Author's Notes: Well we've finally come to it, the end. This has been a long time coming. I have you all have enjoyed reading this fanfic as much as I have writing it.

Ghost Slayers

Chapter Sixty-one

By Relm

"Daddy!" Amelia cried out once she caught sight of Mayor Philonel Sailune.

"Amelia that's not your father anymore." Lina spoke solemnly to her youngest employee. Though she hadn't said this before to Amelia Lina was worried about what this demonic entity was doing to Philonel. It was possible that it was just possessing Amelia's father and keeping his mind captive while it ran the show. Lina didn't deal with possessions as a rule as her methods of dealing with ghosts had her firing it with her ray gun. Firing it on people could be extremely dangerous depending on the power level. Usually if Lina worked a possession case it was in tandem with a priest performing an exorcism. The priest got the spirit out and Lina trapped it in a box. These sorts of jobs were the rarest ones of all for Lina. She had only done two in fact and they had been very dangerous experiences.

Though Lina could have called up a priest to help she knew it wouldn't be of any help. This demon was far too strong for the words of the lord. She would need a whole army of priests and Exorcisms took time that they didn't appear to have. The only chance they had was their ray guns but Lina had no idea what effect it would have on Philonel. It could end up killing him.

The other and more disturbing thought was that Philonel wasn't even alive anymore. It could have been once the creature took hold and possessed his body it killed him in the process. They could be just looking at a carcass that the demon was wearing like a suit. If that was the case it didn't matter if they got the entity out of him because Mayor Philonel Sailune would already be dead.

Though these disturbing thoughts were flying around through Lina's head the Ghost Slayer leader held her tongue. 'We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. At the very least we can't let some evil creature run amuck wearing Amelia's dad's face.' Lina thought to herself.

It was almost as if the creature knew what Lina was thinking as at that moment it used Philonel's face to smile a most sinister grin. It rose up Philonel's arms into the air and a loud cracking noise snapped into the cold air. A rumble followed as the ground shook under them.

The source of the crack make its self known as it grew from under the house to the road in front of it and under Philonel's feet. The crack stopped just a few steps from Lina and company giving them full view of the hell that was bursting out from Earth's seams. The crack wasn't wide but it was very deep looking as though it went all the way down the center of the earth.

For such a crack to form one might assume it was due to volcanic type activity and expect to see plumes of steam and possibly lava bubbling to the surface. Lina and company saw neither. Things did rise up the sky like steam but it wasn't gas that took to the sky. More spirits rose from the cracks all moaning in agony. They joined the souls trapped in the flying vortex in the skies above them. There was no molten red threatening to bubble up to the surface from the crack but cold empty darkness.

"What the hell is that?!" Filia exclaimed with wide eyes at the sight before us.

"It's a hellmouth." Lina explained. "The demon is trying to open a hellmouth."

"Trying? You mean it's not open already?" Sylphiel wondered through chattering teeth.

Lina shook her head. "No. Once the crack reaches corner to corner of the mouth it will open leaving a large circle of death."

"How big is that?"

"I have no idea. It could already be the width it will be or it could end up swallowing all of Sailune whole." Lina explained with the most somber of expressions.

Though this crack was large and seemed to go down to the very center of the planet Lina knew this wasn't a physical crack. It's appearance of a crack in the concrete was only their mind's way of trying to process what was before them in an image they could understand. In truth there was no real crack before them. It appeared wide enough for a person to fall down through it. But if a man were to step on the space where the crack was his feet would touch ground not fall into air. This crack was only a spiritual one, a passageway for tortured souls to escape from. Even still if the hellmouth opened and it was as large as Sailune the city would be consumed by the cold dark evil energy killing everything.

"What are we going to do?!" Amelia cried out in horror.

"The same thing we were going to do in the first place. Slay that demon." Lina stated while arming her gun and aiming it at the possessed body of Mayor Sailune Philonel. Since we she knew she would need two hands for this job Lina placed the book on the ground a few feet in front of them with its' pages open. The wind violently nipped at the white sheets but no paper was torn free and the book remained opened.

The demon beast Philonel hollowed at the sight of the book. His voice wasn't even recognizable as human. It cursed at Lina but her and the others had no idea what the creature was saying. Fortunately they didn't need to know as the message was very clear. The creature was frightened and angered by the book. It wasn't about to be trapped inside it again. It used Philonel's eyes to glare a murderous red at Lina.

In a staring contest with any ghost Lina would usually just smirk her trademark smirk and just shoot the thing. Because Lina knew how to handle ghosts, they didn't scare her. But this thing did. She couldn't summon that smirk no more than she could will her body from shaking in fear and cold. This was going to be a blind fight and Lina hated those kinds most of all. "On three everyone fire on the demon! We're going to try and force him back into the book just like one of our containment boxes. One-"

"But Mayor Sailune! Won't that hurt him?" Sylphiel protested.

"It can't be helped Miss Sylphiel." Amelia gritted her teeth. "My father would never want some evil thing running amuck hurting people for the sake of his own life. Especially if that evil thing was using his own body to do it. It would destroy him. This is what he would want."

"Okay, on three, one, two, three!"

All four Ghost Slayers took aim and fired on Mayor Philonel Sailune. The creature possessing the mayor howled once more as if it was in immense pain but then the howling turned into haunting howling laughter.

"It's not working!" Filia said through gritted teeth.

With a wave of his hand the demon sent three ghosts flying at Lina and company.

Shocked by this sudden action Amelia and Sylphiel flinched taking their hands off their triggers. Lina and Filia were not deterred and they kept their guns firing on the beast.

"It's trying to distract us! Keep your eyes on the demon. Ignore the rest! If your power isn't already maxed out then dial it up!" Lina yelled. "If it's not hurting it then it wouldn't try and get us to stop firing."

"But Lina if we keep firing at max the batteries are going to end up giving out! We can't keep this up for too long!" Filia yelled.

The demon threw more ghosts at the Ghost Slayers and they moaned and screamed as they flew past.

"Damn... I should have brought that spare gun..." Lina muttered to herself. The situation seemed to be hopeless. She was freezing already and all the ghosts flying around and through her was just making it worse. And she knew that the cold air was depleting the battery power further. Even though she was wearing her gloves she could feel the coldness creeping through her fingertips. Soon it wasn't going to matter if the battery was going to die, her fingers are going to be too numb to hold onto her gun.

In all the chaos that surrounded the Ghost Slayers and the demon beast they were fighting there were choruses of deafening sounds. Moaning ghosts, whirling winds, crashing thunder, electric buzz of the ray guns, howling laughter... It was hard to hear anything yourself think let alone anything else. So it was safe to say that the demon creature and the Ghost Slayers didn't hear the sound of the reckless driver speeding towards them. It wasn't until that very same speeding car was almost on top of them that Lina and company noticed the sleek black jaguar bearing the licence plate name FILIA.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOH! How dare you start the party without Naga the White Serpent!" Naga boomed out loud as she got out of the car. Toting an armed ray gun and a Ghost Slayers jumpsuit Naga looked ready for action and not affected one bit by the cold. Her busty bosom bounced with each step.

A very timid and pale Slimer emerged from the car behind Naga. If he wasn't green to start off with you might think he was going to be sick. He was actually close to it so that was just a coincidence.

In any other ordinary circumstances Lina would have cringed at the sight of the big chested bimbo that was Amelia's older sister. But for once in her life Naga was actually going to be useful. "Do you have any idea how to use that gun?"

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOH! Of course I do! Turn the dial and click the trigger button!"

"Okay get over here and help us!"

The demon looked surprised at the sudden additions to the 'party' but it didn't seem all that worried. With another wave of its hand it tried to use it's control over ghosts to make Slimer crash into the Ghost Slayers like all the other ghosts. However it soon discovered that it wasn't possible to control a being such as Slimer.

Slimer looked at the demon with curiosity not knowing what to make of the creature that looked like the Mayor of Sailune. The curiosity quickly turned into fear and Slimer flew and hid behind Amelia.

Naga ignored Slimer's antics and aimed at her father. She should have been disturbed at least a little bit of the notion of firing on her father but strangely she wasn't. Naga did love her father but who didn't want to shoot their family members with an electric shock every now and then? The only thing that was going through Naga's mind was about how sexy she looked all geared up and ready to fire. She was sure she was the best looking of the bunch given her height, figure and long hair. Why the others had their jumpsuits zipped up all the way! Not Naga, no her's was zipped down as low as possible.

Yes Naga felt cool as she fired that gun...

...but she didn't expect the kickback and she fell straight backwards on her ass.

"Oh for god sake! Get up you idiot!" Lina yelled. "Stupid bimbo..." She added muttering.

"OHOHOHOHOH! It packs a bigger punch then I thought!" Naga got up and fired again, this time bracing for the kickback.

As soon as Naga's beam joined the others it seemed like they just might do it. Demon Phil yelled out in agony while flailing about. But even with all that they still couldn't manage to do anything but stun the beast.

"Lina it's still not working!" Filia exclaimed.

Lina frowned in frustration. She didn't know what else to do. The ground under them rumbled once more and the crack widened. "Damn it's starting to open the hellmouth!"

Amelia looked over her shoulder at Slimer whom was still cowering behind her. "Slimer do something! We need help!" She pleaded.

Slimer looked over at the creature they were fighting and shivered. He couldn't ever turn down a plea for help from Amelia but he didn't want to go near that thing. It looked like it would eat him if he got anywhere near it. The only thing Slimer could think of doing was throwing something at it. And when it doubt, goo it out. And a nice big ball of goo it was that went air born and hit demon Phil right in the face. It was a satisfying splat that was soon joined by others as Slimer began a barrage of projectile goo.

Demon Phil was completely disgusted by the goo on its face that it threw off that thin thread of control it had on the body it inhabited.

"It's working!" Lina cried out. "Keep firing!"

Demon Phil screamed as it was separated from the body it so coveted. The creature that emerged from the body of Mayor Philonel Sailune was large black and red with horns, razor sharp teeth, claws and spikes that protruded out from its back. Its eyes were a menacing black where it should be coloured and red where it should be white. It desperately tried to claw its way back into Phil's body but it was too late. The demon was being ripped out by the combined electrical energy of the Ghost Slayers' ray guns. In retribution the demon made the ground shake more and the skies rain ghosts.

The wind nipped at them like shards of glass but still the Ghost Slayers held on. This one was going to be laid to rest even if it killed them doing it.

"Hold on we've almost got it!" Lina urged her team on. The demon was now out of Philonel and desperately trying to break free of the beams. It fought hard making it seem like the ray guns were actually ropes that the demon was pulling on. Each sudden movement made each of the Ghost Slayers lurch forward as they struggled to hold on.

This tug a war battle seemed like it was lasting for hours but in reality it was only minutes but it was taking a toll on all of them. Each inch they gained felt like it took a mile. But they were making it, a just a few more feet and the demon would be back in the book.

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! The most annoying sound in the world sounded at that triumphant moment. It was followed by a chorus of other beeps as all the guns started to run out of power. Naga's was the only one that refused to sound but it didn't matter, if all the guns but hers shut off it wouldn't be enough to keep the demon at bay.

"No no no! Not now!" Lina pleaded. "Just let us have a little bit more time!"

In the other side of Sailune where things were warm and sunny a strange sight came into view. The storm of the century that was forming above that residential area in the middle of Sailune exploded in a plume of red light. To the scared onlookers they assumed this had been the bomb they had been hearing about and it finally blew.

"Can anyone see?" Lina called out coughing. They just got the demon back into the book right before the scanners died out. The area exploded in a flash of bright red light that was almost blinding. As the light died down a thick hazy fog settled in the area while the cold started to dissipate.

Above the sky was no longer a sea of dark clouds and moaning spirits. The cyclone of the undead had been freed from their circular torment. Many had been sucked down into the crack on the ground which appeared to be normal concrete once more. The rest of the ghosts ran free to wreak their own brand of havoc. It was something Lina should have been concerned with but for now she was just content that the city wasn't going to be destroyed today.

"Daddy!" Amelia cried out as she ran to the laying form of Mayor Philonel Sailune. He was laying on his back and didn't appear to be moving. But hearing Amelia's voice caused the burly man to stir.

"Amelia?" He said weakly. "What happened?"

Amelia didn't answer her father she just hugged him tightly.

Naga was about to run to her father's arms as well until she caught sight of a sight she had been fighting to see. A nearly naked aqua hared man wearing just a towel. "Val!" Naga ran to him and showered him with kisses.

"Where am I? Why am I just wearing a damned towel?!" Val growled in anger.

"OHOHOHOHOH! I love it when you growl! And if I had it my way you'd always just be wearing a towel." Naga purred at him.

"Ahem! Gracia who is this man?" Mayor Philonel Sailune questioned his eldest daughter while getting to his feet. His fatigue forgotten as his protective father instincts started to kick in.

"This is mine." Naga exclaimed proudly.

"Excuse me I have a name! I am not your property!" Val protested in anger.

A rogue gust of wind blew that towel Val had around his waist off leaving the aqua hared man completely nude in front of his girlfriend's father.

"He's actually a professor at the university Daddy." Amelia explained while laughing nervously.

"What's going on? Why is that guy naked?" A very confused Gourry wondered as he walked around in a daze.

"Gourry!" Sylphiel cried out with tears streaming down her face. She ran to him and jumped into his arms estatic that he was a solid person she could touch and feel.

"Sylphiel what's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" Gourry wondered with deep concern furrowing his brow.

Sylphiel just smiled at him and did something she would have never thought herself doing. She kissed him.

Seeing Philonel, Val and Gourry being okay Filia couldn't help but search the fog for Xellos. It wasn't like she was worried about him or anything. But if he was alive and solid she could finally hit like she had been so wanting to for the past few days.

"Looking for me?" Xellos purred into Filia's ear.

Filia spun around with a blush furiously glowing on her face. "No!"

"Oh come on looks like we survived a disaster and everyone is getting so cozy. How about you show me how much you're happy to see me?" Xellos dared her while puckering his lips.

Filia smirked and then punched him square in the jaw.

"Ow! Typical Filia. But that's okay I do like it rough." Xellos pulled Filia toward him and kissed her...

... on the forehead before running off.

"Hey! That wasn't a real kiss!" Filia protested.

"Well if you want a kiss so bad then you should have kissed me yourself instead of punching!" Xellos stuck his tongue out at her.

Lina whom might have been amused by these public displays was completely preoccupied. While everyone else was found Lina was looking for the one person who all this mess started with, Zelgadis.

He had been the books' first victim. The others appeared to be fine but they had been attacked more recently. Zelgadis had gone months in a spirit like form after he had been attacked. Was there anything left of Zelgadis to come back? Was he dead or alive? Had she failed in saving him when she had promised everything would be okay?

A soft tapping on Lina's shoulder brought her back to reality. She turned around to come face to face with those beautiful sapphire blue eyes she had come to admire. He wasn't see through but solid flesh. His soft lavender hair moved slightly with the occasional passing breeze.

"Zel..." Lina whispered not believing her eyes. He was alive! HE WAS ALIVE! Lina was a whirlwind of emotion at that moment. She was happy! So very happy! She couldn't help herself, she kissed him.

Gourry had been confused when Sylphiel had kissed him. Happy but confused. And although Zelgadis found the kiss to be a pleasant experience he was far more confused than the blond officer. "Umm... I'm sorry... you're very pretty but... who are you?"

Lina let out a roaring laugh. "Of course he doesn't remember... You met him after his soul got ripped out of his body." Lina chuckled to herself. "Hi, I'm Lina Inverse. And I just saved your ass."

"Oh. Thanks? I'm Zelgadis Greywars by the way."

"Yes Zel I know."

"Zel? My name is Zelgadis." He corrected her.

"And I call you Zel. That's what you let me call you." Lina said with a smirk.

"What I let you? Okay I get the feeling like I've missed a lot here. Would you mind explaining exactly what the hell is going on here?"

Lina laughed again. "The Ghost Slayers have saved the day again and their fearless leader is hungry. Let's get some food and I'll explain everything." She grabbed him by the hand and tugged him along with her.

Zelgadis was still confused but he went a long with her. He got the feeling that even though things seemed weird they were going to make sense to him. That is until Slimer said hello and Zelgadis ran away screaming.

Poor Slimer just wants to have friends.

The End of Book One.

Author's Notes: Yes I'm doing the same thing as Ruins Raiders. I don't know when I'll start Book Two of Ghost Slayers but it's come down on the horizon. This is part of the reason why I chose to do a more lighthearted ending. So I hope I didn't disappoint anyone. Thanks for reading!