"God this sucks" I whined starring at my open calculus book. "How does anybody actually enjoy this stuff so much as to teach it?" I slammed by book disgusted.

Ever since college started last week I wanted to relive my glory days from high school. When all the skinny, preppy girls would stare at me disgusted, but I wasn't so low as to hang out with the kids who acted semi retarded. Just 'middle class's as my best friends Ara and Maria would say.

Speaking of them, I was supposed to meet them in Maria's dorm in two minutes. I hurriedly grabbed my coat, and ran to the elevator. Extending my arm to press the down button, a guy beat me to it.

"Thanks" I replied reflexively.

"My pleasure" was the reply that came. The accent sounded European like British. His voice made me look up at him and it seemed that his face matched his voice. He was gorgeous from his head to his muscular legs that where shown off in a pair of tighter fitting jeans. To say toes would be too much because for all I knew he could have hairy jungle toes.

I tried to make a witty comment but absolutely nothing came out of my mouth. Was I speech impaired or something? I usually have the biggest mouth ever please pie hole don't fail me know. "Ummm...nice accent" oh God I changed my mind please just shut up. Yvette, just never speak again. I would take pleasure in just dying in a hole all alone without a bag of hot Cheetos. I was saved from a reply by the bell. We both got in and I reached for the ground button but this time I actually beat him to it. "Got to it first" I said without thinking but he laughed so I thought it was ok to laugh at myself too.

The elevator ride was just as awkward because neither he nor I wanted to speak. I just kept starring at the ground hoping that the elevator ride would go quick. I decided to turn and catch a glimpse of his form before I left. I looked up at him through my eye lashes, but he was starring at me too. I blushed and had to ask, "What?"

"Nothing," he laughed "it's just that you have an accent too."

"No I don't. I'm from Chicago."

"Well, I'm from Denmark and there you would have an accent. Just like here I have an accent." He laughed at my baffled expression.

I had no reply for this so for the rest of the ride, I just kept quiet. After six more people entered the elevator we finally reached the ground floor and I dashed to the parking lot to find my green Toyota matrix. Once I spotted it, I got in and tried to start it but it wouldn't even crank. Trying another ten times I gave up and decided to call Maria and tell her that I couldn't make our study session.

She said that that she was on her way to my dorm anyway because there was a rumor that there was a new hot foreign student living there. I laughed at her hormones and calmly called a tow truck to take my car to the shop. Hoping that I wouldn't run into the guy with the accent that I could only guess was the foreign student. The whole way to the dorm I didn't see him so I rejoiced by buying a Twix bar from the vending machine before entering my room. Cracking open my candy I hear a knock at the door, thinking it was Maria and Ara I didn't even bother to put pants back on.

There standing in my door was the foreign student starring at me in my underwear. I slammed the door in his face and tore through my room searching for something to cover my huge butt in. I wasn't even skinny and now the hot guy saw my cottage cheesy thighs. That is so embarrassing. Again I hear a knock at the door so I grabbed the only shorts I could find, which were my high school gym shorts and answered the door. There he was standing in the same place that I left him before, but this time he had a goofy smile on his face. Behind him were my best friends cracking up at my red hot face.

"Umm… hi?" I questioned him dumbly.

"Well I was invited to study with you and your friends but if I was interrupting something then I should leave." He answered jokingly

What he wasn't expecting was my answer, "yes, I was in the middle of filming my girls gone wild video, so if you will excuse me." I reached out to Maria and Ara and pulled them into my room making him look like a fool but before I could close my door Maria grabbed his hand and pulled him inside as well.

I tried to hide my annoyance but I knew it would if I didn't find something that could raise my spirits. Like talking about this weekend and starting my new job in a bar across the street to my dorm. Hopefully it was going to be ok but my mom was worried that something was going to happen with a drunken Guy. My mom is a cop and God only knows at would happen to him if he even looked at me the wrong way.

"You guys I got the job at the bar" I said focusing on the two girls and ignoring the two guys? "Where the hell did you come from?" I asked abruptly. God I hate when I speak without thinking.

"I'm one of Eddie's friends" he replied with an accent also.

"Are you from Denmark too?"

"Yes, I would like to think that he and I grew up together." He laughed. What at I have no clue but 'Eddie' gave him a look and he stopped mid snort. It got really awkward but Ara said,

"Oh my God Yvette, Congrats I know you really wanted that job. Now we all work in the same place except we all come home smelling different. I come home smelling like Windex, you are going to smell like beer, Eddie is going to smell like Ham and Ara smells just like hard liquor."

"Uh... Ara why do you have to make it sound so unattractive? God knows beer isn't the best smelling thing but it can be a good perfume with sweat" I, Ara, and Eddie laughed but Maria looked at us and rolled her eyes. But it just hit me what she said.

"Wait Eddie your working with Ham?" I asked confused.

"Yeah" he said after laughing, "they are opening up a deli during the day and I will be working there and cleaning at night. So we will be seeing a lot of each other" he said and winked at me.

I got back little disappointed because I wanted this to be a best friend thing not a best friend plus a random foreign Guy thing. I just stayed quiet and opened my calculus book and tried to study again. Everyone left at around 10 and I dozed off without taking a shower sitting at my desk. Who knew Shakespeare could be such a cozy pillow.