That's So Hannah with a Chance

"RAVEN, RAVEN, RAVEN!" Cory screamed from the kitchen of The White House. Raven barely looked up from the magazine article she was reading on the couch in the living room.

"What Cory? I'm trying to read this article about 'So Random'" Raven said as Cory ran and jumped onto the couch landing hard just next to her. He put his face inches away from hers as he vigorously waved a piece of paper just to the side.

"Guess what this letter says Raven!" Cory screamed.

"I don't know, is it a letter asking you to renew your 'National Society of Annoying Brothers' membership?" Raven question.

"No, remember when I got to be on 'Better Days'? Well they sent me this letter asking if I would be a part of their series finale taping in two weeks!" Cory answered as if he hadn't heard Raven's remark at all. He then brought the letter to his face and read it over again. Suddenly the beaming smile on his face faded. "Oh no, it says I need to be chaperoned by someone over 21 and dad will be away with the president the week of the taping." Cory whined. Then as quickly as it went away his smile appeared back on his face as he stared Raven down. "Raven, you're over 21, you can take me!"

"Oh Cory, I'd love to but you and I both know that I'm not allowed back in that studio, you know, after my rendition of 'Bingo' ended on a sour note" Raven answered sadly. Cory looked at her funnily then said "No, Raven, you aren't allowed in that studio because you chased down someone you thought looked a lot like Denzel Washington."

"Hey, Hey, I said sorry to that woman ok, it's not my fault she was tall dark and had short hair!" Raven answered quickly.

"Well, you don't have to go into the studio, you can just go shopping or something" Cory tried.

"Ugh, I don't know Cory, I'm really busy with school and all." Raven sighed.

"Just think about it Raven." Cory said as he exited the room.

When Cory left, Raven went back to reading the article in Tween Weekly on her favorite show So Random. She had always liked the show but as soon as they got that new girl, Sonny, on there it was ten times funnier. The article was about Sonny and how she was adjusting to life on set and in Hollywood. As Raven read one of the last lines in the article her eyes widened.

"In her spare time while not filming, Sonny likes to visit her friend Ally Parker, who's show Better Days films in the studio just next to So Random's. Sonny says she will miss Ally's presence after her show finishes filming its sixth and final season later this month."

Before Cory had even reached the table in the kitchen he heard Raven scream, then it faded, then it got louder as Raven entered the kitchen with two pink poke-a-dotted rolling suitcases with a huge smile spread across her face.
"I'm ready to go Cory!"