A/N: Ahh! The first piece of my collections of drabbles and ficlets! It contains a bit of OOC. But its set in the distant future, where Riley and Zane have grown more comfortable in their relationship. xD Nothing too bad. I hope you like it!


"Riley?" Zane called as he looked up from his biology textbook. There was a test in a few days, and the two were studying outside of Degrassi during their free period.

The jock also turned his attention from the notes he had hurriedly scrawled down from the class before to meet his boyfriend (of almost five months now)'s gaze. He smiled instantly upon seeing the very mischevious expression his handsome face adorned. "Hm?" He hummed, feeling a burst of random happiness. Today was a good day, he thought.

He had passed the pre-exam (review if you must) with a whopping eighty-eight percent. Yes, Riley Stavros, quarterback of the football team, had suceeded on a test. It took a lot of effort, much hard work, and occasional missed practises (despite this, he still maintained his position in sports - the whole team wanted him to pick up his grades and they basically needed him) and it paid off.

"...You know, I could be your personal cheerleader."

This comment quickly snapped Riley out of thought, he cocked his head in both confusion and interest. "What?"

Zane chuckled, bemused that he had caughten Riley so off-guard. "I could be your personal cheerleader," He repeated.

Automatically Riley opened his mouth to question this sudden idea, but the boy stopped him from doing so. "No, listen," Zane resumed, a smile on his face all the while, "Think about it. You, playing the actual games, and me... cheering you on. It sounds perfect."

"You... a cheerleader...? Like wearing pom poms... and a skirt?"

At Riley's curiousity, Zane erupted into laughter. "Of course not!" He chirped, causing an embarrassed Riley to flush. "Shorts, maybe."

At once, the easily distracted football player stared thoughtfully into the atmosphere and remained silent for a few moments before shuddering lightly. Zane noticed this and frowned.

"Whats wrong?" He asked, concern faintly hidden in his voice, but was reassured that Riley was alright when he began to smirk from ear to ear.

"Too hot to imagine." He remarked, causing Zane to shyly return his glowing grin.

The pair shared plenty of laughter before leaning in for a quick kiss. Riley wasn't kidding of course.

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