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"I'm telling you there is no gun." Kurt shook his head and looked up at the ceiling of the Jeep.

"That you know of." Matt shot right back as he pulled into the Hummel driveway. "I doubt your dad would tell you if he had one. He'd figure on you trying to get it out of the house."

"You are unbelievably paranoid." Kurt smiled as Matt killed the engine but left the radio on. Thanks to April's continued determination to entertain them with every song she found even remotely appropriate to the situation, there had barely been a radio station that hadn't set the both of them into a fit of giggles on the way back. He had thought the classic rock station favored by Finn and his dad would be safe, until the last song April had sung that night came blaring through the speakers. They had nearly run off the road they were laughing so hard while Pour Some Sugar on Me continued to play. In an effort to avoid an accident, Matt had changed the station to the tiny local one supported entirely by Lima Junior College. To his surprise, Kurt was finding that if he didn't have to actually picture the surely atrocious fashion choices of the bands, he could enjoy their performance. Video killed the radio star indeed, he mused to himself.

"I might be paranoid, but I still won the bet." Matt smiled over at him.

"I don't remember agreeing to that."

"Because you are in a serious case of denial." Matt shrugged and gestured to the discarded blanket that currently sat in his back seat. "Private party at Rinky Dinks complete with concert beats picnic with portable CD player."

"I think you mean psychologically damaging and corrupting time spent with April Rhodes."

"And you loved every minute of it."

"Fine." Kurt sighed looking down at his feet. "I did love it."

"Oh I'm sorry. I don't think I heard that clearly. Did someone just admit I won the bet?"

"I'm not repeating myself."

"Oh I think you will be." Matt leaned closer, his smile growing wider.

Seeing Matt's finger near him, Kurt braced himself. He had absolutely no doubt Matt would somehow find the precise spot just above his left hip where he was the most ticklish. "Matt don't."

"I'm not doing anything." Matt protested, but he didn't stop leaning closer at all.

"Like hell you are."

"The just say it." Matt's fingers found his sides. As Kurt squirmed to get away, the fingers slipped lower, discovering the exact spot Kurt had worried about. Almost immediately he began to laugh and there was no way he missed the way Matt's eyes lit up at the sound. He was in a world of trouble now. There was no way Matt was just going to forget this. Kurt had a sudden flash of this becoming Matt's preferred method of winning an argument. And as he looked up and found their lips just millimeters apart, Kurt realized he really didn't mind in the least if this was the outcome.

Their eyes caught and suddenly breathing became an issue as there was no logical way to explain why suddenly there was no air inside the car. Matt's fingers stilled their assault, choosing to caress instead. Kurt found his own arm slipping up Matt's to wrap around his neck. "Fine you won." Kurt whispered.

"Thought so." Matt smirked just before their lips crashed together. Even though this particular activity had been a constant throughout the night, Kurt really wasn't going to complain one little bit. If he had to lose a bet, he could think of worst ways to spend his time. For once, there wasn't a battle for dominance between them. They settled into an easy rhythm of giving and receiving. The front seats left little room to maneuver, but Kurt wasn't about to suggest moving things to the back seat. At least not while they were parked in front of his house, with likely Finn or his dad watching from the living room. And no way in hell was he going to make Matt's paranoia even worse.

Matt pulled back, a puzzled expression on his face. "What?" Kurt asked. "What's going on?"

"Hold on." Matt held up his finger. "Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?"

Kurt had honestly forgotten the radio was even still on. But as he tried to raise himself to a seated position, he paid attention to the song. He recognized the voice from the last few sleepovers at Tina's house after her rising feminist consciousness awakened. He was all for gender equality, but if some of it could come with some less whiney music he would be good. This particular singer, he remembered not finding that bad. At least she had some grit in her voice, some anger.

The queerest of the queer

When Tina first showed him the video on You Tube, Kurt had found the dead-eye pan delivery of Shirley Manson more than a little terrifying. Now however, all he could do was laugh. Of all the songs, that was the one that had to be playing. It was as if there was some cosmic plan for every song tonight (with the exception of his choice of course. Wicked Game was a classic after all) to epically inappropriate.

"You think the writer ever envisioned this scenario when they wrote the song?" Matt asked as he tried to control his own laughter.

"I hope not. I'd really worry about their grasp on romantic relationships" Kurt pointed out as the chorus listed every way the subject was quite possibly the worst person on the face of the planet.

"Well if they had met Puckā€¦."

Any further discussion was cut short as the porch lights began to flicker on and off. Burring his face in his hands to hide what he was sure was a hideous blush, Kurt groaned. "I swear to Gaga if I find out Finn gave him that idea, I will kill them both."

"I think it comes in some sort of parenting guide book." Matt smiled wistfully. "I know my dad did it to Leah."

Kurt bit his lower lip and squeezed Matt's hand in his. For once he couldn't find any words, and yet he had a feeling words just wouldn't do. This wasn't something Matt was going to get past overnight, if ever. Right now, probably all he could do was to make sure Matt knew he was there if he wanted to talk about everything. Of course if Matt wanted to do things other than talking, Kurt wasn't exactly complaining. At least not right now.

"You should probably go inside. Otherwise, we'll find out I'm right and your dad really does have a gun in there. "

"He doesn't have a gun. But you're probably right." Kurt sighed as he rested his head against Matt's shoulder. "Tonight was pretty great."

Kurt looked up just enough to see Matt smile a genuine smile. "Yeah it was."

Reluctantly, Kurt sat up. He could very easily spend the entire night here just like this but that so wasn't happening. Not yet at any rate. Closing his eyes and blowing out a breath, he opened the door and jumped out. Walking over to the driver's side, he stood at Matt's window leaning in just enough that his dad wouldn't be able to see exactly what he was doing.

"You don't want me to walk you up?" Matt asked.

"Not unless you want my dad to see us do this." Kurt answered as he pulled Matt closer for one last kiss.

"Good point. But don't you want the rest of your supplies?" Matt gestured towards the back seat.

"Bring them tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? I thought I got to plan the next date as bet winner."

"Who said tomorrow would be a date? It's Saturday. You come over, drop off the supplies and if you were to say watch whatever sports game Finn and Dad are bound to be watching, then Dad won't be so hard on you the next time."

"That might actually be the first plan of yours to actually work."

Kurt decided it was for the best he didn't respond to that particular point. Instead he kissed Matt again softly. "So tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow." Matt agreed.

As he watched Kurt make the short walk up to the porch, Matt couldn't help but think tomorrow sounded a hell of a lot better than it had in awhile. His life was still unrecognizable and a mess. School was a living nightmare. But he had some great friends, a great sister, and somehow he seemed to have Kurt. Which was about the most unbelievable thing of all. But Matt wasn't stupid enough to question it right now. He was going to hold on to the good things he had going right now and that included Kurt.

Tomorrow was sounding better and better.