Chapter Two

The Lion and his Prey

"Let me properly introduce myself," he said, laying his dangerous eyes on me. "I'm Patrick."

Patrick strolled across the room like a cat circling a helpless fish bowl. His eyes were menacing, dancing around the room at each person as if he were about to laugh at our fear-filled faces. Growls could be heard from all around, Edward's above them all.

It was Jake who stepped forward. My puzzlement over why he decided to attend the wedding was immediately replaced by fear for his life.

"Jake, don't," I plead, trying to get over to him. I immediately regretted the fact that Jacob was there. He was supposed to be getting over the fact I existed and getting away from the hurting I brought into his life. But, of course, he always ended right back in the middle of my mess.

Edward put me on my feet but kept me tucked behind his defensive stance. I looked over his shoulder as Patrick snapped his focus on Jacob, his lips curving in a smile to mock Jacob's growl.

"Yes," Patrick said in a smooth tone. "Don't, Jake. You just might regret it."

Jacob stepped forward, and it made the difference in their height more noticeable. Patrick must have stood at just under seven feet tall... Jacob started to shake with fury, and I started to wonder what the Cullens house would like like after he phased in their living room.

Carlisle walked toward Patrick, putting a wedge between him and Jacob. He looked calm and understanding, keeping his posture casual.

"We want to keep this civilized," Carlisle stated.

Patrick nodded. "I suggest you start by calling off the guard dog before he gets himself hurt."

Carlisle looked patiently at Jacob, but the shaking boy didn't move.

Patrick cocked his head to the side, indifference filling his face. Then he laughed. It was a menacing laugh that bounced off the high ceiling of the Cullens home. I started to shake behind Edward.

"Mr. Black," Patrick said, the name gliding off his tongue with an arrogant elegance. "You must not have learned the number one rule when challenging a vampire."

Patrick walked forward, his strides slow and feline-like. His eyes were on Jake, but even I could tell that he was watching every person in the room's movement like a hungry lion in a field of gazelles. Jacob was just the one he was interested in chasing. A chuckle rumbled through his chest.

"Excuse me?" Jacob demanded, glaring at the tall vampire.

"Isabella," Patrick called, turning his head at an alarming speed. "I'm sure you know. What is it that makes us all different?"

He flashed his perfect, deadly teeth at me.

My panicked state was refusing to let my mouth open. All I could do was stare at him and flinch at the growls ripping through Edward's throat.

He smiled at my silence. "You see what they are capable of."

Patrick nodded like a ringmaster of a circus, and Jacob hit the floor like a helpless rag doll.

"Jake!" I screamed.

"What are you doing to me?" Jacob said in a panicked expression. It made him sound like the kid he used to be. The one that still didn't know about this dangerous world that surrounded him.

Jacob tried to get him self off the marble floor, but the only thing he could move was his arms. Paralyzed from the waist down, his face went weary.

"Stop!" I screamed, "Please!"

"Mind control," Edward said, swallowing. He kept me under restraint so I could not go after Jacob, holding my waist. My struggling did not last long, because the words that came out of Edward's mouth made me freeze in my tracks.

Patrick applauded, mocking Edward's assumption. "A gold star for Ed! Yes, actually, I'm quite good at it. Would you like to see more?"

"Edward," I trembled. "I'm scared."

Edward stayed still, keeping me at arms length behind him. I could not see his face, but his posture was uneasy. He kept his defending pose in front of me, never taking his gaze off Patrick.

"Bella," Edward said forcefully. "I want you to go out the back door, get in the car, and drive."

I froze. "But-"

"Go," he interrupted, letting me go from his grasp.

Patrick snorted his smiled falling from his intimidating face. "Ed, you are more than welcome to leave, but Bella here is who I have come for."

A monstrous growl ripped from Edward's throat and echoed all of the house. "Bella, now!"

Abandoning the blood-soaked rag that I was holding over my head, I ran for the door as fast as I could in my wedding dress and heels. It was only four or five feet away, but it seemed to be an eternity before I reached the door knob.

"Isabella," Patrick called in calm voice.

Terrified, I slowly turned toward my named. His voice alone stopped me in my tracks, locking me in place. There was no hope for me making it to the car. I was sure of that.

Patrick was laughing as he looked down at Edward who was on his knees, his face full of pain. His hands grabbed for his shiny bronze hair, and his eyes clenched shut.

I desperately looked around the room at all the Cullens as they simply stared in agony at the sight of their loved one in so much pain. It was as if they all had an understanding that they could do nothing to help. Nothing they could do would stop this horrific power Patrick possessed. Jacob was slowly getting to his feet, the effect of his paralysis still lingering.

"W-what are you doing to him?" I asked, frozen with my hand still holding the door knob. Edward did not let out a sound.

"Well," Patrick said nonchalantly, cocking his head to the side at Edward's painful state. "He thinks he's on fire." He flashed a satisfied grin. "It's amazing, after so many years, you go back to your human extincts. Like, let's say, if you were drowning..."

Edward's eyes shot open, alarmingly. I had never seen him in so much distress, his body convulsing on the floor. He gasped for breath that he did not really need, staring at the ceiling like it was the surface of his invisible ocean.

"Stop!" I yelled, tears welling up. "Stop, I'll go with you! Just leave him alone! Please!"

Edward's convulsing ceased, but Patrick's power still lingered over him, for he was now laying still as a coma patient on the floor.

The loss of blood from my head was starting to make my lightheaded. I stumbled across the room the tall vampire whom quickly snatched my arm. As his cold, large hand came in contact with my skin, he turned quickly toward Edward's family and the weak looking Jacob. All of them were silent. Esme, turned away, no longer able to witness what was taking place in her living room. They were all helpless as me.

"I expect you will try to attack me," he said, his voice low and menacing. " And I just want to warn you, that I can and will turn you against one another. In fact, I can make you each believe it is your obligation to take Isabella's life. So I ask you, would you like to be the lucky one to rip her limp from limb? I'm sure Mr. Hale would love to be invited back to the house for dinner."

A grimace spread across each one of their faces as to which Patrick chuckled with satisfied delight. I went numb at his blunt conversation of my death.

A sob broke through my lips as Patrick began to drag me across the house and out the back door. I could feel a bruise forming under his grasp.

Patrick's face went serious, a complete turn around from the mockingly evil demeanor he recently had. He looked cold; emotionless. His silence was much more terrifying than anything he could say out loud.

Tripping over my dress, I dared a look backward. Edward was very still, peacefully laying on his back. His eyes were closed and his lips were pursed together, like he was dreaming intensely. A tear rolled down my face as I tried to burn this image in my brain. His beautiful face untainted by worry and pain. That was how I wanted to remember him when I died, even if I could not see his loving topaz eyes.

Patrick led me to a car parked at the very end of the Cullen's driveway. Even in the dark, I could tell that this was an amazingly expensive car. A Bugatti Veyron, to be exact. They ran well over a million dollars, and I couldn't help but wonder how he acquired so much money. Did he murder someone on the way and steal it from them? Would I find spots of their blood on the leather interior? I trembled.

He opened the door and shoved me in the passenger's seat, not bothering to look back before he slammed it shut. No blood spots... just a new car smell. As he walked around the front of the car, he buttoned the jacket of his expensive suit, looking like he had just closed a successful business deal.

I could see wheels of his mind turning wildly as he got in the car. His thoughts were flashing through his bright red eyes as if he had ran into a road block in his plan. Looking at a large, silver watch on his wrist and throwing the car in drive, he began to assemble the role of a man on a mission. He was no longer the lion playing with his prey, watching it scramble in his presence. And for some reason, I became more scared the more urgent he became.

We sped toward the interstate and past the police department. I was sure Charlie went back to work when he realized the wedding was canceled. He was probably at his desk and waiting for his late shift men to come in so he could get some rest. In fact, he probably saw the flashy black car glide past his window and wondered why a car like this was in Forks.

I wondered what the Cullens told the guests to get them to leave. I wondered if Charlie really believed them, or if he had the smallest idea in the back of his mind that his daughter was about to die. No, he was probably just happy that he wouldn't have to endure the wedding he dreaded quite yet.

It dark and we were traveling so fast that all of the scenery was starting to blur together.

Figuring I had nothing to lose and nothing to gain, I turned toward the rigid vampire. Tears and blood stained my face, and it took me a moment to find my voice.

"Where are you taking me?" I croaked, pulling my legs into my chest. My wedding dress took up the entire front seat. I was oddly thankful, for it was freezing.

"I'm going to put it this way," he said, loosening his tie. " Your loved ones will be on there way to Italy to save you."

I was suddenly starting to lose focus of what I was seeing and thinking, my mind wanting to sink into unconsciousness. A pang of fear left me wondering if it was the loss of blood or the mind controlling vampire. Surely I would eventually run into a vampire who could break through the barrier around my private mind.

"But we are not going to Italy," he finished.

I barely caught the meaning of his words before I fainted.


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