Summary: Her death had been the undoing of the Vampire King, and with his undoing came the fall of Vampire Kingdom. Without his Serenity, the young King surrendered his life to the unknown world of darkness. Alienated from his people, his beloved friends, and his devoted family. It has now been over four hundred years since her death, four hundred years of bleak nothingness…of years spent seeking death…Now their story begins anew, as their old love unites their shattered hearts.

Chapter 1: Death of Serenity

Endymion could not feel his heart in his chest…he could not feel the sun on his face. The blood in his mouth was as tasteless as cotton, and the earth beneath his feet as listless as the air.

He had watched her sleeping form incased in the clear crystal of the Silver Coffin. She had seemed as peaceful as if was just sleeping. The gentle smile on her face was so inviting. He had wanted to slip in next to her, to wrap her around his frame and feel the warmth of her life on his dead flesh.

But he knew that she was not alive.

At least not as she was before. She was dead now. Dead. And so she shall remain for so long as she chooses.

He took care of their children. Rini and Endy seemed to have fallen into a king of darkness that was similar to his own.

Their misery…their grievance could not be elevated, and seeing as how their own father was also trapped in his own sorrows, it was useless to attempt to make them feel good at all.

"How can you be like this Endymion. Serena would be disappointed in you if she were around. You are not the only one who lost her. Your children lost her, you lost her, we lost her…this whole world lost her. And we miss her as much as you do. How dare you wallow in on your sorrows acting as if you are the only one who lost everything." Mina's angry face was flaring red, her eyes as red as her face and swollen from tears. Her hair was cascading around in a messy heap around her. Malachite was right behind her, his arms holding her upright as her body shook from the force of her tears.

"She is right Endymion. You owe it to her memory, to those children and to us…to be responsible." Lita spoke next, turning her head to hide the tears falling down. Jediet wrapped his arms around her, dropping his head to the crook of her neck and just nuzzling her.

Raye remained silent, as she had always been since Serena's…

"She is not technical dead. She is just in a temporary sleep. But it is true, Endymion, you cannot neglect your duties any further. You can leave the Kingdom in our care, but you cannot leave your; you and Serena's children. to anyone's care. They are as miserable…if not more so than you. It is unhealthy. I suggest you aid them until I find a way to induce a permanent death for you….That way you can awaken when Serena does. It will save you all the suffering of your loss." Amy's quivering voice caught Endymion's attention. Her eyes were tinged with red, and Zoicite who was holding her to him also had red tinged eyes. Everyone. Everyone was mourning her loss.

He had listened to Amy. He did take care of the children. They were dead too, at least inside. The loss of their mother had devastated them. Rini and Endy no longer smiled…their eyes were stock in a stoic frown…and they did not speak, not for the first hundred years after her loss. They did not even stare at each other the first year. But eventually they began to interact with one another.

Endymion had been worried that they would not speak at all, when he noticed something.

They were speaking, at leas to each other telepathically. A few decades later, Endymion had been concerned about their health and he had tried to pry into their mental conversations only to discover that he could not. It was as if their conversation was blocked off from him. He had never experienced such a thing. As the king he was viable to see and hear into everyone's thoughts…this was…unique.

For the past two hundred years, he watched over his children. Watched as they grew further and further into themselves, into the little world they had created for themselves. Gaining strength from each other.

It came to him, one evening as he was seated eating dinner with the twins and his closest companions.

"I will be…taking you up on that offer now Amy." His voice was calm, blank as he spoke to her.

He brought a glass of blood to his lips and took a huge gulp of the contents. Blood had no taste now, and it was useless to even attempt to savor it. So when the need comes over him- that is after he spends weeks without a single drink of blood- he dulls his hunger by ingesting a glass full of blood.

Meals, he could not longer bring himself to eat. It was too painful. Too much of a reminder of who had first made him eat them.

"Sure." Amy shook her head. Several of the generals and shenshi stopped eating or rather playing with their meals and looked up at him. Rini and Amy continued to eat their food.

"Why so soon." Mina asked, staring at him with clear concern.

"Three hundred years is not so soon. I have done as I was asked to. It is a new day and age… Rini and Endy are older now…if not in appearance then in spirit. I cannot live like this, it is a continual torture that I am certain shall never end. I cannot wait…call me a cowered…and perhaps you will be right in your claim…but remember none of it matter. Serenity is my very breath…without her…" At the mention of her name, everyone went silent., daring their breaths in to at a pause. None of them had heard that name mentioned in decades. There was a time when they would all get hopeful at the mere whisper of the mortal name…but that was eras ago. Before the reality of their loss had finally dipped into them.

Rini and Endy too seemed to react to their father. The two had long ago shut themselves away from the world. Reacting to nothing and no one at all. You would speak to them and feel as if you were speaking to two plaint statues.

That was the end of the conversation. It was obvious, that throughout the three hundred years he had spent alive, Darien had been incapable of forgetting his dearest beloved Serenity. Though he had improved drastically from when she had first died, he was still lost to the world.

He was always in a state of passivity. There was no hope for him. Without Serena, there cannot be any Endymion. And without Endymion, there is no Vampire Kingdom.

It did not take long for Amy to have what she needed for the preparations. Endymion wanted to be sent into a long endless sleep, and to do that she needed the help of Witch Magic, or rather Witch blood. It was somewhat difficult to come across Witch Blood, since those young women tended to hide themselves away from people.

But she managed to get her hands on some.

Endymion did not flinch when she began to cast the spell on him He did not even have a second thought. The twins Rini and Endy were standing at a safe distance with the others, watching as their father slowly began to die away.

As the life force in him was leaving his body. Though they were standing far away, they all heard the last words that echoed through his lips before left his world.

The name of his beloved.


Rini and Endy turned away, with their father's last breath, they had lost everything. Everyone who had mattered had now gone from this world.

Taking each other's hands, the twins turned away from their father's resting place and began to walk away.

They walked through the dense woods, through the village. Moving far too fast to be seen by the mortals they passed.

Some would feel slight bursts of wind as they passed by. But that was all that they could feel. Nothing more.

That was the last the Vampire World saw of their young ones. The last the entire vampire Empire saw of their noble bloodlines.

The king's former Court disheartened left the world and secluded themselves in the furthest corner of the world, only overseeing the actions of their people to make sure that their species was not wiped out. And keeping watch over their resting King.

And while the King rested, his people and the world that they inhabited underwent a radical change. One that ushered in a new age for both mankind and all the other species of mother nature.

An age not of magic, at least not that magic of the old world. But rather a magic of a new kind. A magic of what came to be known as technology.

No longer were horses the primary motives of transportation. No, rather locomotives, trains, then cars became the primary source of movement.

And Wars were no longer fought between men of swords, instead mankind exterminated each other with weapons that took away the simple honor of death and war. Took away the true power of it. They made killing far easier to accomplish, and hightened the ability of the alternate species to hunt.

Throughout the eras that it took mankind to change a mortal child was born, the child was as lovely as an angel. Hair as golden as the sun's, and eyes as blue as the sky. The child despite being born to wonderful families, would always suffer from great-heartache.

The young child would too die at a very young age. At very young age. In several cases the child takes her own life.

Always, exclaiming that she was without the other-half of her soul. That life in itself was meaningless without that love.