She ran into her destiny, literally

"Rise and shine Cinderella, I gotta be at work BEFORE the next ice age!"

Under a cocoon of sheets rose a groan of displeasure. They shuffled around and out poked a sleepy-eyed girl's head. A bed mussed bun with random bane lengths sticking out. Some of the tawny mess stuck out in short tuffs at the end of the bun. Her carefully tweezed eyebrows were drawn together in a frown.

"Again I ask you, why not write down a list of things you want done?"

"Because I want to see your happy face!"

Her mother had an evil sense of humor at times. She seemed to have an over zealous attitude when it came to the first wake-up call. She stood in front of her standing-mirror (no idea what it's name is), fluffing up her short hazel hair.

"I want the whole downstairs vacuumed, remember to move the furniture out of the way so you don't miss spots.."

"Hold on let me write down what your saying." The girl shuffled out of the blankets, nearly falling from her foot that got caught in the struggle. Snatching a random pen and notebook from her school item's heap, she held them up like a trophy. "Yay I found something useful!"

"Its a miracle," her mother mocked.

"Your orders?" she said rolling her eyes.

Five Minutes Later...

"Okay I'm leaving, love you. Get a breakfast!" Her mother called running out the door.

"Love you too," says the girl

In Reikai

'Hn, this place reeks of ogre sweat. Disgusting'. Hiei walked through the prince's headquarters with his usual temperament, he was so lost in his thoughts he was unable to avoid the pink and blue blur rushing toward him from the other hall.

"Oh my goodness! Hiei, watch...OOF!"



Unable to stop in time, the chipper ferry girl slammed smack into the wide-eyed fire demon causing her to fall ungracefully on her fanny.

"Oh...that smarts!" Boton whined, rubbing her chin where she collided with Hiei. Hiei, who fell on his back was getting up using his elbows as leverage. Once upon his feet he growled at the welt he could feel developing on his Jagan eyelid. Frowning, he yanked Boton to her feet by her yukata folds. Looking around the hall, he starting picking up the scattered papers Boton had with her before their collision sneering.

"Onna, you of all people should know I do not enjoy being surprised, what the hell was so important that you could not watch where you were going?" He handed the folder full of papers to the now sheepishly-smiling girl.

"I'm terribly sorry Hiei, but I found some rather disturbing papers that require Koenma's urgent attention!" Hiei raised an eyebrow at this and crossed his arms with a smirk. 'This aught to be interesting.'

In his office






"Grrr, this had BETTER be important, COME IN BOTON!" Shouted the grumpy toddler, he was angrily chewing on his pacifier when the door slowly opened.

"Koenma sir- MY GOODNESS! WHERE DID ALL THESE PAPERS COME FROM?" Boton jumped and shuffled carefully through the forest of paper-stacks surrounding the desk. Hiei's smirk upgraded to a slight grin at the sight of the young rulers plight.

"Apparently there was an incident where a kid decided to try demon summoning, for FUN! THIS" he gestured to the mountains of piles," is a result of the FIVE children's injuries and the demons RECALL!"

"Oh dear, how bad?"

"The kids are now in the hospital with " he picks up a small note card " a minor concussion and a slight burn, broken arm and leg, three broken ribs and collar bone, a fractured shoulder and six gashes on the hands, but the REAL trouble maker only had minor blood lose and a broken pinkie! ARGH!" The toddler furiously stamped and moved papers, grinding his teeth on his pacifier.

"Well, sir...I'm afraid I have more bad news for you," Koenma stopped mid-stamping and looked up with a frown. Boton slowly handed him the folder and waited. Looking through the contents the tiny tot exploded.

"WHAT? WHERE, WHY? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" Boton flinched and Hiei flat out grinned with a chuckle.

'Hn, I was right. This is VERY interesting.'



"Woah Oh oh oh oh- ohohohohohoh

Caught in a bad romance!

Woah Oh oh oh oh- ohohohohohoh

Caught in a bad romance!"

The tawny haired girl stood in front of her kitchen sink listening to her laptop play a song she likes. Turning on the water continued.

"Ra ra rumba ba bah

ra ra rum ba bah

ga ga ooh la la

watch out that romance."

in Reikai

"Alright what's the problem now, diaper rash?"

Kuwabara snorted at Yusuke's remark, Koenma's eyebrow twitched.

"Try a lost soul."

Everyone stopped laughing, Kurama raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Surely you jest, there hasn't been a missing soul since..."

"That's the reason your HERE!" Koenma leaned over the desk near glaring at the spirit detectives. Hiei was the first to recover from Koenma's tantrum.

"So, we are looking for an apparition in Nigenkai, do we have any leads?" Koenma sighed and sat back in his chair.

"Always to the point Hiei, and to answer your question yes. Seven years ago, Echo Lycrest and her father Figaro were dead. Both of their hearts stopped from pneumonia and a heart attack. However, when both souls were scheduled to arrive, only Figaro crossed over. It was quite a busy year so no one really noticed until recently; when Echo was not found in any of the final destinations. I'm afraid we only have this seven year old family picture to go on, here is her last known address." He handed the file to the boys and each looked over Hiei's shoulder to read it.

"So, we looking for a twelve year old?" Kuwabara intelligently asked.

"Hn, this photo was taken seven years ago. Clearly we are looking for a nineteen year old, fool."

"Hey! I knew that!"

"Hn, of course you did."

"Why I aughta.."

"Hiei's the best tracker, why not send him first? That way we can better prepare ourselves for what might lay in store."

"Excellent idea Kurama!"

"Hn, very well." Koenma opened a portal and Hiei walked into it.


"I want your loving,

I don't wanna be friends.

You and me can write a bad romance!"

The girl was so absorbed in her singing and dish washing, that she did not even see the portal open behind her.

'So this is the house, who is that?' Hiei could only stand and stare as the strange girl kept singing.

"Walk, walk fashion baby

work it move that bitch crazy.

Walk, walk fashion baby

work it move that bitch crazy.

Walk, walk fashion baby

work it move that bitch crazy.

walk, walk passion baby

work it I'm a freak bitch baby.

I want your love

and I want your revenge

I want your love

I don't want to be friends

Je veux ton amour

Et je veux ta revanche

je veux ton amour

I don't wanna be friends!"

'What the hell is she singing? It makes no sense!' Hiei shook his head and walked over towards the singing girl. Unfortunately, at the same time, she turned around and walked straight into him. Knocking Hiei down for the SECOND time that day!

'What IS it with ONNA's today in being BLIND?'

"Ouch! Who put the wall there?" She was rubbing her forehead while looking over to see the 'wall'.

"Onna, where is the girl who lives here?" Hiei got up and yanked the girl up by her shirt. She blinked 'Wow he's strong, wait a sec..' Suddenly she went up close into Hiei's face and started sniffing.

"(Growl) Onna, what are you doing?"

She looked into his eyes and said bluntly; "Your not human."

Hiei sweat dropped. 'How did she?' He shook his head and glared at her.

"Answer my question." She put her hands on her hips and lightly 'hmphed'

"I live here, I'm Echo Lycrest!"

Now it was Hiei's turn to blink in confusion. Getting over that he narrowed his eyes at her. "How are you Echo, you look nothing like her."

"Do you have a picture of the Echo you are looking for? Maybe you got the wrong address." Hiei hned and handed her the photo.

Looking at it she gasped in shock. Her hands shook as she looked up at Hiei. He innerly winced at the looks she shot him; pain, confusion, and anger.

"Who are you, and how the HELL did you get MY FAMLIY PICTURE?"