Doctor Guu

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Hare is sick, and Guu is going to be his doctor.

It's a rainy morning, Hare was just waking up while everyone else was wide awake. He felt like he was going to die... His head was hurting along with his throat, stomach, and everytime he moved he ached. Hare sneezed rather loudly, causing Weda to rush to Hare as quickly as she could. Weda was not fully dressed that morning, she was mainly dressed in her underwear and a very loose top. She quickly put her hand onto Hare's forehead. He was burning up. Guu slowly walked in.

"Guu! Hare is sick! Get Dr. Clive!" Weda said.

Dr. Clive suddenly came in out of the randomness of the situation.

"He has the flu, let him suffer and he'll be better in a week... Or maybe he'll die, but who cares?" Dr. Clive stated. "I'm going to town this week."

"I'll look after him." Guu stated.

"There is no way I'm letting a psychopath like you look after me!" Hare yelled, before putting his hands gently on his throat. "And what about school?"

"You're not going... You heard the doctor... We're just gonna sit back, watch you suffer and we'll let you die... No problem." Guu stated.

"How can you say that? What if I get better? Then what, Guu?" Hare asked, quickly as he rubbed his throat.

Guu was polishing a knife and Hare starting to freak out. Weda and Clive had left the room and Guu just gave him a evil smile.

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