forced to wish for it!" Both Desiree and Erika said in sync.

"I never thought I would find love in 2,000 years, but I found it in your son, and I am not letting him go! So mom, you have two choices you can either accept that we will be with your son, or not. Either way I am not going anywhere." Desiree said still holding Danny's hand.

"So why are you telling us this now? Why didn't you tell us this when you first got engaged?" Maddie asked.

"Did you see my memories? You found out my secret 4 years ago. When you did you tried to end the woman I love. I would rather die and become a full ghost then let anyone harm one hair on my Desiree's head." Danny said without an ounce of fear to his parents. "Besides I am 18 and the legal age to make my own decisions so I am doing this tomorrow. If you want to come to the wedding you are welcome to come. It will be in the ghost zone so if you want to come let me… Never!" Maddie said cutting Danny off causing him to frown.

"I love you Danny with all my heart. I can even accept you being a half ghost since no matter what you will always be my son. However, I can't accept you marrying two 2,000+ year old cradle robbing I dream of Jeannie rejects! I would sooner accept you marrying Jazz before them, and no Jazz if you and Danny did try it I wouldn't accept it either." Maddie said causing Danny to frown.

"Danny I wish you happiness, but like your mother I can't get over the fact that more ghosts are going to have the Fenton name. We would become laughing stocks." Jack said with a bit of sadness causing Danny to look at his father with disgust.

"Dad I have never been more ashamed to be your daughter now! Who cares if the family name is laughed at? What should matter to you is your son's happiness! I will admit I am pissed off that Erika did this, but even though I will never be with the man I love, I am still happy for him. Danny even if mom and dad don't show up I will be there to support you and Desiree." Jazz replied still upset.

However, what Danny said next would completely throw his parents for a loop.

"Well since neither of you can accept that I am doing what I have to do to be with the woman I love and make her happy, I will do you both a favor and not keep my last name. Desiree would it be alright if I took your last name instead once we're married?" Danny said causing both of his parents to gasp in shock.

"Danny how could you do such a thing?" Maddie asked in shock.

"Mom, dad I love the both of you with all my heart. However, I love Desiree also. I will do anything within my power to make my fiancée happy. As you can see I am going as far as to also marry her sister because some perverted magician had to put a second curse on them so we can be together." Danny started.

"But that doesn't explain why you are changing you last name." Jack said cutting in.

"I am getting to that. However, you two are not only not happy for me finally finding love, but are more worried about our family name then about your own children's happiness? Well since you care about our family name more than you cared about your own children's happiness I will take Desiree's last name so it won't be a stain on your family name." Danny said with a bit of disgust. "Jazz the wedding is tomorrow, but since the ghost zone is toxic for those who don't have ghost DNA within them I wish that until you leave the ghost zone tomorrow that you were immune to the toxic effects of the ghost zone." Danny stated causing Erika to grant his wish this time. Just before Danny, Desiree, and Erika vanished in a poof of smoke.

"I can't believe you two. What ever happened to parents being happy for their kids when they found love? I mean so what if Danny is in love with a ghost. With the way other women have treated him I am not surprised he is in love with a dead woman." Jazz started.

"But Jazz dating the dead is wrong if you aren't dead yourself. Plus polygamy is also illegal as well." Jack countered.

"There are no laws against marrying the one you love if they are a ghost Dad. I mean sure they have laws against incest, but not against dating the dead especially if you are already half dead like Danny is. Besides you saw all of Danny's memories and you know that Desiree loves Danny as much as I do. So what is the problem?" Jazz asked.

"I don't doubt her love for Danny, I just don't like that she is a ghost." Jack stated.

"Or a cradle robber!" Maddie added.

"Or that he is getting married to some unknown female that he has no clue about." Jack continued.

"On the last one I will admit I am upset, but for the sake of Danny's happiness I can suck it up. Now if you excuse me, I am going up to my room to get something correct to wear for my brother's wedding." Jazz said while going upstairs.

Stage out

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