Author's Note: Just a funny little scene stuck in my head. I don't own anything.


Amelia Jessica Pond couldn't help but burst out laughing. Sure, she was in danger, but wasn't she always? Besides, there was something about this danger that seemed a bit…too silly to be taken serious. Like being threatened by a rubber ducky.

"Silence. You will be ex-teeeeeeer-minated!"

She snorted, stopping her giggles for long enough to try to talk to it. "Oi, mate, I know that you're evil, I saw you and the Doctor and you nearly destroyed London and everything, and I knew you got new paint jobs, but pink?" The insufferable chuckles overcame her again.

"What is this pink you speak of?"

Tears were falling down her face, she was laughing so much.

"Tell me. Obey. Ob-eeeeeeeeey!"

"Pink, the color!" she finally gasped. "I mean, I saw you get a new paint job, but pink? Pink? Are you, like, a little girl Dalek or something? And you polished up your little lumpy things so you have little…" She collapsed in a heap of giggles, but the Dalek thought it could make out the word 'polka dots'.

"You will cease making noise. Right Now!"

"Oi! Pond! What's going on? I thought I heard a Dalek, but you're laughing, so—" The Doctor stopped in mid speech as his eyes fell upon the Pink Dalek. "Are you serious?" he breathed.

"It—it matches—my nail color!" Amy choked out.

The Doctor was trying hard to keep a straight face. "Well, you see, Amy, the Daleks are sort of color-blind, their eyepiece sees only in blue, so in its point of view, it's kind of blue-ish." Suddenly, he couldn't hold it in any longer. "Bwahahaha! A pink Dalek! Ha-hahahahahahah! What is the world coming to? A Pink Dalek!"

"You are the Doctor! You will be exterminate! Exterminate!"


"Aren't you going to notice me and try to stop me from exterminating you?"


"Are you even listening at all?"



The Doctor looked up, wiping away the tears of hysteria running down his cheeks.

"You will listen and you will take me seriously. OBEY!"

The Doctor sighed. "Okay, look, I'm sorry, I know you probably had this whole thing planned out where you come and kill us both and then take over the universe and kill everyone, but this is just too funny. I mean seriously, sometimes you Daleks can be so lame, and Amy and I were just going to Rio. Could you put destroying the Universe off for a bit? We want a vacation."

"A va-caaaaaa-tion?"

"Yeah!" Amy butted in. "That means we're going off, so you don't have anyone to threaten, so you have to go and, I don't know, whatever you Daleks do in your spare time. Get a new paint job or something."

"You don't want to hear my plan or try to stop me?"

"Nope. Not interested."

"Then what is my purpose?"

"Not my problem, buddy. Come on, Doctor, we're going!"

"Wait! WAIT!"

But the Tardis was already leaving, although the door did open and a certain ginger tossed out a book titled Tao Te Ching. "Might be good for some easy reading."

"But Doctor, I do not have h-aaaaaa-nds!"


Yes, the Pink Dalek was definitely the most inane, although hilarious, foe that she and the Doctor had ever faced. It was a quiet night back on the Tardis—



Just a bit of fun with insanity. I've always wondered what a silly Dalek would look like, and then they went and got new paint jobs…writer's heaven. Review if you'd like.