Trunks & Pan Go Camping

By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Trunks & Pan

Summary: As title says.

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Last Time,

" Pan! " He shouted and was about to go to her when Vegeta stopped him.

" Get out of the Vegeta! That thing's gonna hurt my baby! " Gohan shouted at the older man.

" That thing is my son Brat. " Vegeta said.

" What! " Everyone shouted.

" Look at him. " Was all Vegeta said and moved away from Gohan. Everyone did as he said and looked long and hard at the animal in front of them. Goku was the first to respond.

" It is Trunks. He looks like he stopped mid-way into a great ape form. Like Vegeta did when he started to transform. " He said.

Then Gohan noticed it too after he remembered Vegeta going back to his human form when his tail was removed. " It is. But why is he like this? There's no full moon out. " He asked.

" Something obviously must have happened to your brat other wise he wouldn't be like this. I've only heard of this type of thing happening on Plant Vegeta and it's always the males that change like that when their mate is being threaten or being taking away from them by another male. Mostly when their mate is being taken away from them. So another male must have tried to take his mate away and since I don't see any other males here, the other male didn't live. " Vegeta answered.

" So what are we going to do? " Piccolo asked as he kept his eyes on Trunks, who was baring his teeth and growling at them.

" The only thing that we can do is leave and let him take care of Pan. " Vegeta replied, shocking everyone that he actually said Pan's name. "He wasn't the one that hurt her boy. It was the other male, otherwise my son wouldn't have changed. " Vegeta continued as he saw that Gohan was going to protest.

" Fine. But if there's so much as a scratch on my baby, I'll be hunting him down. " Goahn threaten as he shot off into he air. Followed by the rest, except for Vegeta who looked to his son.

" I trust that you won't hurt her. And I hope that she excepts this side of you. Otherwise your killing was in vain. " He said and shot off after the others.

Chapter 9

When Trunks saw that his father and friends had left completely, he turned back to Pan. He picked her up and flew back to their camp-site.

When he got there, he went to the lake that Pan had found their first day here. He got in the still warm water, with Pan still in his arms and began to wash the scent of Komo off of her. While still washing her, Pan began to wake up once more. When her eyes cleared up enough, what she saw terrified her and she quickly jumped out of the thing's arms that was holding her to it.

When Trunks saw her jump away he was afraid that she was going to run away screaming. Though she didn't, she still smelled of fear. Trunks stood there looking at her, like she was staring at him. He waited, not sure what for but he stayed still, trying to look at her with a gentle look on his were-monkey face as best he could. Since this was the first time changing into this form, he didn't know how to change back and it felt like his body or soul wouldn't let him anytime soon either.

Pan didn't know what to think of this creature in front of her. She felt like she knew this creature, she didn't know what made her feel that way but she did. So she cautiously moved towards it, stretching out her hand as the creature turned more and faced her better. She touched the creatures face and despite her fear, she giggled when the creature started to purr at her touch. Then she heard a deep male voice in her head.

^ Pan. ^

^ Who said that? ^ Pan thought back. And looked to the creature in front of her. She stared at the creature a moment longer, then her eyes widen as she spoke,

" Trunks? "

^ Whoelse. ^ The voice said again and the creature in front of her smirked, well smirked as best it could.

Pan moved closer to Trunks and hugged him. His fur soft against her skin and kept the chill off of her from the wind that hit her wet skin and shirt. Pulling away from Trunks, Pan looked at him and asked,

" How did you get this way? "

" I..I ch..changed whe..when I saw on top of you. " He said for the first time in this form. It still quite new to him and he was still trying to get use to it and talking was a bit hard to to do, seeing as his vocal chords had expaned and were now used for either eating big chunks of food, growling, and roaring.

" Why though? " Pan asked again.

" My saiyan intincts must've kicked in really bad and that caused me to change. I saw my father and your father, as well as our friends and my father said the reason why I did this, was because my mate was being taken away from me. And mate is you Pan. That's why I was acting like I was and why I said what said. Because I love you and I didn't want that weakling taking you away from me. " Trunks confessed to her, his voice deep and rough. He nuzzled the side of her face as he did.

" Trunks. Your an idoit. I knew what he was doing and never did like him the way that I like you. And I hope you kicked his ass while I was out. " Pan replied as she rubbed her cheek against his muzzle and rubbing her hand on his fur covered chest as Trunks' tail came around and wrapped around her waist and hugged her closer to him as his arms went around her as well and held her his chest, his head turned to the side slightly.

" Heh. I did more then kick his ass. " He said.

" What did you do? " She asked.

" Do you really want to know? " He asked back.

" No. " She answered and closed her eyes in content.

They stayed that way a moment longer before Pan noticed that Trunks began to wash her back again with the lake water.

" Trunks? " She asked quitely.

" Yes. " He replied.

" Why are you washing my back? "

" To get that weakling's scent off of you. " Was all Trunks said as he continued to get the smell of Komo off of his mate.

" Trunks? " Pan asked again.

" Yes, Love? " He replied.

" Can we go home? I don't want to stay here tonight. " She asked.

" Of course we can go home. We go to Capsule Corp. and stay there the rest of our trip. " He replied as they got out of the water and back to their camp-site.

Chapter 10

After they gathered up there stuff, Trunks, still in his semi-ape form, picked Pan up and took to the air.

" Hey! You don't have to carry me! I can fly just as good as you can! " She protested, though it was half-hearted and Trunks knew it.

After a few hours, Trunks was flying slow because Pan had nodded off to sleep, Trunks landed in fron of his back door. He was walking towards it when his hearing caught the hum of the GR go off and the door opened. His father came out and looked over at him and Pan.

Vegeta walked over to his son and future daughter-in-law, from the looks of things, it went well. " I'm assumming that she didn't want to stay in the moutains after what happened? " He asked quietly.

" Yes, Father. Would you mind getting the door for me? " Trunks replied/asked.

Vegeta didn't say anything, but he did go to the door and opened it, letting his son and future daughter-in-law in first. He followed, closing the door behind him.

" Does Mother and Bra know about me being like this? In case I meet one of them while walking to my room? " Trunks asked.

" they does. I told them about it when I came back. Though I didn't expect you two back so soon after what happened. " Vegeta answered as he walked off to the stairs and out of sight of Trunks' night vision.

Trunks walked up the stairs a moment later. He went to his room opened the door with tail and walked in. He placed Pan on his bed and turned around and shut the door. He was going to go lay on the futon he had in his room, but Pan's voice stopped him.

" Trunks? " She asked.

" Yes? " He replied.

" Please lay over here with me. " She said.

Trunks stood there for a moment thinking. Then he went to his bed and got in beside Pan. She snuggled close to him and went back to sleep. He wrapped both his arm and his tail around her protectively and went to sleep himself.

Next Morning,

Pan was the first one to wake up. She saw that Trunks had changed back during the night. She also noticed that he was covered in blood from his mouth down to the waist band of his jeans. Looking down at herself, she saw the blood was on her as well. It was also on her arms and hands from where she had touched him last night.

' I guess this is what happened to Komo. ' She thought as she tried to move away from her love. She had got his arm away from her waist, but something was still holding her around her waist. Looking down at her waist, she saw that Trunks' tail was still present. And it was the same color as his hair, lavender.

Holding back a giggle at how cute his tail was, she managed to get it off of her as well and slowly got up from the bed and towards the shower that was apart of Trunks' room.

Trunks woke a second later when he felt that Pan wasn't with him. He heard the water running and got up from his bed and went to his bathroom.

( this part is M rated )

Opening the door, Trunks saw Pan behind the frosted glass of his shower stall. Taking off what was left of his jeans off, he went to the shower door, opened it and got in.

Pan felt the cool air on her warm skin, but didn't panick because she knew who it was. She kept her back turned to him as he walked closer to her and wrapped his arms and tail around her wet skin. She leaned back and rested her head on his broad shoulder, putting her arms on his, while his tail curled on her thigh.

Trunks leaned his head down to her neck and started kiss her there as his arms moved on her front. One hand went to her breast and cupped it, causing a moan to come from Pan. His other hand moved from her toned stomach to her womanhood, his tail moved up and down her thigh and would caress her rear every now and then. Pan moved her hands and placed them in his lavender hair and grounded against his hardness that was sticking in her lower back, causing him to growl with what she was doing.

He moved up to her ear and nibbled on it as he moved both of his hands to her breasts and replaced the hand that was with her womanhood with his tail, she sqealled and grounded against him harder. Trunks turned her around and kissed her fully, his tongue going in her mouth and exploring it while her tongue did the same with his mouth. Her hands wondered his body, getting the dried blood off of him as she went.

Trunks' arms moved to her back and moved up and down it until they went in one direction, which was down on Pan's rear and lifted her up and pushed up against the shower wall, she wrapped her legs around his waist and they moved their lips away from each other's mouths and to the other's neck. They kissed and nibbled at the other's neck, panting and moaning as they did so.

" Trunks...Please. " Pan pleaded with her love as she grinded against him.

Trunks moved back away from her neck and said, " It's going to hurt. "

" I know and I don't care because it's you. Now please! " She replied as she moved her hand down and touched the base of his tail. Which caused him to both growl and grunt as he pushed inside of her. She screamed, but it was quickly covered by Trunks kissing her. He held her to him as she adjusted to him being inside of her for the first time, but surtantly not the last time.

Pan pushed against him and he started to move, slowly then went faster. " Go harder. Go faster. Uh! That's it. " Pan said, encourging him to do as she asked, though she didn't have to tell him twice what it was that she wanted.

They went on like this for another 2 hours when they hit their climax at the same time, screaming out each other's names and biting into the other's neck, drawing blood and drinking it up from the wounds they made. Pulling away from the other's neck, they licked the neck once more before Trunks turned, with Pan still pressed against him, he turned the water off with his tail and walked out of the shower and out into his bedroom, not wanting to let Pan go just yet, and she didn't want to let him go either. Another round of love making was done before they decided that they were hungry for something other then the person they were with and got dressed.

Pan dressed into her shorts, but instead of one of her shirts, she wore one of Trunks'. Trunks only dressed in some faded blue jeans held the door open for his mate. They walked down the stairs were the smell of his grandmother's cooking was coming from the kitchen.

" Well good morning love-birds. " Bra said when she saw her big brother and sister-in-law come into the kitchen.

" Morning B!/sis. " They said together, not bothering in hiding the fact that they are love-birds and mates.

" Morning you two. Heard you guys had a bit of scruffle last night. " Bulma said as she returned from the fridge.

" Yeah. But Trunks took care of it, so everything's fine now. " Pan replied.

" Soo...When am I going to be a grandmother? " Bulma asked with a smile

" MOM/BULMA! " Pan and Trunks said together once more as Trunks' sister lay on the kitchen floor laughing her head off.


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