PREVIOUSLY: Edward returned to Forks after a long absence. Bella Tries to stay for the whole day after finding out Edward has returned but breaks down when she finds all the Cullens had returned.

Edward's Point Of View

Before Bella turned to run, my eyes locked with hers and for only a fragment of a second that felt like an eternity of ancient sadness I saw the pain I had caused her. Leaving her had been mistake and now coming back in utter selfishness I had made yet another mistake. Like slow torture I heard Bella speak in a low whimper

"I have to go" She hesitantly turned and broke our gaze. My family as well as half the students in the cafeteria stared at me wondering what I'd do. I tuned all their thoughts out or I just was in to much anxiety to listen. In old habit I stood up to run after her and sooth her pain, but before I even took one step I saw one of Alice's visions.


"Bella! Bella! Wait!" I heard myself cry after her in pouring rain. The vision wasn't clear enough to see the exact surroundings but it was dark. The moon had to be full it cast a large amount of light. Framing Bella's face beautifully as she turned with tears about to spill over in her eyes, she was trying to stay composed.

"What Edward? What more do you want? You've taken everything from me and now you just expect that after a year I wouldn't try to start over and build a new life?" Her voice was in so much pain it sounded like a plead rather than an actual question.

"Did you expect me to just wait for you Edward? You weren't coming back" her voice grew low and she took her gaze from the ground up to look into my eyes

I winced at the sight.

"You promised you weren't coming back, what was I supposed to do?" she asked me solemnly

"Bella," I started trying quickly to gather my thoughts. "I wanted you to move on, I knew you were stronger than I. That you could start a new life with out me, but Bella" I spoke the words with slow deliberate truth.

"I still love you, I will always love you, you have and will always be my whole life. My only reason for existence. I cant live without you and that is why I came back."

*End of vision*

"Edward, that vision is far away from now I think, I don't know for sure when it'll happen, but if I know Bella at all I know she isn't ready for the truth yet." Alice's thoughts spoke with only concern but it wasn't the answer I wanted. I wanted Bella to know I loved her that I would continue to love her till the end of forever. I didn't understand why it wasn't right to tell her the truth. I got up anyways and quickly walked to catch up to Bella.

Jacob's Point Of View

"Jacob, your cell phone has been ring for about 5 minutes now. They're all from Bella." Billy called after me stretching his arm out to show me the cell in his hand. I quickly jogged over to my father and grab my cell phone from his hand. I regretted not bring it with me, but it was hard enough carrying my shorts around while I phased a cell phone seem most likely to get lost. I answered it at once.

"Bella? What's wrong?"

"I need you to come get me. I'm walking on the road by my school. Hurry." I heard something in Bella's voice. Something was different very very different, part of her sounded scared and sad but I heard the tiniest hint of what she used to sound like almost a year ago before the incident. I heard more life in her voice.

"What's wrong?" my voice demanded in panic.

"He's come back." I froze. I understood who she meant but praying for a miracle that it was someone else I asked.

"Who has?"

"E-Edward." She fought to get the name out of her mouth but there again I heard it in her voice: Life.

Edward's point of view

"He's come back"

"Who has?"


"I'm coming. Hold on Bella I'll be right there." The line went dead. I could hear the conversation form where I stood right behind her. I was very still as I listened to her breathing even out. I wished to comfort her, to tell her everything in that moment, but I was distracted with a different thought.

Bella. My Bella. Was here right in front of me. I could feel the heat coming of her skin. I could hear her human heart beating strong. I could smell her scent her very familiar scent and it felt like nothing had changed. This was enough for now. I wouldn't cause her more pain today. I hesitantly turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Leaving my heart where I had stood...next to my life, my love.