CHAPTER ONE: Torn pieces

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Seely Booth was the first to arrive at the agreed location, by the reflecting pool at the mall. He brought himself a coffee from the cart and sat on the fountain's edge waiting for the return of his old partner. He wasn't sure what she was to him now, it had been 12 months since they'd seen each other. 365 days to be exact. A lot had changed since then. He had changed. But he knew no matter what happened she would still be his Bones.

His stomach was bubbling with anticipation as he patiently waited for her. He glanced at his watch. She was late. His eyes moved through the crowd of people. The atmosphere was so different to what he had been used to this past year, in Afghanistan. But he knew that it would only be a day or two, a week at the most, before he adjusted to the change. He'd been through worse, this was minute in comparison. He was hardly worried.

It was as if she stepped out of the darkness and into the light. His head snapped up feeling her presence and there she was. She had changed in appearance somewhat, over the past year, but not so much that she wasn't recognizable. Her hair had been cut short, was straight and sat just above her shoulders. She wore a green and white summer dress that clipped up at the base of her neck. She was breathtaking.

He stood unsteadily to his feet and awkwardly reached out to hug her.

"Hi, Bones," he whispered closing his eyes as he held her closely for a moment. He hadn't known how much he missed her until then. The scent of her was strong, and the familiarity of her was slightly overwhelming.

Brennan stepped back making space between them. Her eyes were distant, he noticed, and there was something about the way she now carried herself. She had more confidence. "Hello, Booth. It's good to see you."

"You've changed…" he smiled admiring her new appearance. "You look beautiful, Bones."

"Don't call me, Bones, most people call me Bren now," she said gently with an air of seriousness. "You changed too, Booth, you grew your hair…" she noticed making no further comment to tell him if she approved or not.

He momentarily touched the length of his hair, it was two inches more than he would have liked. He was meaning to get a haircut before they met up again, but time had been minimal. Booth nodded. "Yeah… want some coffee?" he offered gesturing to the cart a meter from where they stood.

"Um… no," she declined. The disappointment was evident on his face. This wasn't quite the reunion he had in mind. "I want you to meet someone Booth," she said snapping her head around to smile at a man behind her. It was only then that he noticed she wasn't alone. His eyes moved from Brennan to the man behind her, who was reasonably tall, with a strong jaw-line much like his own, dressed in a black suit, and bright green tie. He looked down at his own clothes, and felt slightly embarrassed to be wearing only jeans and a t-shirt.

"Hi," Booth greeted extending a hand to the man.

"Gid'day, the name's Damien."

"Seely Booth," he nodded in response.

"Right," he said sizing up the man. "I heard a lot about you."

"You have?" Booth smiled and turned his focus back to Brennan.

"Booth, this is…" there was an awkward pause. "This is my Fiancé."

"Your- your what?" he choked.

"Damien and I are going to be married in 3 weeks," she stated matter-of-factly.

Booth knew that his face expression left little to the imagination. He was clearly shocked. His legs gave way, and he sat on the fountain's edge, to stop himself from tumbling to the ground. He was speechless. This woman before him was nothing like the one he had left at the airport 365 days earlier. It would have been no surprise if he discovered it was her long-lost twin sister she didn't even talk the same. He had changed in a year he knew that, but nothing like she had. Obviously!

"Wow…" his mind buzzed with questions that he didn't ask, words that were never uttered, and a conversation that had never taken place. "I guess congratulations, is in order then," he forced a smile.

"Thank you, Booth."

Damien reached for her hand and tightened his fingers over hers, Booth felt himself being ripped apart inside, what felt like literally. The time he had been away from her, had done nothing to dim the deep love he had for her. And now, as he looked at her, the woman he had been waiting in anticipation for, a kaleidoscope of emotions seized him, crushing his chest like the weight of a ten-tone truck.

"I'm glad I saw you, Booth," Brennan muttered stepping closer to Damien. "I'm sorry I have to reject your offer for coffee but Damien and I have lots of errands to run before the wedding."

"Yeah," he stammered. "Yeah, of course you do."

"Bye, Booth… I'll see you soon."

She made no move to hug him goodbye, and with a polite nod from Damien, the two of them made their exit, leaving Booth sitting alone at the reflecting pool where they had agreed to meet for coffee exactly one year ago.

Booth pulled out the worn photo from his jacket pocket, the one he had carried in his around for an entire year, so that he wouldn't forget her face. She stood looking over her shoulder, her curly brown hair falling over her face as she stared at him with those blue-green eyes and crooked thin smile that had kept him sane during his training days. He could even remember the moment the photo was taken. They'd been messing around with a camera and he'd jokingly snapped her picture. When the negatives had come out, he'd taken the photo and shoved it in his jacket pocket, where it had stayed until that moment. The edges were considerably worn, fading out the background of the park where the photo had been taken. His eyes turned glassy and he spread his fingers across the top and tore the photo down the middle, he flipped it sideways and tore it again, watching it crumble into nothing but photo-paper. What use was it anymore? All traces of the Bones he knew were gone, and what remained was a shell that resembled the figure she had been before.

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