You are sitting right beside me but you might as well be a million miles away
How could I ever dare to dream to catch your eye
I can hear my voice speaking but they aren't the words my heart wants to say
And all that comes out is a sigh each time I try

You are the example of what is right in the world we know
Subtlety, beauty, envious intelligence and seductive grace
You are the goal we want to achieve so bad but see how far it is to go
You are that special breed that nothing could ever replace

I stare at you in silent regret that I cannot say to you all I could
I sit and wonder how it is that you cannot see
If I could see a sign to take a chance, you know I would
And live each day to show you what your heart could meant to me

Brown eyes alive with a thousand promises and love only they can hide
Lips curled into the smile that takes my breath away
Laughter that could make anyone feel better no matter how hard they tried
And a touch that leave me without words to properly convey
I know I would be that last one ever to be on your list
And maybe its wrong of me to even dream at all
But its better to have dreamed then to remember opportunities missed
Especially when you are listening for loves call

The silent call of a uncommited heart echoes through these lonely halls
And I stand ready to receive you if you ever find the time is right
And finally we can answer eternity when it calls
And know that forever begins with just a yes tonight

Listen now to our hearts and what could be loves final call
Tell me my dear can those heart beats be just for me
If its not meant to be, then at least give me credit for trying my all
And allow those fantasies of your hand in mine to stay with me... by Carpaythya

Here no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil...