Chapter Twenty Nine: Give Me Away

Ginny was sleeping when a knock hit her door, only one person knew where she was so she glanced out the peep hole carefully before seeing it was just Moody. Smiling she let him in not expecting a stunner to smack into her face instantly. The man was pissed off that Harry had been hurt so badly and was planning to simply deliver the red head to the Dark Lord so he could watch the death of the girl who hurt the boy he viewed as a grandson.

Which is why when Harry was finally permitted from bed he came down and saw Moody sitting at breakfast a large box with a bow on it next to him and Lucius was asking how he got inside, "Malfoy calm yourself I got in very easily, Harry gave me an emergency portkey to this Manor in case I needed it. I used it because I have a gift for him and your Lord," and he saw Harry and walked over and asked, "How is your throat?"

Harry shrugged the Healer told him not to speak until a few tests came back, his vocal cords may have been sliced and if they were the Healer wanted to know before Harry did more damage to them. Getting hugged he summoned a piece of paper and wrote a quick note explaining that he was not to speak until the tests came back and that Tom would be down in a minute. Draco, Theo and Pansy walked in and saw Moody before pausing and glancing at Harry who nodded so they simply sat down. Blaise came in bouncing some and handed Harry a parchment which he read and smiled.

"Ok say something," Blaise said excited, he had volunteered to wait for the results of the test.

Shaking his head Harry sat down eyes on the door, as soon as Tom came in he said, "Love you," and the man was pulling him close to kiss him thrilled to hear his voice again.

"Love you as well now why is Mad Eye here?" Tom asked as they settled down at the table, Harry on his lap since that is how they seemed to enjoy sitting whenever they could.

"I have a gift for you both," Moody said before motioning at the box, "Think of it as a heard the kid was hurt and went mildly insane gift."

Waving his wand because he was too lazy to move since that would make Harry move Tom watched as the bow dropped and the box fell aside to reveal a cage with Ginny inside sobbing into her hands, it was Harry who spoke, "Huh guess this means we're getting married sooner then we thought."

"Married?" everyone but Tom and Harry squeaked.

"He said he would marry me if we got all three of them so as to have a slaughter at the wedding," Tom said which made Harry shake his head and sigh, "I had to beg him to even consider it so no trying to talk him out of it."

"You're sixteen," Moody pointed out, "Shouldn't you worry about finishing school before marriage?"

"I can sit my tests at the Ministry after Tom has secured it," Harry said smiling some before glancing sideways at the girl who was staring at him and Tom now as if truly betrayed, "Oh don't look like that I was never with you thus betrayed looks right now are quite stupid."

"I think perhaps it's the fact you are literally becoming what they all feared you would by marrying me," Tom mused and got a kiss to the jaw line, "Fine we'll o with it's because she wants you…wait…does that mean I can torture her even more so than before?"

"Of course it does," Harry giggled some before standing much to Tom's annoyance and walking over to hug Mad Eye close, "You're the best grandfather I could have ever asked for," he whispered in the man's ear, "I know it's custom for Fathers to give away their child but Moony will be in tears so will you-"

"Woohoo!" Mad Eye did a happy dance before hugging Harry tight, "Thank you kiddo you have no idea how much that means to me!"

"What just happened?" Draco asked tilting his head as the rest of Harry's friends had.

"None of your business," Harry smiled and moved back to drop on Tom's lap before whispering what he had just done to the man who kissed the side of his head, "Now we need to set a date."

"It has to be soon I want them dead," that surprisingly came from Theo and everyone looked startled until he lifted his eyes and looked right at Harry, "They have hurt, betrayed and almost killed you. So either they die soon or I might lose my cool and kill them myself," then he went back to his food leaving everyone in shock at how protective he sounded and vicious his eyes had been.

"Darling," Tom said softly and got glanced at, "Is it bad I sort of want to see him kill someone now?"

"Not at all because I want to see it as well," Harry said before batting his lashes at the man and smiling some, "Oh did Theo's dark side turn you on a little?" that was hissed for the man who simply gave a nod, in English he said, "Me too."

"We are a very odd couple," Tom summed up before lifting Harry, "Now that your pretty neck is all fixed up I know something fun we can do," and they left the room.

It was a moment before Blaise dropped his head some, "Bloody hell those two are like rabbits."

"O Merlin," Draco slapped a hand over his mouth as he realized just what fun ting Tom had in mind for the other.

Mad Eye gave a chuckle as he just summed it up to the hormones of true love, Ginny looked truly sick now, Narcissa and Lucius who had attended breakfast were both pale before she whispered, "What about the wedding plans?"

It was Theo who shocked them all again, by chiming in with, "Harry can talk with his mouth full."