You Found Me: The Wrath of New Bianca



Author's Notes: Let's put it to you like this….This Bianca is very much a Kane woman but when she walks through the office…Just sit back and relax….Everything changes from the beginning

Part One

Greenlee turned around from her champagne even if it was damage control, a small part of her screamed victory and as she turned around, she thought it was David….

"Drinking to my mother's demise." Bianca said and as Greenlee whispered Bianca's name. "I'm in Paris with my wife and kids being a family then I hear about my mother. So we have the kids and we could tell them more when we learn more. Everything is fine and then a reporter comes…." Bianca said and Greenlee really sorry replies, "I'm sorry to hear that, is Miranda okay?" "Kendall fills me in on everything! Now before you say anything, I don't excuse what my sister did…" Bianca said and Greenlee went on the defenses. "Bianca, me and Kendall started this company then Ryan hands it to Erica. He then fucks the crypt keeper and then your mother tries to re-do her shallow career at my hard work..…"

Greenlee then held the side of her face from the blast Bianca laid across her. However, it wasn't a slap, it was a punch and Ryan came back to see this as David ran to his wife's side. Bianca scream motherfucker as she was holding her hand. I don't think anyone ever saw this side of Bianca.