Summary: Kimihiro Watanuki has crossed a black cat, and you know what that means… bad luck! Yuuko-san offers him one way out…

Takes place before (SPOILER ALERT) Yuuko disappears and after the events of The Fourth Apprentice.

Disclaimer: xxxHolic belongs to CLAMP and Warriors belong to the authors collectively known as Erin Hunter. I own absolutely nothing in relation to either works, except for the idea to mesh them together.

Image was created via Paint (dot N E T) and an image from Wikipedia Commons (File:Chat noir (dot J P G)).


A black-haired, red-eyed beauty quietly smoked while watching the clock with great intensity. She had been sprawled on the sofa for many hours now, impatient for the trigger that would change the lives of unimaginably large numbers of lives, in this dimension and countless others.

The clock ticked 11:55 PM.

Her nemesis, Fei-Wang Reed – his power was growing. Soon he would be able to enlist help from others like him without the adherence to the laws of exchange.

It's too bad that there's at least one bad guy in each universe, Yuuko thought, as she took a long drag out of her pipe. At least Holly Short got that right.

The clock ticked 11:56 PM.

Yuuko was beginning to get agitated, a gesture quite unlike her. She had lived for many years to the point of being considered almost immortal. Patience was one of the things she had definitely acquired. But even her patience was failing her now. Too soon, she would cross the boundary, a daring characteristic she thought was only associated with Clow, and she was actually eager to get going.

The clock ticked 11:57 PM.

Not long now. Not long until that thin, so thin line was crossed. She ran a mental list of who to call after this meeting one last time, then consoled herself by counting down the time left until he, her virtual equal, and envoy of another dimension, arrived.

Five… four…three…two…one…

At 11:57:43 PM, the mental doorbell rang.

Yuuko waved her hand, and suddenly a figure materialized next to her.

"Welcome," Yuuko said, sitting up; the relief and welcome evident in her voice. "You have quite a playful signal. My head was memming when you arrived."

"You have an interesting signature yourself," the blue-skinned newcomer countered. He smiled and opened his palm, showing the contents to her. "An origami butterfly flying into private Zero-space and turning into a letter of invitation is new, even to me. Not to mention that it entered undetected, which is another first."

Yuuko allowed herself one grin, then got into business. "If you've read the letter, El –"

"My name," the other said, "is not to be uttered out loud. Who knows if he could hear a word like a curse to him, even all these dimensions away?"

Yuuko nodded her head. "Agreed," she said. She sighed. "I envy your lack of limitations."

"We do have limitations, although perhaps not as enormous as yours. Not to mention said limitations do not apply in another dimension until both parties are aware of its existence and another agreement is made. A loophole I intend to exploit. However, I ought to be jealous of you. You have so much more power then me, perhaps even more than both of us combined."

Yuuko grinned again as the clock moved to 11: 59 PM, and then she got serious again. "We can save all of our discussions for later. We have something a little bit more important to do."

"You hinted as much in the letter, though you were not very clear. Am I right in thinking that it that preludes the merge of dimensions?"

"That's true," Yuuko confirmed. "And before you ask anymore questions, I think by 12:01 AM you will have all of your answers."

The clock struck 12:00 AM.

A new voice was heard.

"I am a representative of StarClan," the voice purred. "Is this the den of the Dimensional Witch?"