You Found Me: Tess Vs Claudia



Part One

As Jessica walked into the bar, she was looking for trouble but made sure no one knew her name and as her long blonde hair waving. She reminded herself that her nanny who she ran through several background checks thanks to Uncle Todd was okay with Bree. Jessica's body needed a pool stick and set up waiting for takers those who want any type of action but once you opened doors anyone can walk in.

"Coleman get me something!" Claudia yelled and then the phone rang. "Hey…" Claudia said and with a soft smile it was Jason and he made her remember that the trip they just came from has been very good for them both as they would together. She looked around saw a blonde standing there playing pool. As Claudia turned her back, she saw Jessica take a couple of shots and saw she was off her game but it was obvious she was planning to hustle her. However, Tess knew Claudia would catch on to that. So Claudia then whipped out two thousand dollars.

"I think you could afford that." Claudia said and so if Tess pulls the innocence act then Claudia is going to know she's trying to trick her. If Tess come out strong then….This is going to be interesting. Tess pulled out chump change and threw down two thousand. What Coleman knew was that Claudia hasn't been here all the time and Tess in Jessica's body has been making a lot of money? It's Tess's release from not wanting to kill Natalie because of Nash….