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Hello my few but faithful fans! I know how anxious you must have been for an update, but I had to hire a new muse. :p

Chapter 3: Deja-Who?


The three other members of the Spirit Detective team were allowed to return to their homes, on account of the fact that they had nothing else to do. Kurama was translating his short hand into actual notes; although a human in form it was very hard for his kitsune side to stay repressed without some form of puzzle for him to solve. After deciphering his work for about an hour he sighed and put down his pencil. He looked over to his windowsill and frowned.

'I wonder what is taking so long for Hiei to find the girl?' He opened up his communicator and activated it.

"Boton here, what can I do for you?"

"Boton, can I have a portal to where Hiei was sent?"

"Sure, is something wrong?"

"Not likely, but all the same."

"I understand, here you go!"

"Thank you."

He shut his communicator as the portal appeared, pocketing it he walked through it.

Echo's House

Kurama walked through the kitchen, fallowing the sound of a television playing.

"Hiei are you?.."

"Shhh!" A girl said, drawing his attention to her. When he saw her he knew she was the missing girl. He sat down on an empty seat on the couch, patiently waiting for the commercial breaks.

Telepathic Conversation

{Hiei, I never pictured you a Jane Austin fan}

{Careful with that wit of yours fox}

{I must admit I find her stories a bit too dull for my taste.}

{why am I not surprised you know about this}

{purely out of boredom, how much have you told her?}

{she has the photo, and claimed that my mission is bullshit. I didn't get to telling her she's dead}

"you have bewitched me, body and soul." Echo sighed then groaned when the commercials came on.

"Miss, if I may have your attention" Kurama said. Echo sat up and looked at him, "yes?" When her eyes met his he felt Yoko pushing to the surface, Hiei looked from the girl to Kurama and raised an eyebrow in curiosity. He watched the red head carefully, in case he needed to restrain him.

"No" Kurama gasped before loosing control, Yoko making his appearance with a sly smile.

Echo's POV

'What is with this guy starring at me…..and does he have a stomach ache?...holy..'

"GAH! Faa?"

"Eriella, I've missed you." The Fox-man said looking at her, so he ment her.

"Fox, you know her?" Hiei asked, 'So they know eachother..of course.'

The Fox-man closed his eyes and chuckled, then glanced back at her. "Intimately"

"WHAT?" Echo screeched getting both boys' attention.

"Look, I KNOW I'd remember being with a FURRY! AND my name is ECHO! Not..!"

Yoko grabbed her and crushed her words against her lips, and suddenly Echo glowed like Kurama before changing.



"Oof!" Hiei sat down but kept his hand on his sword, curious about this new development. In place of Echo now was a new girl, no woman. Echo's four foot three was replaced with five foot six, size zero to size two hips, and her thirty-four B's became thirty-six C's. Basically, Kelly turned Barbie.

Yoko stroked her blonde-green hair, which now ended to her pert rear. Pulling the short's button from his robes's folds where it landed after popping off.

"Yoko, you too?" The woman asked, her voice was soft and alluring.

"I'm afraid so, though I must say I find it strange you're here now."

"I was careless, you're not the only one who was seeking to tame me." She steped out of his arms and looked down at her outfit. She frowned, her tiny t-shirt was holding barely together thanks to her increased bust. With a sigh she started walking out of the room when Hiei stopped her.

"Where are you going onna?"

"I need to change, my shirt and bra are both ruined. I also would like to finish this film, but unfortunately I cannot do both. I will be right back." With that she walked around small demon and went upstairs.

Hiei turned back his attention to his companion, clearly wanting to know who the woman was.

"Eriella is an old friend of mine who was of great interest to many males, in a way she was as sought after as your sister. I don't know what she truly is per-se, but I do know that she is hard to catch and even harder to keep. If she is here like this, that must mean that like me she was forced into taken a human form."

"Why Echo?"

"She was the perfect match," Eriella said coming back into the room. She shut off the tv and sat back down on the couch. Instead of her exploding clothes she now wore a close-fitting summer dress. It was a warm shade of green and ended just above her knees.

"So, which of us were you sent after?"

"Echo, for reasons I'm sure you know."

"You mean it took seven YEARS to notice she wasn't there? That's incredible!" Eriella chuckled into her hand.

"At any rate, you two should probably give the humans back control."

"I'm not sure I can," Yoko said with a smirk towards Eriella.

"He's right Yoko, my body is still adapting to my powers. I could kill my host if I remain out much longer."

"But I haven't had a chance to enjoy this new form of yours yet."

"Fox, leave" Hiei commanded, growing irritated by the game he was playing.

"Alright," Yoko flipped open the communicator and after a brief flirtatious conversation, asked Boton for a portal.

"Until next time," Yoko bowed then walked through the portal.

"Hiei, was it?"


"Please don't take this the wrong way," Was all the warning he got before she grabbed his face and kissed him full on the lips. As before, a light shown briefly after which revealed Echo in the now much too big dress. Her body went limp in his arms and it was then that the hybrid realized,

"She kissed me, after kissing the fox."