I woke up with a start. I glance at the window and see red and orange streaks across the sky. Amazingly he had slept all night even with the same vivid and startling dream about the beautiful vampire. He stretches and gets out of the bed and shakes Carl awake from the chair at the desk where he fell asleep. "Come on, we still have work to do," he grumbled as Carl yawned and fell out of the chair. Carl jumped to his feet, "Right! Vampires! Where should we start?" I ponder over this for a second and walk to the stack of books and pull out a map then walk over to the clear table and spread it out. "Well the first attack was here, and the last attack was here," he says as he points to the map. "They seem to be moving east towards Fredricks' Manor," Carl replied. "Fredricks' Manor?" Carl went over to his stack and pulled out another book. "Fredricks' Manor, an old mansion that use to be owned by a filthy rich prince, Charles Fredrick, however after finding evidence of several crimes against the man, including rape, assault/battery, extortion, forgery, treason, and murder he was hanged then burned and the ashes were thrown into the volcano and Bermindia..." "Wow, he pissed off a lot of people." Carl chuckled at Van Helsing's comment and continued, "After all his treasures and legacy were either stolen, sold, or lost the manor was abandoned." Van Helsing thought this over. "Large abandoned mansion? Sounds like we found the home of our fanged visitor." Carl nodded in agreement, "When do you want to go?" Van Helsing again looks out the window to see the sun peering over the mountains. "Now, while the monster sleeps." Carl nods again and turns to pack up needed supplies. Holy water, stakes, crucifix, and rings of garlic. Carl picks up the bag and turns to Van Helsing. Van Helsing pulls his jacket over his shoulders and and his hat on his head,"Lets go."


I walk to my bed more tired than usual. He is real. So it was a vision, I know this man. I take off my long gown and change into my black silk slip. I get into my bed and try to relax but some many different questions run through my mind. Does he know me? Does he remember me? Why is he in Paris? Is he here for me? Who is this dark haired gorgeous man? "This is going to be a long night," I sigh and turn over. Sometimes i wished the mortals were right about vampires setting with the rising sun. Sad to say we can stay up all day just as humans can at night. We just usually pride ourselves with beauty sleep. I close my eyes and open them with a start. There was a crash in my study. "Shit." I sigh and get out of my bed and start towards the door. Wait! The sun! I groan and then remember the secret tunnels i had asked my servants to put in. I have awesome servants. I smile to myself and open the door to the tunnels behind my bookshelf and head in the direction of my study. As I reach the entrance to the study, a bookshelf on the east end away from all windows. I open it slightly and here whispers. I push it open a little more and muffled a gasp as i saw my dark mysterious stranger. I quiet my racing thoughts to listen to the whispers. "So what exactly are we looking for," questioned the smaller man in friar robes. "Anything that will give us an idea on who our fanged visitor is," replied the mysterious stranger. "What i don't understand is that, you killed Dracula, yet this vampire has survived." The stranger seemed distracted by this thought. Wait a minute...killed Dracula? No, its not possible...i could feel a tear roll down my cheek. I may not have been a bride of Dracula but he was the one who sired me, to hear of his death is like finding out about a late father. I listened more but they stayed silent as they continued to look around my study. Suddenly i heard a screech from the front of the study. A harsh wind blew and the blinds to the study shut and the candles were blown out causing the study to go black. One of my servants had found the intruders and was ready to kill them.

Quick Note: I am trying as hard as i can to get over stupid writers block, but the lack of a computer regularly also makes it frustrating, but i want to quickly thank Jedi Astra, I absouletly adore your idea! And i can promise you, that it will show up in chapters to come! Anybody have questions dont be afraid to send me a message, having any answers or ideas I Love all the input i can get!