Author's notes: Though this is a fusion fic that doesn't follow the storyline of The Ghostbusters movies Slimer will be present in the fic in later parts. Also when writing this somehow Filia ended up being a little darker then she would normally be. Well more like a sarcastic temperamental witty dark humoured version. But she's still Filia. Also I should mention though this story does take place in an elseworlds present day type Sailune there is no different race besides humans. So Filia, Xellos, Zelgadis and anyone else that wouldn't otherwise be human or fully human are human in this fic. At present if there are any coupling in this fic it will be Lina/Zelgadis and Gourry/Sylphiel. Maybe Xellos/Filia if I do decide to throw Xellos in. At the moment it's not planned.

Ghost Slayers

Chapter One

By Relm

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something weird and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?
I ain't afraid of no ghost

The rain pattered down the streets of Sailune in a syncopated rhythm colouring the town grey to match the clouds above. It was one of those horrid days where everyone took refuge in buildings and covered areas just avoid the chilling drops. The wind added to the morning misery making it abnormally cold for April.

A petite red haired woman let out a sigh as she stared out of her office window to the grey haze beyond. The mountain of paperwork on her desk beckoned her, but she couldn't help but want to go outside and enjoy the rain. Yes Lina Inverse wasn't your average woman by any standards.

A ringing phone broke Lina from her thoughts screaming to be picked up. Well perhaps not literately, but given how often Lina had dealt with possessed phones one could never be sure.

Lina stared at the little red phone debating what to do. She had been getting real tired of all the prank calls she had gotten already so it was tempting to just unplug the phone. But because most of the paperwork littering her desk was in fact bills it left Lina with very little choice. She had to answer the phone. Tepidly she picked up the phone. "Hello you've reached the Ghost Slayers, how can I help you?"

"Hi I've got a ghost problem."

"Okay what seems to be the problem?"

"I've got a ghost living next to me."

"Where do you live?" Lina asked already getting out her Sailune street maps.

"On a dead end! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Lina slammed down the phone. "Grrr… never fails, prank calls on April fools and Halloween. Sometimes I hate this job… If I wasn't so far in debt I'd get caller ID."

The phone started ringing again.

Lina snapped her head to her right to look at the wall clock. It read 11am, she had only been there an hour and this was the tenth call already. "Better not be another pranker…" She sighed once again and answered the phone. "Hello you've reached the Ghost Slayers, how can I help you?"

"What do you get when you mix a ghost with Bambi?" The caller couldn't even contain his laughter.

"Bamboo." Lina said dryly while hanging up the phone. "Stupid idiots!"

"Whose an idiot?" A woman with long dark hair asked as she and another woman with blond hair came into the room.

"Oh just a stupid pranker." Lina rolled her eyes.

"Well it is April first so that's not a surprise. Any calls besides that pranker?" The blond asked picking up some of the unpaid bills on the desk and flipping through them.

"We had nine other calls Filia." Lina held up nine fingers for show.

"Oh really! What kind of jobs are they?" The dark haired woman asked enthusiastically.

"They were all pranks Sylphiel."

Sylphiel sighed. "We haven't had a decent job in weeks. If we don't get some clients soon this business is going to capsize."

"Yup and here's the bills to prove it." Filia darkly chuckled as she placed the bills back on the desk. "Makes me wonder why I ever agreed to work at this crazy place."

"They took away your teaching license for beating up a fellow professor at Sailune University." Lina chided.

"Well that stupid piece of garbage deserved it. If I'd had my way he'd be doing janitorial work." Filia huffed.

"Yeah instead of teaching your class." Lina grinned mischievously.

Filia glared at Lina and stuck her tongue out at her.

"Come on now will you two stop it. That's no way for two friends to act." Sylphiel chided. "We should instead be putting our energy into our work."

"Speaking of work, where the heck is Amelia?" Lina looked back at her wall clock. "She's late."

"We sent her off to get coffee, tea and breakfast." Filia sat herself down in one of the big chairs that occupied the little office.

"Hmmm… I've already had breakfast." Lina mused.

"When has that stopped you from eating before?"

Lina grinned. "Good point."

The phone began ringing again.

"Oh I'll get it!" Sylphiel skipped over to answer the phone.

"Probably just another prank call." Lina rubbed her temples trying to abate the headache that was begin to form.

"Hello you've reached the Ghost Slayers, Sylphiel speaking how can I help you?"

"Hi I was abducted by a UFO and I think I may be pregnant with an alien baby."

Now it was Sylphiel's turn to roll her eyes. "I'm sorry sir but I seriously don't think you're pregnant with an alien baby. Have a nice day." Sylphiel hung up the phone. "Ug that was so stupid and it wasn't even original."

"Yeah if I got a dime for every time I got called about alien impregnation I'd have umm… about $20. Sad part is that most of them really think they are pregnant with aliens." Lina flipped through the morning paper.

"We're a ghost extermination business not a kook hotline." Sylphiel grumbled.

"In the eyes of the good people of Sailune, our business is kooky. Who the hell exterminates ghosts? Ghosts don't exist. People who believe in ghosts are crazy. Blah blah blah blah…" Lina rolled her eyes.

Amelia came into the office juggling various brown paper bags and a cardboard tray with coffee. "I'm sorry I'm late Miss Lina!"

"It's okay, Filia and Sylphiel told me what you were doing. We haven't gotten any phone calls today."

"That's terrible!" Amelia put down her stuff and started handing out the food and coffee.

"Amelia did you get me coffee or tea?" Filia asked going through the various steaming cups.

"Coffee. They were out of the tea you like." Amelia handed Filia a cup that contained coffee much to Filia's dismay.

Filia made a face. "Oh well I suppose it can't be helped." She commented with a saddened tone. The morning had been hectic and busy as Filia slept in so she missed both her breakfast and her morning tea. Though tea from Average Joe's Jo coffee house was less then stellar Filia had been willing to settle for it.

"We should get an electric kettle so we can make out own coffee." Sylphiel suggested. "It would save us some money."

Amelia stopped what she was doing and gasped in shock. "We can't make our own coffee here! We'd have to use instant coffee and that's not the same as real coffee house coffee! It's not real coffee! It just wouldn't be as good." Amelia insisted raising her finger to the air striking a confidant pose… on Lina's desk.

"I doubt what we would make would be any worse then what Average Joe's makes." Lina eyed her much burnt smelling coffee before taking a sip. "In fact I'm sure ours would be better… And Amelia get off my desk."

The phone again demanded attention as it rung once more.

Lina grumbled something incoherent while eating a breakfast bagel. "I'm getting real sick of these damned prank calls!" Lina yelled before picking up the offending phone. "What do you want?" She snapped rather rudely to the person on the other end.

"Hello is this the Ghost Slayers?" The female voice on the other end sounded timid and confused.

Lina mentally smacked herself. 'The one time I'm rude it's a real caller!' "Oh yes sorry it is. I didn't mean to snap at you Miss, I've been getting lots of prank calls and it's wearing on my nerves. I'm Lina, what can I help you with?" Lina grabbed her pen and notepad.

The woman on the other end paused. "I have a problem concerning what I believe to be a ghost." She spoke hesitantly.

"Than you called the right place. We deal with all kinds of spectres, from passed relatives refusing to cross over to pesky poltergeists. Why don't you tell me about your situation?" Lina prompted the woman.

"Well my name is Pearl Norman and I work for Sailune Publishing. Recently this man has been appearing in our building and I think he might be a ghost."

"Okay Miss Norman, why do you think this man is a ghost?"

"I hope you're not getting the wrong idea about me. I'm not the kind of person that goes around making up farfetched stories about ghosts and goblins. I'm a very rational level-minded person. I don't even believe in ghosts! I'm not some crazy person."

"I never implied you were crazy Miss Norman. But I can assure you that ghosts are very real. And if you want my help then I'm going to need all the information you have about this spectre. So what do you know about him?"

"Well he appears out of no where and walks around silently. He doesn't speak or make any noise nor does he seem to see or hear anyone around him. People have tried to touch him but they go right through him. And he also can walk through things."

"Okay how often and for how long does he appear?" Lina asked jotting everything down.

"Usually around 12pm he appears and he's usually still here when we close up around 6pm."

Lina frowned. "So for 6 hours straight you can see him walking around?"


"That's a little strange. Is he affecting anything in the office when he's walking around. Such as moving papers, furniture or writing on the walls?"

"No all he does is walk around. He's not really doing anything bad but it's hard to work when he's pacing around like he does. In fact we've had several people quit because of him."

"Hmmm… well it sounds like you have an interesting case there Miss Norman. But don't worry we'll get the bottom of this. My associates and I will be there very soon."

"Don't you need the building address?"

"No that's okay. I know where Sailune Publishing is, it's only a couple blocks away from our office. Building number 315 right?"

"Yes that's right."

"Okay we'll be there very soon. Bye." Lina hung up the phone.

"We have a job?" Amelia asked excitedly.

"Yup, at Sailune Publishing. Sylphiel get our gear ready." Lina quickly finished off her breakfast.

"Yeah the first case of the day! How exciting!" Amelia cheered with glee walking over to get her gear from Sylphiel.

"Actually Amelia, it sounds like it's a level one grade spectre and I don't think all four of us are necessary." Lina explained.

"But you said the ghost manifests for periods longer then 6 hours. Just the prolonged visual should boost the danger level to three." Filia mused.

"It's not a hostile. Besides we need to have someone here to answer the calls just in case we have another client."

"How do we decide who stays and goes?" Sylphiel placed down the last of the gear.

"I'll pick a number between 1 and 100. Whomever picks the numbers closest to it goes with me." Lina announced.

"How come you get to pick the number and go?" Amelia whined.

"Because I was the first one here this morning and has answered that bloody phone the most! And besides, I'm the boss. So pick numbers!" Lina growled.

"Forty-nine." Sylphiel picked.

"Seventy-five." Filia picked her number.

"Four." Amelia grumbled.

"Sorry Amelia it was fifty-two. Guess you're the lucky one who gets to stay. Have fun." Lina patted Amelia on the back.

Amelia made a face. "Oh yes lucky me."

"See you later Amelia. And remember to callus if we get any more real calls."

Amelia nodded and waved goodbye. She glared at the phone once the others had left. Sure enough as on cue the phone began to ring.

"Hello Ghost Slayers, Amelia speaking how can I help you… no Casper doesn't work here." Amelia Slammed down the phone. 'This is going to be a nice long day…' She thought bitterly.