A/N: Another AU featuring my favorite IDOJ episode of all time, "How Do You Beat Superman?" In that one, Jeannie blinks up a fake suitor when Tony doesn't pay attention to her to make him jealous. He almost pops the question before finding out her shenanigans.

I thought that perhaps Jeannie might actually meet a real suitor and see what happens.

Disclaimer: I wish I did own them, but alas, I don't, and I don't have a genie of my very own to change things. This is a labor of love, not money, and IDOJ is owned by Sony and its subsidiaries.


Jeannie pushed her cart at the supermarket that day looking for plover eggs for her Master. She knew that she could have blinked some up for him but that would take very little time, and she was trying to drag out her day as much as she could.

It wasn't as though she had a lot to do since baseball season started and her master, Major Anthony Nelson, was riveted to the television set these days. The magic maiden had thought that he would change given the circumstances that happened a few months before. Tony had ignored her when all she'd wanted was to spend time doing things with him. He wanted nothing more than to watch Florida Tech and other teams during the football season. It had taken every urge within her not to blink all of the teams out of existence or fix time so that football had never been discovered to get her master to notice her more.

But Jeannie knew that wouldn't solve her problem. It would only further alienate the man she loved more than any other she had ever known. Besides, if football didn't exist, baseball or hockey or some other sport would take its place and the cycle would begin all over again. When Tony failed to do his duty and take her to the supermarket—only the supermarket, not even a concert that would have taken longer—Jeannie had had enough. So, enter one phony Tony Millionaire, the dashing, taller, darker haired rich man who had her master competing with him to win her heart. Too bad it all went down the river when Major Nelson had discovered that the suitor wasn't real.

Too bad that, even though Tony had gone with her to the market that day and on some other days, he was still parked in front of his television set watching Florida Tech each night. Jeannie thought that some nights she would scream.

So it was that this day she decided to go to the store alone while her master was at NASA. She could have waited until he arrived home, she knew, but why bother? Jeannie found the eggs she wanted and was about to go to the checkout line when another woman's cart rammed into hers.

"I saw those first!" the other woman said. Both looked over to the eggs where the shelf had been emptied of the plover variety.

"You did not!" Jeannie defended. "I had them five minutes before I ever saw you!"

"The manager said that he would hold those for me, and when I went to get him, you helped yourself to my purchase, so hand them over!" the woman insisted, holding out her hand.

"No!" Jeannie yelled, her voice growing louder. "I need these for my master!"

The magic girl's adversary huffed and said, "Oh! Of all the nerve! Not only do I have to deal with a thief, but a kook as well!"

Jeannie started thinking how she could blink her way out of this situation. She could turn the woman into a toad, but that would have been redundant. She could do things the mortal way and get the manager to settle this, but that would create a scene, and hadn't her master told her about not calling any attention to herself?

She was about to settle for turning the woman into something when the genie heard a voice behind her.

"Excuse me, ladies, what seems to be the trouble?" a voice asked from behind Jeannie. The obnoxious woman, a buxom blonde, looked up from her to see a handsome male who was looking at Jeannie's foe. She saw his even, white teeth and smiled.

"Nothing, except…" the other woman began.

The man finished by saying, "…you wanted these eggs, and my manager, Felix Davis, had promised them to you, right?" Just then, a middle aged, slightly balding man with a store uniform and a name tag which read, "Felix" on it, ran up with another container of the eggs.

"We just unpacked them, Mrs. Townsend, and we didn't get the chance to stock them," Felix told her. The woman picked the package from the manager's hands and deposited them in her cart. Without another word, she went on.

"The nerve of some people," Jeannie said. The man came beside her. She looked over and saw that, in addition to a dark brown blazer, he had sparkling grey-green eyes and blond hair.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble," he told her. "If you forget this unfortunate incident, I'll make certain you get your groceries free for a month."

Jeannie peered at him. "You are able to do that?" She wondered.

The man smiled again, answering, "Yes. I'm Mike MacAllister, the owner of this market."

"I am most grateful, Mr. MacAllister," Jeannie told the man. She started to go, but he gently grabbed her arm. Jeannie turned her head toward him and gave him an insistent look.

"Mr. MacAllister," she began.

"Uh uh, it's Mike," he said. "And I'm sorry for grabbing your arm just now, but I didn't want you to leave without agreeing to have dinner with me."

"But you do not know anything about me," Jeannie responded, starting to leave. MacAllister walked beside her. After studying her further and being captivated by her beauty, he tried again.

"Look," he told her, "I'm not some pervert. Have dinner with me tonight and judge for yourself. I'll pick you up whenever you say, and I promise, if you don't like me afterwards, I'll leave you alone. I can even let you meet me instead at a neutral location if you don't want me to pick you up. How about it, Miss…?"

Jeannie thought about declining his offer; after all, like her master had said when she had blinked Tony Millionaire outside of his door and Major Nelson had opened it, "nice girls don't go out with men who pick them up in supermarkets."

On the other hand, her dark side thought, this might be a plum opportunity to teach Major Nelson another lesson, and this time, she had a real man who could at the very least be a companion for her.

"Miss Jeannie…" Jeannie supplied, trying to think about her last name. Her eyes fell on the orange in her shopping cart as she said, "…Orange."

Mike MacAllister frowned at hearing her unusual name but brightened a moment later, saying, "That must be a French name, like L'Orange or something, right?" He didn't wait for Jeannie to agree before he led her to the checkout line.

"Henry," he instructed one of his clerks, "take extra special care of her. She's one of my clients."

Henry said, "Yes, sir, Mr. MacAllister!" The younger man started ringing up Jeannie's purchases, and as she saw Mike MacAllister walk away for a moment to attend to someone else, the magic maiden praised Allah for her good luck.