You Found Me: Claudia Versus Tess



Part Three

One hour later, Claudia called Jason as he asked why does she need a ride she walked out bear feet with that look of don't ask. As Tess drove back from another fun-fill evening where everything was just right. She saw the nanny that then tipped her one hundred dollars, Tess called Carly in the morning to joke about beating Claudia, it may be the little things but Carly like it. Tess has a trophy handed her Claudia's boots as a joke. She took the chump changed and pulled out her notebook. All Jessica knows is that she will never come back to Land-view and Tess did promise that but when she has three thousand more dollars the monster that Jessica let's out from time to time will have her payback.

The following morning as Claudia went looking for Jessica, she saw Carly and looked down mumbling the words, "Crazy Bitch".