You Found Me: The Wrath Of The New Bianca



Part Three

"We don't know anything about what happened to Erica or the investigation." David said and Bianca was screaming bullshit in her mind while Reese was sharing the ice-pack. Ryan swore he was going to prove it was David as he looked at this Greenlee who he considered cold and thoughtless. He knew if David went down, Greenlee was going down too…What they all didn't know was that Reese had friends too….

Greenlee told them if they would so worried about Erica then they go to West Virginia and told them all to get the hell out. As they stepped over Mary Smythe body they left… Reese was on her cell phone and Bianca recognized the number…She told her not yet…Ryan didn't catch that. It's good he didn't catch that for now. As they had drinks Reese and Bianca went to the hotel as they put the kids away to bed.

They have had a rough 16 months together but as the bad came of Erica disappearance. There was good which was in the name of Nancy….She worked for Reese as her assistant and when arrested Reese went to bat for her. Nancy told her about what she could really do but told her that she had a twin and that was it because she disappeared. One day before Bianca and Reese came back Nancy told them about the file, cooking the books and Nancy didn't want anything to happened to Madison.. It wasn't time yet to bust Greenlee and David, not yet.

As Madison was getting ready to check the ads, Nancy was standing right there and told her.. "How would you like your job back, a raise and a new someone in your life?" Nancy asked. As Ryan was walking back, he bump into a small woman and won't be missing his wallet for the next hour….