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Well, looks like we've reached the end of our story. Not much else to do now but explain what happened to everyone. This is an epilogue after all.

Amu and Ikuto went on to get married like they were supposed to. They went back to Amu's world before the ceremony to ask Amu's parents and sister to attend. Upon hearing her story, they decided that she was mentally insane and wanted to send her to the "happy place".

That was before Ikuto walked in.

When they saw the very sexy cat-man, Amu's parents decided that their house had a gas leak but when they arrived at Easter Kingdom, they changed their minds. There was no gas leak! Just a really bad acid trip, which is weird because they had never done acid but I digress.

Yoru, Ran, Miki, and Su returned to the castle to attend Amu's wedding. The four of them and Dia could not have been more happy for the union. Yoru was also happy for the great opportunity. It's not very often you get the chance to put the moves on four pretty fairies at once.

Well, that was before Kiseki decided to join them.

Yes, Kiseki, Tadase, and Nagihiko were all in attendance as well. Kiseki, still bitter about being forced out of the castle by his own master, had decided to "get revenge" by flirting with Miki. Well, it worked on Yoru. Don't worry; they haven't killed each other… yet.

Tadase and Nigihiko started their own fashion line called The Heart's Egg. Nagihiko doesn't know why Tadase decided to call it that but he supposed it was better than his first idea: Tadaniko. Seriously. What does that even mean?

It means Tadase is an idiot, that's what.

Anyway, Nagihiko stayed faithfully by his friend's side as Tadase went on to be the only straight fashion designer in the kingdom.

Sure, Tadase, whatever you say.

Their new line comes out next fall.

Kukai and Utau went back to the castle where Utau was able to reconcile with Ikuto. Together, the pair became one of the weirdest couples in this story though not as odd as the accidental Tadase/Nagihiko pairing. Kukai was finally able to get some new armor. He'd probably stop having to if Utau would quite shooting fireballs at him.

The plot device troll went back to the forest as a counselor for other trolls. The trolls and the goats have never gotten along so wonderfully.

After the marriage, Amu became queen of Easter Kingdom where she acquired a taste for whipped cream, which is good because Ikuto acquired a nice taste for the whip. Snack time had never been so good.

And the author? Well, she realized that she had basically wasted two and a half weeks on something so pointless and became quite the review whore in the process. With nothing much else to do but finish this useless epilogue, she hit the save button and closed Microsoft Word but not before typing these final words:

The End~ for real this time