Hi! OK I wrote this for my friend as a part of her yearbook signing (because I go over-the-top all the time) which is why it has nothing to do with Shugo Chara, why it's so short, and why the characters are barely even recognizable. Nevertheless, I am publishing it. Have fun reading it! Also, my friend thinks she got ripped off ^^'

Cooking With The Cat *meow*

Once upon a time, there was a girl, Amu, who lived with her black cat, Ikuto! One day, Amu was bored so she decided to bake something. Now, Ikuto was somewhat of an attention whore, so naturally, he didn't like the prospect of his owner baking instead of paying attention to him. So, he hatched a plan to sabotage his owner's creating of baked goods.

As Amu stood in the kitchen with her cute little apron, she got out various utensils and ingredients but when she looked in her cookbook, she just wasn't sure what to make. So she decided to throw random ingredients into the pot and see what she came up with!

Because that's always such a good idea, isn't it?

Anyway, while Amu was hard at work making a mess, she didn't notice Ikuto jump onto the table behind her until…

He jumped on her back!

Amu screamed. Someone was attacking her! She just knew it! … What? No, of course Ikuto didn't just jump on her back because he's an attention whore. What are you talking about? Clearly Amu was being attacked!

She grabbed her "attacker" and threw him over her shoulder. Ikuto hit the counter with a "MEOW!" before sliding off, bringing the bowl of random wet ingredients with him.

Having realized that she just threw her own cat, Amu rushed to the other side of the counter. "Oh, my God! Ikuto, I'm so…" she trailed off. When she reached the other side of the counter she didn't see her cat at all! Instead there was a man with cat ears, a tail, and a now empty bowl next to him. What Amu took the most notice to, though, was the fact that a) he was wearing leather, b) he had a nice midriff, and c) he was covered in a mixture of egg and milk.

Ikuto looked up at her, guilt written all over his face. "Meow?"

Amu stood there dumbfounded. Her cat had turned into a cat-man and was now meowing at her. He meowed again. "Um…" Amu said. "Good kitty?" She patted his head causing him to purr and rub his head against her leg. She sighed. Well, this was certainly… unexpected.

Later that night, Ikuto and Amu could be heard making hot, passionate COOKIES!

The End