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Revenge for Unwarranted Emotions

"What the…"

Izaya wakes at the low, gravelly voice, and for a moment he groggily thinks …the fuck? when the mattress below him shifts irregularly. Then he realizes it's not a mattress, but a body, and then it all comes rushing back. He lies on top of Shizuo, the heat of his bare skin filtering through Izaya's thin shirt and their legs entwined like a game of pick-up-sticks. Izaya lies still, feigning sleep as his mind tries to come up with a means to escape, relying on Shizuo's honor to keep him from hitting someone who's still asleep. Though, it being Izaya, exceptions are not only possible, but likely.

"Louse!" Shizuo shoves a hand against Izaya's shoulder, and Izaya takes the opportunity to opens his eyes slowly, feigning confusion and sleep.

"Huh? Oh… good morning, Shizu-chan," he mumbles, rubbing his eyes.

Shizuo looks flustered, and confused, and pissed off, "What the hell are you doing on me, you flea?" his eyes suddenly widen, and he jolts, sitting up slightly and upsetting Izaya's comfortable position, "You— you better not have tried anything on me!"

Izaya's eyes brighten as Shizuo's words inspire a brilliant idea, and he leans forward, pressing a finger against Shizuo's lips, "Oh don't worry! We didn't do anything past this—" and he proceeds to smack his lips against Shizuo's dry, warm ones. All in all, it's a very chaste kiss – no tongue, though Izaya briefly considers it, but then Izaya thinks Ew, what the hell, I'm kissing Shizu-chan? Seriously, Izaya, you are crazy sometimes. And that is all levels of wrong.

Shizuo looks like he's lost all higher brain function, not that Izaya really believed him to have any in the first place, but Izaya uses Shizuo's shock as prime opportunity to lick his lips— they taste like nothing, but the phantom pressure remains— untangle his legs and roll off him, and stand up. By the time Shizuo roars and clambers to his feet, Izaya is already at the balcony.

"See you later, Shizu-chan! I hope you remember our night together fondly!"

As he's vaulting down the building balcony by balcony, holding on to the railings and dropping down to the floor below each time, he thinks back to the kiss and realizes that it wasn't actually all that bad. Maybe there's something there worth pursuing.

To all who commented on the characterization: thank you! It was a relief to hear your encouragement, and thanks for taking the time to help me with it 3 Hope you enjoyed this!