Chapter One

A Proper Introduction

I tried to wrap my brain around what was becoming of my life. A wedding awaited me in just a few hours, I would become a vampire within the next few days, and Jacob hated me. It took a great deal of effort to avoid the mere thought of the latter, but it was evident none the less.

Sitting in my lavender bath robe, I looked in the mirror. Dark, purple bruises shadowed my eyes . It was not in the angelic, beautiful way that highlighted Edward and his family's faces, but in a worn down, worried-stricken way. I tried to ignore it, but my reflection stared at me with out wavering. The brown eyes looking back at me only moved every few moments to sneak a glance at the big, robin egg blue bag that held my dress.

I sucked in a deep gulp of air, one that gave myself chills, and picked my chin up. This was a new beginning. I would be a vampire, be with Edward for forever, and leave Jacob to go on with his life. It was the least I could do after the selfish tactics I put him through.

Of course, that didn't help the ache I had for his presence.

A knock at my bedroom window broke through my heavy thoughts, making me turn and let go of my breath with relief.

There in the frame of my window sat Edward. His hair was in a disarray from the strong winds, but his perfect, crooked smile was in stable placement. He sat with one leg dangling outside, the other relaxed on the window seat. His graceful presence still amazed me.

I smiled, walking over to the foot of my bed where my hair brush laid.

"You are definitely not supposed to be seeing me right now," I said in a mock serious tone. "Alice would be furious. Tradition, you know."

Edward laughed, letting out an intoxicating ring of sound. "You are absolutely right, but how on earth did you get her to leave your side? We only have three hours and she hasn't even attacked you with the makeup? She's losing her touch."

Clucking his tongue in a humorous act of disappointment, he jumped down from the window. His arms were around me in a motion too quick to be seen, and his face was nestled in my neck. With rush of wind, I was sitting in his lap on the bed and his lips were on my cheek.

"She's down stairs, " I murmured, too intoxicated to think. "And she probably heard you. Thanks. I will get it twice as bad now."

His chest rumbled with a low chuckle. "She knew I was coming."

"Of course."

My robe slipped for a split second, revealing my pale thigh. Before I could pull it back in place, his hand was already on the vulnerable flesh. I gasped at the touch of his cool skin, letting the sensation spread through me like fire. My heart pumped furiously.

His mouth slid over mine, and my complete thought process went blank. I went limp in his arms at the contact of his breath and the way his hand continued to rise up my leg.

"I love you very much," he whispered against my lips.

"I-I love you too…" I slurred. My eyes were starting to roll into the back of my head.

"Then you will do me this favor without objection," he continued, smiling his beautiful crooked smile.

"Sure," I breathed.

My hands gripped at his wind-blown bronze hair, pulling him closer into my mouth. Passion took over, and I need him more than ever. I wanted him closer and I wanted his hand to grip my thigh harder… I wanted him to handle me like his own.

As if he sensed me going into the usual forbidden territory, he pulled back and held my face between his two marble palms. His face looked strained behind his smile, not letting it reach all the way to his concerned topaz eyes.

"I need you to get dressed quickly," Edward said in a matter-of-fact tone. "We are going to start the ceremony a little early due to some probable storms. Rain isn't ideal for our guests to travel in."

I frowned at the sunny view I had outside my window. "Storms?"

"Alice said so," he stated, if not a little too quickly. " And she wants everything to be perfect. You know how she is." He winked. " The guests have been informed."

"I need you to promise me that you do not… wander." He continued, his voice going stern.

I gave Edward a look of concern as I started to realize that this whole visit of his was slightly out of character. He was big on tradition too, even if I was not. He would not have wanted to see me so close to the wedding, nor would he feel the need to tell me not to wander off. Surely he knew by now that I was not going to pull a runaway bride trick.

I bit my lip. "… Of course."

Edward turned his head quickly as if he heard something from outside alerting his attention. Within seconds, he had swiftly placed me back in front of my mirror and kissed me on my temple, letting his lips linger.

"Jasper is right outside if you need anything," he assured. "I'm going to go prepare things at the house."

"Jasper?" I asked, confusion flooding my expression. "Why?"

Edward shook his head in a playful manner. "You need to be worrying about what you are getting yourself into in a few hours, marrying me and all."

My face blushed as I narrowed my eyes. "You are changing the subject, Edward."

"You promised, Bella." A frown appeared on his beautiful face, and his eyes darted back toward the window once again.

"Please, tell me what is going on." I demanded, my heart thudding in my chest.

Before I could let the question float out of my mouth, the curtain started to sway with his rushed exit, making his absence feel much greater and uncertain than his odd presence.

What had I really promised him?


I could hear the guests coming in the front door from the bathroom I was currently throwing up in.

"Bella," Alice chirped from the other side of the door. "How are you feeling?"

Her voice didn't sound hopeful, and neither did mine when it answered her.

"Uh, yea," I groaned. " Give me a second."

Apparently, the bruises underneath my eyes did not only express my deep worry about my wedding and Jacob, but a stomach bug. It was typical for this to happen to me. To be five minutes away from my wedding, dressed in my atrociously expensive gown, and be stuck in my future family's bathroom. My face was hot with embarrassment.

"I can go get Carlisle," she offered in a small voice.

"No, Alice," I insisted. "Just let me clean up…"


Edward's voice rang through the door with worry, and I started to tear up. I was ruining our day.

"I'm so sorry," I said, shamefully.

Only silence followed my apology. Not even a whisper.

The atmosphere shifted on the other side of the door. The only sound I could hear was my heart still very much alive and beating. It felt was if it were knocking against my chest like it was trying to break down a door. My humanity, for some reason, felt threatened. And for the first time since I fell in love with Edward, my heart beat was what comforted me.

"Edward?" My voice came out strained, begging for an answer.

I slide down on my hands and knees and crept toward the door, feeling my way through the room. It suddenly felt cold and lonely. Alice's voice was not asking me if I was okay. Edward was not insisting to come in. I could no longer hear people getting ready for the ceremony, putting flowers here and seating guests there.

The room was spinning, and I could no longer distinguish the floor from the ceiling. Feeling for the counter, I grabbed at a glass bowl of dried flowers that Esme had placed there since the first time I visited their house. It fell straight onto the temple of my head, leaving a searing pain that made me blindly cry out for the door.

I was losing focus, grabbing for the forming bruise on my head. It was not until I felt the blood dripping from my temple down my to my forearm that I could heard the door knob break through the lock and the door swing open.

Edward took my face in his hands and his cold skin felt amazing against my throbbing head.

"Bella," he said in a panicked voiced. "Bella, look at me!"

I tried, but all I could do was roll my eyes around. He put what I assumed was a dry hand towel on my head and put my hand over it to hold it in place.

"Bella, you have nothing to be asking my forgiveness for," he stated. "I know you are nervous, and I am too. If I could physically faint, I would. But there has been a change in plans."

His voice was factual, and as my sight started to clear up, I could see him glance at the door every few seconds.

"What's wrong," I slurred.

He put a cool finger to my lips. " I should have been honest with you, and I should have gotten a head start like Alice suggested. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Edward," I said as sternly as I could. "What are you talking about?"

I thought about this morning and how Edward was not telling me everything. I thought about the time change for the wedding, the sunny weather, and the fact that I was starting to hear guests again. They were leaving.

"Are they leaving because of me?"

His face looked pained and he stroked my curled hair. "No," he insisted. "Because of me."

Before I could question his response, Alice appeared at the door. I could tell that she was hiding fear, and she was not doing a very good job. It took me a moment to realized that she was holding her breath because of my head injury. My face flushed.

"Everyone is gone," she said, only looking at Edward. "Except Jacob Black. He's stubborn and senses something is wrong, of course."

Edward sighed and clenched his jaw. "Fine. Tell Emmett to bring the car around. We don't have much time."

Alice left the room in one swift movement. I frowned, becoming frustrated.

"Would someone please tell me what is going on?" I said. "If it has something to do with me, I deserve to know."

At about that time, it was Rosalie who walked into the bathroom in a beautiful red dress that made me feel even more embarrassed. Her face was stern and she focused her attention on my pathetic stature.

"The Volturi have sent someone," she said, bluntly. "We don't know why, but we have a pretty good idea." At this, she made a point to give Edward a glare which he quickly returned.

"There is no point to worry Bella-" Edward started, carefully picking me up from the floor.

"She wants to know," Rosalie fiercely interrupted, turning her eyes back to me. "They were not supposed to arrive until tomorrow. It's why we were doing an early wedding. To send you off tonight ."

"Enough," Edward stated, steadying me on my heels. He kept his arm around my waist.

"Well," Rosalie continued, "As I'm sure you can see, they got here early."

"The Volturi?" I swallowed, "They are here?"

"Enough!" Edward barked, "Get out."

I could feel the tension between Edward and Rosalie more than ever, but I found myself thankful for her blunt honesty.

Rosalie's eyebrow arched, looking from Edward to me. She turned for the hall. "You need to hurry," she warned, talking above the quick clicks of her heels.

Edward quickly disregarded the idea of letting me walk on my own, and scooped me up in his arms. He rushed through the doorway and down the hall, meeting the rest of the family in the living room. The only one absent was Jasper because of the blood, I was sure. Jacob took his place.

"I want to know what the hell is going," Jacob demanded. "And I want to know now."

He was dressed in a tux and his hair was combed handsomely. He came to my wedding. He had forgiven me...

"Jacob," Edward answered calmly. "This is not a good time."

Jacob's eyes were blazing until they landed on me. Then they looked worried.

"Edward's right," Carlisle said calmly. "We need to let Edward and Bella get on the road."

The back door blew open and Emmett stomped through the house. It didn't surprise me to see that his jacket and shirt was off. It took a great deal of effort to get him to put the tux on in the first place.

"The car is out back. You can take the back roads," he said to Edward.

"Please be careful," Esme plead.

But before Edward and I could make it to the back of the house, the front door opened slowly. The room went still as a man dressed in a expensive suit stepped through, and I knew at that very moment, I was not going to be leaving with Edward.

When the light hit the man's face, I could see his beautiful features. He was the most breath taking, if not scariest, creature I had ever laid eyes on. Standing at what looked like three or four inches taller than Jacob, he was massive in height. His build was lean, but he looked immensely strong. From his broad jaw line and sharp cheekbones, to his arched eye brows and perfectly styled, dark hair, he looked like a well-paid male model. His crimson eyes suggested otherwise.

He stepped forward, his full lips curving into a mocking, satisfied smirk. It occurred to me just then, he did not look much older than twenty-two. How long he had been that age, I could not even begin to guess.

Edward tightened his grip on me.

"Let me properly introduce myself," he said, laying his dangerous eyes on me. "I'm Patrick."

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