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As Stella stood at the end of the isle she said her vows and held the hand of her husband to be, once the vicar announced husband and wife Stella kissed her new husband on the lips, as she did so she felt a pair of eyes burn threw to her soul, as they turned around to face there guests Stella made eye contact with Mac, his eyes warmed her core, they shared a moment before Stella and Luke walked up the isle, Stella wanted to feel happy but something didn't feel right

The celebrations soon got underway Stella watched her new husband from afar as he laughed and joked with his friends, lifting a champagne flute from the table she quietly slipped out of the patio doors and into the ground of the hotel, walking barefoot across the grass Stella sat on the small marble bench at the side of the fountain, she could still hear the music and laughter from the reception but it was out of her sight, taking a sip of champagne Stella sighed and closed her eyes.

Feeling a warm hand upon her shoulder didn't cause Stella to finch as she felt the warmth of the hand seep threw her bare shoulder she began to speak, "How did you know where I was" she asked, "I always know where you are Stella" replied the male voice, "What are you doing out here shouldn't you be inside with your husband" Mac asked as he sat next to Stella, she didn't reply instead she gave a small shrug, letting her head drop a little Stella stayed silent as Mac rubbed her back, the heat from his body was warming her core. Lifting her head Stella looked at Mac, as there eyes met so did there lips, pulling Stella close Mac deepened the kiss, "Mac" Stella moaned, when the need for air became to much they parted a little, Mac continued to place small kissed along Stella's neck and down her collar bone, he rained kisses along the chest area of her dress, "Meet me upstairs in 5" Mac said as he kissed Stella again and stood up, watching Mac leave, Stella stood up and followed him.

Standing inside his hotel room Mac waited for Stella and hoped she would come, a few minuets later a small knock at the door made him nervous, opening it he saw Stella stand before him, moving to let her in he close the door behind them, Stella only got a foot away from Mac when he pushed up against the wall, crashing his lips to hers they kissed like mad, Stella pushed Mac's suit jacket from his shoulder and undid his tie, Mac gently pulled the zipper of Stella's wedding dress down revealing white lacy underwear, "Stunning" Mac whispered as he kissed Stella's neck.

Slowly his hands unclasped her bra, letting her chest become free, leaning down Mac took a nipple in his mouth and sucked away, "Oh Mac so good" Stella moaned as she arched towards him, as Mac placed his hands on Stella's butt he lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist Mac carried Stella to the king size bed, placing her down he quickly undressed before getting between her legs, pulling down her white thong he kissed the inside of her thigh before placing small kisses on her bud, gently inserting a finger Mac hit Stella's g spot causing her to moan, as he licked and sucked he smiled at the sounds she was making, as Stella came Mac could taste her juices in his mouth, savouring the taste he licked it all up before moving up the bed, "You ready" Mac asked as he kissed Stella's lips, as she tasted her essence Stella nodded, as Mac inserted his cock into her Stella moaned loudly, "Oh Mac so big" she sighed as he started to thrust, gripping Stella's shoulders Mac went deeper as Stella opened her legs wide to get more depth, "Stella that feels so good" Mac moaned as he went faster, feeling Stella move her hips up towards him caused Mac to go wild placing a finger on her clit he rubbed like mad giving Stella a mind blowing orgasm, "MAC" Stella yelled as she came loud and fast, "STELLA" shouted Mac as he shot his load inside Stella.

Both panting away with sweat dripping from there body's Mac and Stella smiled at each other, "You Ok" asked Mac as he kissed Stella's head, "That was fabulous but I want more" Stella panted as she looked up into Mac's eyes, moving away from Stella's body Mac grabbed her legs and placed her on all fours, plunging deep with in her again he found it well lubricated with both there juices, pounding deep Mac and Stella had another orgasm with in minuets, for the next hour they had crazy passionate sex, the last position was Stella on top slamming down on Mac's cock as he held her hips, "So good" Stella smiled as another orgasm hit.

Lying down on Mac's chest Stella kissed it and smiled, looking at his wrist she checked the time, "I got to go" she said standing up, wiping her self down with a towel she grabbed her wedding dress and pulled it on, "Can you zip me up" she asked walking towards Mac, as he kneeled on the bed she smiled, even when he was soft, he was big she thought.

As Mac zipped her back up he admired her beauty her dress was white silk buster with a long flowing train, it had diamantes all around the skirt and down the back, he hair was pulled back with some curls hanging down, "There you go" he smiled and kissed her shoulder.

Turning to face Mac Stella leaned in for a kiss, "See you tomorrow she smiled" Mac nodded in agreement , as Stella walked towards the door she turned back to face Mac, "Thanks for the best wedding present ever" she smiled before leaving the room.

Walking down the hallway Stella entered the bridal suit, seeing her new husband Luke in a drunken sleep she felt relieved she wouldn't have to have sex with him, and after what she just had with Mac nothing would ever be that good. Taking of her dress she changed into t-shirt before making her bed on the large sofa, looking at Luke she turned her head away and thought of Mac she could feel his arms hands and tongue on her body, smiling she fell asleep having had amazing sex on her wedding night, but it was not with her husband.

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