The two Largo brothers stood on the stage, looking down at their father's lifeless body. For once, both were blessedly silent. Except for the single stage light and the blue glow of the opera background, darkness surrounded them.

Finally, it was Pavi who leaned down with a soft hand to close his father's glazed eyes. He looked upon the face of the father who had hated him for the last time, not seeing any love in the dead man's features. Pavi straightened up. He did not need to look at Luigi to know he was holding back sobs of anguish. A gasp escaped the eldest Largo brother as he reined in his emotions.

"First Mag, then Pop, then Nathan. What the fuck are we doing?" No anger in his voice. Like a lost child he did not understand. But Pavi understood. He met his brother's wide eyes for a moment before glancing at the feathered corpse betrayed by the fence. Pavi strode over to the corpse, his brother at his heels.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Luigi whispered harshly, as if Mag were only asleep. Ignoring his brother, Pavi stepped right up to the body. A glistening pool of red was soaked into the feathers around the post where it intersected her tender body. Pavi leaned down and, to his brother's astonishment, plucked Mag off the fence post and sat her gently on the ground, leaning her against the fence that was her demise.

She was a gruesome sight: face painted in blood, dark, empty eye sockets staring vacantly. But most ghastly of all was the smile that had not faded from her now demonic face. Blood had leaked in between the creases of perfect teeth to finish the appearance of a demon sent from the Hell that no one believed in anymore.

Pavi took out his handkerchief, wiping the streaks of blood off Mag's face. He could not get it all. The blood around her eyes only seemed to surge forward more with each swipe of the cloth. At last, the eccentric Largo stood back to admire his work in its entirety. Lifting an elegant finger to his chin, he smiled slowly.

"A new type of art, si? " His scalpel winked in the dim light. Luigi's mouth dropped open.

"Are you fucking insane? Get away from her, Pavi!"

But Pavi was gone from the world of Crucifixius. He had stridden into the section of his mind he saved for delightful times like these.

With the care of a mourning lover, Pavi Largo cut off the coveted face of Blind Mag as Luigi stood sputtering in the background.

Pavi held his new accessory up in the air triumphantly. Cradling it in one red hand, he leaned down to what remained of Mag's violated corpse. He ran a sensual finger along the slick, redness of her slack jaw. He smiled into the dripping, dark sockets where her eyes had been.

"It seems I will-a be adding your face to my collection after all, bella."