Bella's Point Of View

It'd been a year ever since I'd seen Edward Cullen and 5 months since I've even thought of him. The wounds he left are still there, but thanks to my Jacob the holes in my heart had began to heal. Today was the anniversary of the day Edward told me he no longer wanted me. Jacob was giving me a ride to school.

"Forks High School. I'm so glad I don't attend this place, the high school on the res seems like a vacation compared to this place" he said melodramatic

"It is still school though, so it can't be THAT amusing" He smiled down at me the corners of his lips twitching up into a grin. I would never get over how his smile made me feel. Nothing compared to Edwa- Whoa what's up with all these thoughts of him

I felt the hole in my heart tingle and sting, but nothing compared to how it used to be.

"Bella class is going to start in a bit, I know how you are with attendance." I laughed at his remark. I leaned as far up as my face could reach and he finished the distance to give me a sweet gentle goodbye kiss. Right before I pulled away and jumped out of the rabbit he deepened the kiss.

"I'm going to be late." I whispered lightheaded.

"Sure, sure." He gave me another small kiss then leaned over me to pop open the passenger door. "Goodbye, Bells." He gave me a wicked grin

"Bye mongrel" I stuck out my tongue watching him smile in return before I jogged into class hoping for luck to not stumble. I made it right before the bell rang. Jogging to my empty English table glad again for the alone time in my first hour class.

"Today Class we will be-" Mr. Greene was distracted by the door opening. I was still looking down at my folders and notebooks trying to find the one for this class

To distracted to notice the student who had walked in class. Funny Mr. Greene always just ignored a tardy student. I looked up to see why he was distracted. Wishing I hadn't I looked the student right into his warm topaz eyes feeling my heart jerk and change gear in a painful race against my scrambling mind

"Excuse me, Mr. Greene for interrupting, I just transferred back and forgot exactly where your classroom was." His voice held so many memories and had my self-control cracking. I had to hold the tears in.

Why had he come back? How long was he staying? He promised I'd never see him again. Yet another promise broken...

"Uh...yes Mr. Cullen, I hadn't been notified you had been added to my class." He said a little shaken

"Perhaps I should take my seat. Where would you like me to sit." Still in utter disbelief, I felt my body begin to shake and tears begin to weld up in my eyes.

"Ah, yes. Perhaps. You can be seated next to Miss Swan." Mr. Greene repeated the worst-case scenario I had just thought of in my head. Mr. Greene made the first mark in the worst day of my life.

I moved my stuff that was in his way, mechanically, without connecting my thoughts. This still felt like a horrible bittersweet nightmare I just couldn't wake up from. He sat next to me silently gliding into his seat. He met my eyes with an agonized expression he mirrored back at me.

"Hello Bella" His voice broke on my name, his face twisted into an expression I couldn't understand half between utter joy and torture. My life was over the day he told me he didn't love me. My new life was over the first time my eyes met his on the one-year anniversary of that exact day.