Fai's (Almost) Dead

Disclaimer: It's called Tubasa for a reason...Clamp made it. If I had made it, it would be called KuroFai Forever!

"Fai! Slow down! We'll crash!" Syaoran shouted, a tight grip on Sakura's hand.

But Fai just laughed and pushed the pedal down harder. Kurogane looked at Fai's hands on the wheel. His knuckles were white.

Why is he pushing this car so hard? Is there something wrong? And if there is, is it with him...or something else? Kurogane thought.

"Hey, Kuro-tan?"


"If I were to lose control of this car, could you make sure the kids and Mokona were safe?"

"What are you talking about?" Kurogane accused, looking Fai in the eye. Or well, as best he could.

"I mean, if this car were to crash or something, could you keep the kids safe?" Fai said taking his eyes off of the road for the smallest of time frames.

"Why would you ask that? I mean-"

"Fai-san! Look out!" Sakura yelled, as a semi truck pulled out in front of them. Fai had been going the tiniest bit over the speed limit and that was just enough for the crash to be potentially fatal.

The blue car lay in a heap, smashed into the semi's side. Kurogane's head was bleeding slightly, he was the luckier of the two in the front. Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona had not a scratch on them. But Fai was the worst off.

At the moment he was slumped, unconsious, on the steering wheel, blood running down his face. His seat belt had saved him from dying but he was still in trouble.

Kurogane was trying to get him out while dealing with an apologizing driver, a whining cream puff, and two panicing kids.

"Shut up! I need to concentrate! Kid, go call an ambulance. Princess, calm the pork bun, and you, shut up and go away." Kurogane commanded. After they had gone away or shut up, Kurogane had gotten the mage out of his belt and out of the car. He lay on the road, head still bleeding and Kurogane feared a concussion.

The ambulance arrived a few moments later. The medics picked Fai up as gently as they could (Which apparently wasn't gently enough for Kurogane.) and placed him on the stretcher. He was then wheeled into the life-saving vehicle. Kurogane was asked to accompany the unconsious mage to the local hospital.

When they reached the building Kurogane realized just how big the world really was. Just the hospital was huge, what with twenty-two stories and thirty-thousand square feet across on every floor.

Fai was wheeled into the emergancy room and immeadiatly he was tested for heart rate, breathing, and all that other stuff. When one of the doctors asked Kurogane if he thought Fai should be put on Life-Support, Kurogane said yes.

After a few more minutes, Syaoran and Sakura came running in, Mokona bounced in. Sakura gasped when she saw the breathing mask on Fai's face and the bandage around his head. Mokona cried. Syaoran just comforted the princess because he was at a loss for words.

"I'm sorry Fai." Sakura whimpered, as Kurogane looked odwn at the small, fragile princess and thought, At least it wasn't her.

Then he thought, What happens now? Are we stuck here because of one stupid mistake made by the idiot? Well, knowing him, yes we are. But we can leave when he wakes up.

"It's okay. He'll wake up in a few days. Just you wait princess." Syaoran said.

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