Trunks & Pan Go Camping

By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Trunks & Pan

Summary: As title says.

A/N: I don't own anything that is or related to the Dragon Ball series. And please let me know if I'm in character with gang, because I'm just now getting back into the Dragon Ball series. The last time I remeber seeing it was when Goku came back for a day and they were in a tourment and Trunks and Goten were still kids. Also, could anyone tell me why Gohan is wearing glasses? I've seen him wearing them when I was looking up DB/Z/Gt pictures and Trunks was wearing them too, I'm just really confused by that and they don't look the same with them on. Ok I'll stop now get to the story. Heh heh!

At Pan's house,

Pan was packing all the clothes that she would be needing for the trip. She and her best friend Trunks had planned to go on a three week long camping trip, which started today. Her dad, Gohanwas a little reluctant to let his baby girl go on the trip with just herself and Trunks. He trusted them, but Trunks was still a guy and she was now a young woman. But after she gave her puppy dog eyes and a few hits to the head by his wife/mate, Videl, he let her go. But only after he made her promise to tell him if Trunks did anything she didn't like and he would go and kill the boy. Of course that earned him hits from both of his girls.

Pan finished packing and walked down the stairs to the living-room where her parents were. She gave them a hug and a kiss and waved good-bye as she walked out the door,

" Bye Mom! Bye Daddy! See you in three weeks! " She said as she shut the door and took to the air, after making sure the coast was clear, and flew towards Capsule Corp.

At Capsule Corp.

Trunks was finishing up his packing into one of the few backpacks he was taking with him, the others were now in capsules; that way, he'll just be carrying the backpack that's got his clothes in it; he had put them in his black jeans pocket and was now shouldering his backpack over his shoulder and walked out of his room.

He passed his little sister on the way to the living-room and she had said her good-bye's and told him to have fun, but not too much fun. He laughed and said he'll try and said good-bye to her and to see her again in three weeks.

He caught sight of his mother on the couch, his father no where in sight, which he knew wasn't out of the norm. He walked over to her and hugged her and gave her a kiss to her cheek as he walked to the door, saying his good-bye's to her as well and told her to tell his father the same that he would see them in three weeks.

" Bye Trunks. You behave yourself now and be nice to Pan or Gohan will have your head. " Bulma teased her son. She had had a feeling that Trunks had a thing for Gohan's only child and the same went for Pan, so she wasn't surprised when her son had asked her if she would like to join him on this trip, that she(Bulma) herself had suggested. The poor boy was working himself too hard and if he didn't stop and relax for a little awhile, he'd probably fall over with exhaustion, like his father did when he was training in the GR in the smoldering heat and with the air conditioner broken at that! Trunks had only agreed to go, only if he could take a friend with him and make sure that he relaxed and have some fun. And the only person that they both thought of at the same time was Pan, though she knew that Goten or Bra would make sure that he had fun and not start in on work while he was gone, he had only wanted Pan to go with him because one, he had a thing for her, and two, he hadn't seen her in awhile.

" Mom! It's just a camping trip, nothing's going to happen except swimming, fishing, setting up the tent, going hunting, and telling campfire stories. " Trunks said as he reached the door and opened it.

" Oh sure it will be. When I let your father stay here and train to defeat the androids, I thought that was just going to be it too. Now I'm married to him and have two great kids. " She teased him again. And laughed as she caught the faint blush on his cheeks.

" Good-bye Mom! I'm leaving now! " He said as Pan came into view of them and he took flight and met her halfway. Bulma heard her son ask Pan if she was all ready to go and heard Pan say that she was and the two took off.

They flew for a few hours before they were close to the park that allowed camping in it. They landed in the parking lot, no one was there, so they didn't freak people out. They then walked up the path that lead further into the park until they saw people walking around and kids playing in the playground. They found a bulletining board that had ' Camping Grounds ' in big letters on the top of it and showed them the camping grounds that were there. There was quite a few, some were by the stream, one was by a natural hot spring, three of them were near the waterfalls.

" Which one do you want to go to Pan? " Trunks asked, looking over at her.

" I'm not quite sure. " Pan replied as she kept looking at the sites. There one that caught her eye, it was up in the mountain area. But just as she was about to tell Trunks about it, a guy showed up beside them.

" I would go for the lake camp site. It's really beautiful this time of year. " He said, talking to Pan and ignoring Trunks, who was glaring daggers at the man. He had long hair that reached his mid-back ( Like Yamcha's was when the Z-fighters were fighting Vegeta and Nappa at the beginning of the series. ) He was good-looking and had dark green eyes, that held a spark of lust as he continued to look at Pan, who was now facing the guy.

" Really? What about the mountain camp site? " She asked being polite, though she did see the lust in his eyes, she ignored it. ' He might be good-looking, but he ain't got nothing compared to Trunks. ' She thought.

" I'm sure. I've only been to the lake site here. The water is so clear there you can see the bottom and everything that moves in the water. Oh where are my manners, I'm Komo. " The man introduced holding out his hand.

" Pan. " Pan replied, shaking his hand, " And this is my friend Trunks. " She continued and introduced Trunks to the man, who had a look of shock on his face.

" Not theTrunks Briefs. " Komo replied as he looked at Trunks, who just stared at the man, as he held out his hand to him.

" Yes. Now I believe that ' my ' friend wants to go to the mountain camp site. If you'll excuse us. " Trunks replied and placed his hand on Pan's waist and lead her away from Komo and started to walk to the path that would take them up to the mountain camp site.

" It seems to me that he sees her more than a friend. I think I'll have to try even harder to win her over. Seeing as I'm competing against Capsule Corps.' heir and play-boy. "

Chapter 2

When they got to the path that would take them to the mountain, Pan and Trunks flew the rest of the way there. They saw that no-one was there, so they set up their tents, which of course was just a throw of the capsule and the tents were already set up and in place with the sleeping bags inside.

" Hey Trunks! I'm going to go explore! I'll be back in a few minutes. " Pan said as she took off down a worn out path and was soon out of sight.

Trunks looked around the camp site they were in. He wasn't much of a mountain fan. But this is where Pan wanted to go and he wanted to get her away from that guy that was trying to get her to talk to him and try and win her over. ' If he trys that again. I'll teach him to try and take what's mine. ' He thought, he had fallen in love with Pan the moment he had seen her. Which was when she was a few months old and he was 6. Though he is six years older then her, he still loves her. Sure he dated a few girls, but it was only to see if what he had for Pan was just a silly crush. And it turns out, it wasn't just a silly little crush, it was real and true love. He had wondered if this is how his mom and dad felt like when they started out. But from what he heard from Gohan, they were the opposite, they fought and yelled at each other and ticking the other off. But after growing up with them, Trunks and his baby sister found that that is how they show their love for each other and that most of the time they were teasing and flirting in their own weird and sorta freaky way.

He had to admit though. This place is rather beautiful and he could see why she always liked to visit her grandparents, other than that she loves them and the food her grandmother cooks.

Pan continued on down the path, enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere when her sensitive hearing caught the sound of rushing water. She flew towards the sound, as she got closer, she slowed and landed on the ground again and walked towards the sound that was coming from behind the thick trees and brush.

What she found, was a beautiful medium sized lake with a waterfall coming down into it from a small cliff, the water catched on a few of the rocks sticking out of the cliff face. The water was clear and she could almost see the bottom, there was one spot deeper than the rest and it was near the waterfall. She saw some fish swimming around and caught a few snakes swimming on the rocks at the bottom. She was so excited about the place that she flew back to where the camp was and ran straight to her tent and got out her bathing suite and quickly changed into it. She was about to take off again when Trunks came into her view with sticks in his arms.

" Hey Pan-Pan. Where's the fire? " He asked, using one of the nicknames he had for her.

" I found this lake with a beautiful waterfall and I wanted to go swimming in it! " She said fastly and took off before Trunks could say anything more.

" Oookay. " He said as he set the wood down and followed Pan's energy signal.

When he got there, he saw that Pan was already in the water and swimming around in circles. She stopped and went under the water. Trunks smirked the famous Vegeta smirk and quickly took off his shoes and shirt. He ran towards the water and cannonballed into it. He went a few feet away from Pan, but that was what had planned on so he could scare her a bit.

Pan felt his energy and knew that he was near her, probably behind her. So she waited until the last second and dived down and away from him. She turned around and saw his surprised face. She smile the famous Son smile and lowered her energy and shot off through the water just like she was flying and towards the deeper part of the lake.

' Damn! Should've known that I had to lower my energy before I came in. Well, two can play that game Pan-Pan. ' Trunks thought as he too lowered his energy and shot after her.

Above the water, a familiar, yet not so friendly face, looked over the cliff-face. He watched the two as they played under the water. ' Aww. Ain't they sweet. Well I'll just have to join in on the fun. ' Komo thought as he pulled his long hair into a low pony tail, took off his shoes and shirt and jumped into the water, a few feet away from where Pan was. He was also closer to her, so he quickly lowered his own energy level and began to swim to where he had saw Pan before he jumped in.

Pan and Trunks both heard the splash, at first they thought it was a fish jumping out of the water to get a bug, but the splash was too big and thought that the other was getting out to try and fool the other to come out so that they would jump on them and send them back into the water. Then Trunks saw a speck of color off to his left. But it was only one color instead of two pieces of color and it wasn't blue, which was the color of Pan's bathing suite and it was also a bikini. ' It must be another camper from the top of the cliff-face. But why does he look like he's going straight for something? ' Trunks thought, then it hit him. ' It's that damn Kono or whatever his name is! He probably saw where Pan was from the cliff and is going strait toward her! ' He thought angrily as he shot towards the direction that Komo was going in, where he saw the blue of Pan's suite.

His Saiyan instincts kicked in then and all he could think of was getting to Pan before him and get her away from the male that was trying to take his mate away from him. But Komo had beaten him and had swam behind Pan and placed his arms around her waist and held her to him. At first, she lent into him, making him grin, but then she fought against him.

Pan had felt the arms go around her and she thought that it was Trunks and relaxed into the hold, but then she noticed the hands, they were too soft to be Trunks' due to all of the training he and his father went through. And started to fight back. She elbowed the person in the gut, they let go instantly, she went forward and turned to face the person that had her in their arms. Her eyes widen as she saw that it was Komo.

She swam up and he followed. Trunks kept going forward until he reached Komo. He heard him and Pan talking before he grabbed him around his middle and dragged him down again.

Before Trunks attacked Komo,

" What the hell is your problem? You don't just go around and snicking up on people while their under the water! You could've drowned me! " Pan exclaimed angerily.

" Sorry. I was having some fu.." Komo started, but was dragged down under the water.

Komo looked at Trunks as he continued to torpedo them forward. He raised his arm and elbowed him in the back. Trunks let go but he took on a fighting stance in the water, Komo did the same and they both raised their power levels. Trunks kept his down to match Komo's, he didn't want to use all of his power on the weakling and his father had said that you could really take an opponent by surprise when you let them think that you can't beat them when you keep your power down, but then raise it higher at the last second and take out the opponent in a single blow.

Trunks watched Komo put his hand out and formed a energy ball in his hand and fired it at him. Trunks easily dodged it even though they were in the water, the blast came at him as though it was in the air. Trunks did the same and fired his own energy ball with a little bit more power into it and fired it at Komo. Who barely dodged the ball of light and got burned on his shoulder.

Trunks smirked a smirk that would've made his father very proud if he had seen it, as Komo grabbed his shoulder and gritted his teeth at Trunks. He then shot after Trunks and they began fighting each other under the water. Trunks was having to use every ounce of his will power that he had to not go all out and kill the man in front him for putting his arms around hisPan, but he was slowly letting a little more of his power into his punches and kicks, causing Komo to go back slightly each time before going back at him.

Trunks jumped back and readied another energy ball at Komo, who did the same, another energy ball came in between them, this one was blue while Komo's was orange and Trunks' was a golden yellow. Trunks knew who that energy ball belonged to and turned to see Pan with her hands in the ' Kamehameha ' pose as she stared at both of the men with a looked that showed how pissed off she was. When she saw that she had their attention, she pointed up and swam up to the surface. Both young men followed her lead.

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