Shego's right eyebrow twitched uncontrollably as she piloted the hovercraft away from the scene of her last battle with Kim Possible. Drakken looked over in concern, but was unable to muster up the courage to ask her what was bothering her. They had just escaped from another encounter with the teenage heroine - at a spa they were staying in this time - which had ended with a spectacular explosion which took away Shego's hotel room in the process. Ever since, Shego had been acting oddly, grinding her teeth and muttering to herself about "ten year's worth of effort" or something along that line.

"Shego," he said cautiously, "We're headed in the wrong direction. The lair is..."

Drakken trailed off as Shego shot him such a withering glare that he decided it was in his best interest to drop the conversation.

"Nevermind... I'll just be... on my way... to the bathroom," he stuttered, struggling out of his seat and putting as much distance between the two of them as was possible on the small hovercraft.

Shego did not notice her boss's blunders. All she knew was that Kim Possible was going to pay for what she had done.

Several days later, Kim Possible sat in front of her computer uploading the details of her latest encounter with Drakken and Shego onto her website for her fans. Drakken was, for some reason, assembling another one of his famous death rays as a vacation resort this time. Fortunately, Global Justice had alerted her to the crime and they had managed to stop Drakken, at the cost of several rooms. Global Justice was understandably less than thrilled about that part, since they were forced to pay for the damages. On the bright side, at least nothing irreplaceable had been lost; none of the guests had taken any personal belongings with them, so it was only a matter of money and nothing else.

As Kim finished typing up her mission report, she heard her mother knocking on the door.

"Yes, mom?" Kim kicked off from her desk and rode her chair over to the door to open it for her mother. "What's up?"

"Just checking up on you before bedtime, Kimmie-cub," Ann Possible smiled. "Goodness, you're not still on that computer, are you?"

Kim rolled her eyes in amusement. "Mom, I haven't uploaded any stories in weeks. I have to uphold my obligation to my fans or else they'll be terribly disappointed in me."

"Alright," Ann chuckled, "As long as you go to bed soon. Sitting at a computer like that will lead to neck problems if you're not careful. Ever see the x-ray of a spinal disk bulge? It's not pretty."

"I know, Mom, I know. Increases pressure on spinal column nerves at the vertebrae and everything. Really bad for you." Kim grinned back and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Night."

She logged off the computer and snuggled up next to the Pandaroo on her bed, eager to get some sleep before school tomorrow. She slept well, certainly much better than she would have had she known that Shego bugged her house earlier and was watching every move she made from a van two blocks down the street.

"Sleep while you can, Pumpkin, for soon you shall taste humiliation and defeat the likes of which you have never known, and with glee shall I sup upon the sweet taste of VENGEANCE SERVED COLD!" Shego cackled madly as she closed the lid of her laptop computer and slipped out of the van cradling one of Drakken's shrink rays.

Drakken watched her retreating form nervously, wondering what Kim Possible had done to Shego this time that had broken the proverbial camel's back; Shego had been acting far more unstable than even the most maniacal super villains these past few days and it was quite unnerving. Shego was normally so sane compared to all the rest of the super villain community, lacking most of the eccentricities and immaturities. He could only pray that she would come to her senses soon and return to being a sidekick, leaving the super villainy to him.

Shego, of course, had no intention of returning to the rational side of things. She was too busy ensuring that by the time she was done, Kim Possible would learn to never again mess with her personally. Shego climbed up the tree outside Kim's house with the shrink ray slung across her back and jumped at Kim's bedroom window. She grabbed the window sill with one hand, opened the window with her other, and silently hauled herself in.

Shego landed on the ground at the foot of Kim's bed and held her breath, listening for any sign that her rival might have noticed her entrance. After five minutes of silence and occasional bout of sleep talking from Kim, Shego decided it was time to start her revenge. She unslung the rifle from her back and turned it on, adjusting the settings until the device was perfectly calibrated for her night of villainy.

"Oh, poor naive Princess," Shego whispered at Kim's sleeping form, licking her lips in anticipation. "You know why most superheroes live in fortresses or have secret identities? It's to prevent their enemies from targeting them or doing bad things to their families. Hego was quite insistent on the rule, and for very good reasons, you know. Considering the people we fought... oh, but I digress. This isn't about me, it's about you, and I think it's high time you learned the hard way why the traditional way is a good thing."

"Mom!" Kim yelled the next morning as she frantically searched through her closet. "Mom, fashion emergency!"

"What's up, Kimmie-cub?" Ann asked, sticking her head in to check on her daughter.

"I swear I have nothing that fits me anymore; it's like all my clothes shrank two sizes overnight!"