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Chapter 5

As Yusei and Akiza stepped outside, the sparkling stars and the full moon shone brightly. They were both amazed by how pretty the night was.

"It's beautiful," Akiza breathed. Yusei's eyes locked on hers as he turned toward her. Akiza was lost in his dark murky eyes and the intensity of his gaze made her a little dizzy. Yusei pulled her hand gently.

"Let's go," he said softly.

They walked slowly on the burning sand, slowly easing into the warm water. The waves were calm and still, so Akiza could float on top of the water. Yusei swam underwater for a while looking at brightly coloured rocks. When he resurfaced, a few relaxed moments of silence sat between them. Yusei felt a bit, well, unsure. He wondered he should tell her straight out. He took a few quiet, but deep breaths.

"Akiza," he said, startling her. She stood in the water and faced him. He sounded serious.

"Yes?" she responded. Yusei noted how the water slipped down her curves in a mysterious and beautiful way. He swallowed inaudibly.

"I love you." He said the words slowly and solemnly. Akiza stared at him as her golden brown eyes slowly welled up with tears. Yusei's eyes grew wide in alarm. He put his hands on her shoulders.

"Akiza, what's wrong?" he asked anxiously. The tears spilled onto her cheeks.

"You don't love me," she said in a choked voice. Drops coming from her eyes splashed onto the water. Yusei noticed that she still looked beautiful and desirable even when she was crying. He sent her a questioning and pleading look.

"Of course I love you," he disagreed. "What are you talking about?" She sniffled.

"How can you love me?" she almost sobbed. Her chin trembled. "All I've ever tried to do is hurt you or push you away."

She cupped her face with her hands and cried gently, letting out hitched sobs. Yusei froze. Akiza wasn't usually this vulnerable. He reached out, grabbed her wrists and gently pulled them away from her face, which was wet and blotchy with tears.

"Believe me, Akiza," he urged her. "You have been doing that, but you can change."

Akiza looked into his dark cobalts. She was suddenly very aware of his warm, work-roughened and tanned hands against her creamy, soft ones.

"If you want me to change, why do you love me?" she whispered hoarsely.

"When you push me away and all that, it makes me close to you, but if you trust me completely, then I can be closer to you than ever, Akiza," he explained. "And you're beautiful on the inside, don't forget that." Akiza took a shuddering breath and blinked her big almond shaped eyes. Yusei let go of her wrists gently.

"I love you, too," she replied slowly. The tears disappeared and her face was not longer a blotchy red. Yusei smiled gracefully while Akiza grinned back shyly. They swam underwater looking at shells and swimming with small fish. When they were both tired out, they faced each other once more.

"So how was your day?" Yusei asked politely. Akiza smiled.

"It's been a sparkling day," Akiza replied as Yusei waded closer to her.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much so."

Yusei was almost touching her now. He placed his hands softly on both sides of her face.

"A sparkling day, huh?" he lowered his face slightly. His eyes searched hers for any signs of resistance. Her eyes widened as she gazed into his dark blue abysses. Her heart pounded oddly and her face was a bit flushed.

"Definitely," she breathed softly. She closed her eyes as Yusei lifted her chin gently. His eyelids lowered as well and his thick black lashes brushed against his cheeks. He lowered his chin towards hers and brushed his soft lips against her full ones.

A tingle shot through her body from her lips to her toes as his mouth lingered over hers. A static shock had driven though Yusei's brain and he was paralyzed. His hands slid down to her waist that was covered in water and pulled her closer. Her hands wrapped themselves slowly and awkwardly around his neck. They pressed closer together and their mouths were harder on each other. Sparks shot up and down through Akiza's body as electricity soared through Yusei's veins. When they finally came apart, they panted a bit but their arms didn't move.

"Akiza." Yusei's breath was warm against her lips. They looked at each other directly.

"Yeah?" she whispered. Yusei smiled tiredly as he dropped his hands. Akiza reluctantly let go of his neck and smiled back. The stars shone as brightly as ever. They walked besides each other into the dark sand and felt the soft grains between their toes. They grabbed the plastic bags that held their clothes that was on the mahogany chairs. Yusei's red runner was still there.

"How are we getting home?" Akiza asked, breaking the silence.

"We'll take the runner," he replied. Akiza looked confused.

"But that's a one seat runner," she protested. Yusei grinned and sat down. He patted the space behind him.

"There's room," he countered. Akiza hesitated. It didn't seem like the safest thing to do.

"No way," she said firmly. He stared at her beseechingly.

"Come on, Akiza," he urged her. Her heart did that weird thing again, when it thumped unevenly.

"Fine," she huffed and sat behind Yusei. So this is what Crow meant when he said, "You guys can use it later." Yusei revved the engine and Akiza was startled. As she threw her arms around his waist as they sped off.

They rode in silence until they arrived at Akiza's house. Yusei parked the runner as Akiza slid off.

"Good night, Akiza," he said softly. He leaned towards her and brushed her lips with his. She smiled dizzily.

"Good night, Yusei," she replied. She walked up to her house and unlocked it with the password. She turned and waved. Yusei smiled, revved the engine and blurred out of sight. As Akiza entered the house, she decided to change and go to sleep.

"Sparkling day," she mumbled as she snuggled into her bedsheets and drifted off to Dreamland.

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