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Yuuko Ichihara drank the remainder of her wine in a single gulp, setting down the glass and looking at her blue-skinned guest.

"Come on, drink," she said as she poured herself another full glass of wine from the bottle.

The stranger smiled. "Why would you want to give me something I can't even digest?" he asked.

Yuuko rolled her eyes. "Just because you can't really digest it doesn't mean you can't taste it, you should know that. As for the why – it's payment. This is one of my most expensive wine in my collection, and it's payment for talking to Watanuki."

"Ah, yes," he responded, while relenting and lifting his glass up to his lips. "You told me to talk to the boy and his friends that day but did not tell me why. Care to elaborate?"

"The black cat." Yuuko became serious immediately at her counterpart's remark. "It was sent by Fei-Wang Reed. If you hadn't scared him and sent him immediately to me, the curse would have taken a longer time to do its work and may have killed him before Whitestorm could remove it."

"That makes me feel better. I thought I sent him straight into the black cat."

"He would have encountered the black cat anyways. The cat was making its way to Doumeki's shed where he was cleaning, and tripped him at the doorway. Or at least, it would've happened like that without you in the equation."

"You should've explained this to me. I know you're my superior but I haven't been bossed around at all for several hundred million years."

Yuuko immediately became playful again. "You're going to have to get used to it," she laughed, then downed another glass of wine. "Now that you know how this business works, you should talk to Nao, and tell her the situation. I'm sure she knows something's off with the world already, but we'll need to give her our business card."

The guest smiled and said slightly sarcastically: "I'm on it, your majesty."

There was a flash of light, and he and his glass was gone.

"How do you do, Whitestorm?" Yuuko asked without bothering to turn.

"Very well," the white cat responded in a muffled voice. "Your employee is sleeping on the side of a road; you may want to retrieve him soon."

Yuuko glanced at the cat as he leaped onto the table and set down his package. "Watanuki gave this to me," he explained, untying it with his teeth. "I wanted to know if this would inadvertently terminate our exchange, seeing as this could be considered my price for removing his curse."

Yuuko laughed. "Watanuki's chocolates are truly divine," she said, helping herself to a piece of the crushed chocolate, "and generally it's enough to pay for most wishes he has. But it makes no difference in this transaction. The power to send people across dimensions is too pricey for the chocolate. And generally, it would be too pricey for a humble cat like yourself, as well, if it wasn't for the fact that Watanuki needed your assistance badly."

Whitestorm questioned, "So Watanuki is very important to the future, then?"

"Very," Yuuko confirmed. "Oh, and your payment will be forwarded through the Ellimist, but I have no guarantee of when it'll arrive."

There was silence for a moment.

"These chocolates really are good," Whitestorm said.

Yuuko grinned. But then she got serious again. "Have you noticed, that the other cat…"

Whitestorm growled. "I know," he said. "When Watanuki told me the motion has to be similar, and when the curse broke when I was frightened away… if our motions, that is, this black cat's and mine, are so similar, that can only mean one thing."

"This cat is also from your world. Maybe even from ThunderClan."

"So this black cat is the one that made a deal with this devil, as the Twoleg term goes." Whitestorm muttered. "What a curious coincidence."

"Didn't I tell you this already? There is no coincidence in this world. There is only hitsuzen."