A/N: I hate that it has come to this, truly I am. But, I'm getting towards the end of my college career and can expect to be mind-numbingly busy until I graduate (which is still a year off). Any free time I get is going towards recouping so that I can keep going and not lose my sanity. Unfortunately, this means that I can't give this story the attention and effort it deserves because of this. So, as of this moment I am on a hiatus that is likely permanent.

If anyone is interested, I'd be more than willing to share my plans with them and pass the torch, so that you still get the story. I hate myself for having to throw in the towel, but life doesn't always work out the way we want it to.

Again, I am very sorry it has come to this and wish it wasn't so. All of you who have kept up with this story for so long are amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you. You guys have made it an enjoyable experience and I hate that I have to let you all down like this.