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I Owe You One

It was 6 P.M in Vancouver, British Columbia, and despite being out of place, Zane was enjoying every minute spent in the west coast of Canada.

The reason why he was there was for an audition as a back-up dancer in a new music video that was set on being filmed. Zane had heard about it through one of his dance instructors and it flattered him to no end that he'd be considered good enough to possibly be in a music video. So he went, and it'd been approximately three days since he'd arrived and his audition had gone beautifully. He had gone in, gave the casting his best performance possible, and had in turn heard some good things.

They said he was definitely an option and they would be calling after all auditions to tell him if he was in or not.

That had been yesterday.

Now he was sitting on a bench located in the Queen Elizabeth Park, his feet tired from all the walking he had had done so far. He had been up since dawn sightseeing, and it was only noon and his legs were already cramped, as an addition of all the dancing he'd been doing prior to his arrival. One would say that he should've taken a cab or rented a car, but he opted to walk.

The day was warm and he welcomed the exercise. As he stretched his sore muscles, his cell phone started ringing.

Fishing the device out of his jeans' pocket, he pressed the talk button and held it to his ear. "Hello?"

A mixture of loud noises could be heard in the background (what seemed to be of a crowd and music playing) and he had to strain to hear who was on the other line.

"Hey!" he heard an excited voice shout, and immediately he knew it was Anya.

"Hi!" he returned, smiling, speaking up so she could hear him, "how's everything?"

"Everything's great!" the girl yelled back, and the sounds surrounding her increased.

Zane switched the phone from his left hand to his right, leaning forward a little. "That's good!" he said, "how's Riley?"

Degrassi's all-star kicker had left his boyfriend in the company of Anya, knowing he'd be lonely and she would be the perfect source to keep his mind off of Zane's being a few provinces away.

"Listen!" From his end of the line, Zane could tell that Anya was moving her cell phone. She wanted him to hear something and within a few minutes he was.

He could barely make it out, but he recognized Riley's voice at once. His lover was singing along to the song being played and apparently had no idea that Zane was on the phone.

"What I mean is, all I need is," he belted out, "just a little emotion!"

And Zane couldn't help but laugh. Riley at a Lights concert? It was unlikely, but cute. He sounded like he was enjoying himself and that made Zane all the more happy.

Anya was back on the line, declaring that she had to go because her battery was low and she could hardly hear him anymore. Zane said his goodbye and told her to tell Riley he loved and missed him.

"He loves and misses you too," she giggled, "trust me."

And very faintly, Zane could swear he had heard Riley shout: "I love you, Lights!"

Oh yes, he was most definitely going to tease him about this when he got home.