AN: This story starts with Bella alone. It will be a Jasper Bella story, but you need to know how the 154 years alone affected Bella first so bear with me please. This story has been in the woodwork for months, and it's slowed down many a story update. I just couldn't get it out of my head. :) I hope this story can prove interesting for you. All I can say is this story's stand by is twists and turns so buckle up and enjoy the ride, because in this story Bella chose a path unlike any other.

Jake and Bella are friends. They stilled formed a friendship despite the fact she's keeping secrets from him. He's keeping secrets of his own. This story picks up a day Edward left Bella.


Chapter 1: The Path Revealed

Maybe my heart beat was so low she couldn't hear it. I was lucky. Now I just had to keep silent. If I was quiet maybe she wouldn't realize her mistake, and I would get to live. Even though the burning was terrible I wanted to live, didn't I? My god this hurt! It felt like I had been thrown into a massive bonfire. I stretched out on the closet floor, but other then that I stayed still. I knew that no one would look for me here. What was I going to do? When this was over I had no where to go. Did I really want to make it through this? The emotional pain was so much worse then this. I ran through my memories over and over again just trying to make it through this, but it was so hard especially when I reached memories of the past year…

Some time must have passed. How much I'm not sure, but I heard a pair of footsteps run up the stairs. The door to the room I was in was flung open. Whoever it was I could hear their heartbeat. They smelled funny…

"Bella," he yelled to the room at large. Wait, not he: The name broke its way to the front of my mind. It was Jake! Jake had found me!

I gathered my strength and replied, "In here!" As loud as I could manage: I wanted to be found. The door to the closet was flung open. I felt someone kneel beside me.

"Bella," Jake whispered brokenly. He needed to get away! He was human. I didn't want to hurt him!

"Jake… get away… not safe." I forced out. I wanted to scream so badly but I knew it would hurt him if I did.

"Bella, I'm not going anywhere. What did the bloodsuckers do to you?" He questioned furiously. I gasped. He knew? When had he started believing his tribe's legends? "That's right Bella. I know the Cullens secret."

"Leave… I'm changing. GO!"

"They bit you?" He nearly yelled "Oh my god Bella, but that means…" He trailed of as he realized what was going on.

"Not safe… go!"

"Bella, I'm fine. You're the one that's in danger. Shit!" Jake yelled jumping to his feet. He lifted me up and carried me outside. He set me on the steps. It was taking way to much energy to stay this focused so I allowed the pain to pull me under just a little bit.

JakePOV (before)

"Hello?" I answered the phone. What was Charlie calling for?

"Is Bella there?" He questioned. Now I was worried.

"No, is there something wrong."

"I can't find her anywhere. I've called all of her friends but we can't find a trace of her! I haven't seen her since yesterday morning!" Charlie really was freaking out.

"I'll go see if anyone down on the rez has seen her."

"Thanks" I hung up on him and I was shaking. If that leach hurt her I am going to kill him. I ran out of my house and shifted mid-stride. I took off towards the Cullens. Screw the treaty! I thought as I went. When I got closer I could smell Bella. She had been here. I didn't find a scent trail from her leaving the place, and I could here a heart beat from inside. I shifted back and quickly yanked on some pants before running inside. I rushed up to a bedroom and slammed the door open. "Bella," I called out. I needed her to reply. I needed her to be safe.

"In here!" I heard her quiet reply. I flung the closet was flung open. When I saw her I fell to my knees horrified. What had they done to her? She looked horrible.

"Bella," I whispered brokenly.

"Jake… get away… not safe." What was she talking about? I wasn't going anywhere!

"Bella, I'm not going anywhere. What did the bloodsuckers do to you?" I questioned furiously. She gasped. Oh right. We hadn't had the 'I'm a werewolf' talk yet… "That's right Bella. I know the Cullens secret."

"Leave… I'm changing. GO!" What!

"They bit you?" I had to fight to keep from shifting. I was beyond furious. "Oh my god Bella, but that means…" I trailed of as I realized what was going on.

"Not safe… go!" I was NOT going to leave her. She was still Bella to me.

"Bella, I'm fine. You're the one that's in danger. Shit!" I yelled jumping to my feet. The pack was running here. I could hear them in the woods. I carried Bella outside before setting her on the steps. I shifted and stood in front of her. I wouldn't let them hurt her. I would make them understand.

Jake what are you doing? What happened? Is Bella all right? Sam questioned.

Sam, someone bit her. They destroyed her. It looks like someone beat the shit out of her first too. I informed him hoping he would realize that she needed our help.

So she's becoming a vampire. Jake we need to destroy her.

She trusts me. I am not going to kill her. A vampire just hurt her. Are we really going to make her think there's no good in the world? If we helped her to the path of an animal diet she wouldn't hurt us. I don't think she has it in her to hurt people. I reasoned.

Fine: I do feel terrible about this. We'll give her time. We can't let Charlie see her ever. He's going to have to think she's dead. I nodded.

It's gonna kill Charlie, but I know you're right. I'll run her back to the rez. I'll be there in ten. The wolves ran off and left me to get Bella. I shifted back and pulled my pants on before I picked Bella up. "Bella, it's gonna be all right. The pack wants to help you. We aren't going to let anyone hurt you."

"Thank you… Jake." She whispered. It sent a jolt of pain through my body. She had to be suffering. Vampire venom wasn't a pleasant thing. I ran as fast as I could through the forest surrounding Forks. I needed to get her to the rez fast. I hoped the guys weren't too mad at me. Maybe Emily could help with her while she was still changing. She needed medical attention. I turned slightly and set a course for Emily's house.

"What happened?" She called horrified as I approached. Bella and Emily had become friends in the past month. It hurt her to see Bella like this.

"Some blood sucker hurt her. She's changing. Is there anything you can do for her?" Emily's eyes went wide as she heard that.

"Let's set her on the couch in the living room. I'm going to need a cold, wet cloth to try and help with the burning." I nodded and did as I was told. Emily worked over Bella for hours. She cleaned the wounds out changed the cloth on her head ever twenty minutes. At one point she made me leave so that she could change Bella's clothes.

My brothers were watching her transformation with shock, horror, and pity on their faces. None of them would be able to destroy her. They knew her too well. She had been too kind towards us. When her heart picked up into the final sprint of the transformation we brought her outside so there was room for her to move, and we stepped away from her so she wouldn't feel threatened. I didn't want to hurt her: none of us did. We braced ourselves for the worst as we heard her heart stop.


My heart stopped and the pain ended. I didn't breath. I remembered who had been around me. I could feel presences. I didn't like being this vulnerable. I opened my eyes and stood quickly. I crouched slightly as a low warning growl came from me. Jake held his hands up. "We don't want to hurt you Bella." I jerked to a standing position. This was Jake. He wouldn't hurt me. None of them would. I knew them all.

"What are you?" I questioned. My voice scared me. It was so clear and bell-like now.

"We're werewolves Bella." I gaped at him. That would explain the dog smell. I took a breath. Yup, definitely wet dog smell. They didn't smell appetizing at all.

"I'm not going to hurt you, but are you going to hurt me?" I asked trying to stop myself from attacking when I wasn't sure they would hurt me. It was difficult but not unmanageable.

"No Bella. We don't want to hurt you. Charlie thinks you're dead. You can't see him anymore." I nodded in acceptance. It was for the best. If I killed Charlie I wouldn't be able to live with myself. "Do you need to hunt? We can take you to an empty part of the forest." I nodded again. My throat was killing me. They all shifted into giant wolves. After I got over my shock I followed them to a spot they assumed safe. I followed the smell of a mountain lion to where it was stalking an elk. I took it down quickly. When I was done with it I drained an elk as well. I looked down at myself and smiled. I hadn't gotten a single drop on myself. I didn't go over to Jake. I didn't know how much he would hate me now.

"How do you feel Bella?" Embry questioned.

"I feel better. I'm not thirsty anymore. What do you want me to do now?"

"We want you to tell us your story." Sam informed me shifting back. Pain flashed through my eyes and I wrapped my arm across my chest. Those memories hurt. They hurt horribly. I was alone, all alone. I wasn't wanted anymore. I sank to the forest floor. Next thing I knew Jake wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into him. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I trusted all of them. There was no danger here.

"What did they do to you Bella?" So I told them. They were growling loudly by my story's end.

"We should go after them!" Paul snarled shaking violently. He needed to be careful or he would loose it.

"You wouldn't be able to find them. Vampires can disappear when they want to." They hung their heads sadly.

"I'm sorry for what you've gone through Bella. I have an offer for you. Would you like to stay here with us? We could always use help with patrols." Sam offered. I gasped.

"You would really let me stay here with all of you? You aren't going to send me away?" I questioned excitedly. He nodded. I cautioned him with my eyes before I wrapped him in a giant hug. "Thank you Sam." He nodded, and so my fate was sealed.

A week later I was running a patrol with Jake, Quil, and Embry. It was so fun. They were faster then me, but that didn't matter. They slowed down a little bit so that I could keep pace. I was really good at reading what each whine, snarl, and bark meant. We had developed a way so that I could stay in the loop. It was just a routine thing, no big deal, but all of a sudden I smelled something off. It was sweet, like me. It was a vampire. "Leech up ahead!" I called to them. They nodded and slowed even further. We tried to sneak up on it, but the leech grabbed me. I threw her to the ground quickly, growling. I put my foot over her throat. "What are you doing on Quileute land, bitch?" I questioned. She looked at me with wide eyes.

"Why are you helping them? You're a vampire too."

"A fact I hate." I snarled at her. She pushed my foot off.

"If you want to help the dogs then you will die like one!" She lunged at me quickly. I wasn't going to let her win. I dodged and grabbed her hair to throw her to the ground. A crater formed where she had fallen. As I was fighting her I heard Jake barking at me. He wanted me to fall back.

"Jake, let me take this one down." He whined in understanding. I returned all of my attention to this bitch. She left a giant opening. I easily ripped her head off. I finished dismembering her before I set the pile on fire.

I turned and they all nodded to me in approval. I was smiling at my success. I had taken out my first vampire. We ran back towards Emily's house. They shifted and pulled on shorts as we ran. I didn't need to see that, so I kept my attention focused forwards and no where else. When we reached the house we walked in slowly. The boys sat down to eat. I rolled my eyes. They had holes in their legs. They never stopped eating. "Hi Emily," I called to her.

"Hello Bella. How was the run?" She questioned. Emily had barely batted an eye at the fact I was a vampire now, and for that I was grateful. I hadn't wanted to loose her as a friend.

"It was great." Jake shook his head. "You should have seen her. She took down a female leech on her own." He looked up at me when he realized what he had said.

"Yeah, the blood sucker had it coming. She shouldn't have been on Quileute land." Their mouths were hanging open. "You all know that I have no love for my own kind. Not anymore at least." They nodded in understanding.

"You took one down on your own?" Sam inquired as he entered the kitchen followed by everyone else.

"Yeah, now I know what you guys were talking about. That was fun." They laughed at me rolling their eyes.

"Leave it to Bella to find violence as her new adrenaline rush." I shrugged it off.