Chapter 4

Kim shoved open the door and rushed outside only to realize that he worst fears had come true. A substantial part of the student body had arrived to witness Shego's display of love, and Bonnie was among them.

"Hey Kim," she greeted maliciously. "I guess Stoppable wasn't man enough for you? Should have known you'd prefer the bun over the hotdog, after the way you were checking me out in the showers."

"Don't flatter yourself," Kim snapped back, shoving her out of the way. She ran until she was in front of the cafeteria building and right below Shego, who was kneeling and performing a power solo. The music was suddenly interrupted as Kim grabbed an apple from a nearby table and chucked it at Shego, hitting her rival in the forehead.

"Shut up, Shego!" Kim yelled, drawing Shego's attention. "You better explain what you're up to right now or I swear when I'm through with you -"

"I'll be begging for your mercy?" Shego purred, putting away her guitar. "Maybe you'd like to punish me by tying me up and speaking me for being such a bad girl? Oh, Kimmie-cub, that sounds delightful."

"Dammit Shego, I don't know what's going on in that twisted little mind of yours but we are not a couple!" Kim shouted back in embarrassment as several people started snickering. She did not know whether from the mental images Shego was giving them or Kim's nickname, but she had to stop Shego before the situation got any worse. There had to be a quick route to the roof; the trees next to the building looked promising.

Shego's eyes teared up and her lower lip trembled as Kim was looking for a way to reach her. "Pumpkin, do you really mean that last night meant nothing to you? Was I just a one time fling?"

Shego threw her arms wide and leaned forward. "Then I have nothing to live for!"

Kim's eyes widened as Shego threw herself off of the roof; the building the cafeteria was in only had two stories, and Shego was not in a position to safely absorb the falling impact, unless her comet powers gave her an unusually thick skull. Reflexively, Kim reached out and caught Shego in her arms before the woman could reach the ground.

"My hero!" Shego beamed. Before Kim knew it, Shego had adjusted herself so that Kim was holding her bridal style, wrapped her arms around Kim's neck, and planted another kiss on her lips. Kim dropped Shego in surprise and quickly backed away like she had done last night, which gave Shego the opportunity to scramble up a tree, an leap onto the roof. Kim chased after her, but when she arrived on top of the building, she noticed that Shego had parked the hovercraft there.

"Later Bubble-butt!" Shego said it loud enough for the audience to hear, and blew Kim a kiss as she lifted off. Kim whipped her grappling gun out of her back pack and fired it at the hovercraft; there was no way that she would let Shego escape this time.

"Well, looks like your girlfriend left you for another woman," Bonnie smirked, as Kim's grappling hook latched onto Shego's hovercraft.

Ron frowned and turned to the cheerleader. "One: Kim is dating me. Get used to it. Two: If you continue to comment on other people's sexual orientation, I am going to pull out the Student Code of Conduct and make sure you get enough detention to keep you in until you graduate college."

"You cannot be serious," Bonnie scoffed nervously as she took in Ron's expression.

"Note. Serious. Face."

As the two continued to exchange words, Steve Barkin silently cried from the entrance to the art department, where he had been substituting for Mr. Kiln after the man had cracked three ribs in a tragic glazing accident.

"So that's why she wouldn't have me back," he sobbed.

Kim swung through the air as Shego flew the hovercraft, climbing up the rope inch by inch despite the conditions.

"Hey Princess, need a hand?" Shego taunted, as she leaned over the side of the hovercraft and grabbed onto the rope. Her hands glowed with energy and she smiled maliciously. "Don't suppose this rope is plasma proof?"

They were a thousand feet above the ground, and Kim doubted she had anything with her that would save her from the fall.

"What do you want, Shego?" Kim asked, trying to buy some time for herself to figure out a way of escaping intact. "This isn't like you!"

Shego threw her head back and laughed. "Pumpkin, you make me laugh, you really do. Even when it's at my expense. How about I set this down and we go mano a mano on the ground? For old time's sake, of course."

Shego reached down and extended a hand to Kim. After a moment's hesitation, Kim accepted.

The ride to Middleton Park was surprisingly uneventful given the occurrences of the past few days. Kim was tempted to ask Shego what had happened to her recently, but Shego did not seem in the mood for any conversation. She sat in silence as Shego landed the hovercraft in an out of the way clearing and disembarked when the engine had been turned off.

Shego stood facing her and gave a mocking bow, indicating that they should start the fight. Kim did not need to be told twice and charged at the other woman. Shego responded by dropping low to the ground and performing a leg sweep that knocked Kim off her feet and landed her on her back. Kim quickly rolled out of the way of a plasma bolt and got back on her feet, adopting a more defensive posture.

"Good counter," Kim congratulated, watching here enemy closely.

"Only the best for you, Cupcake." Shego's mocking tone had an edge to it, one that Kim had not encountered before. Shego was definitely pissed off about something.

Shego darted forth and struck with a flurry of blows, driving Kim back against a tall tree. Kim jumped up to catch onto a branch as Shego slammed her fist into the trunk, then dropped on the woman's back, pinning her to the ground.

"What's got you angry this time?" Kim taunted, as she put her weight on Shego. "That time of month again?"

"Maybe I'll enlighten you," Shego snapped back. She pushed off the ground to clear some space between her body and the ground, then turned around to deliver a powerful backhand which connected with Kim's jaw and sent the cheerleader flying off. "Blow up anything lately, Princess?"

Kim staggered to her feet cautiously. Shego had refrained from attacking her while she was down, likely so that she could answer the question. The last thing she had blown up that Shego would know about - which discounted the possibility that she was referring to her casserole last night - was some of the resort she and Drakken were staying at.

"Awww, did I interrupt your precious vacation time with Drakken? Didn't come crashing in on a romantic dinner or anything, did I?" Kim placed a hand over her mouth in an overly dramatic fashion.

Shego growled in response and advanced on her, tossing out plasma bolts as she closed the distance. Kim lashed out at her with a right cross, but Shego caught her wrist with her left hand and seized the inside of Kim's right elbow with her other hand. Shego pushed into Kim's elbow and used the leverage to redirect Kim's blow away from her and to the space left of Kim, before moving her right elbow up and catching Kim under the jaw.

Kim fell on her back, and Shego quickly straddled the girl, holding a plasma bolt inches from her face.

"Do you know what was in that room you blew up?" Shego snarled, pinning Kim down in the grass. "I'll tell you what: ten year's worth of family memories, turned to dust because you couldn't keep your damn hands off the self destruct button!"

Shego took the hand holding the plasma bolt and punched the ground by Kim's head.

"Ten years that I'm never going to get back thanks to you!" Shego shouted. "My father's cologne! My mother's perfume! They've been discontinued for a over decade! Photographic negatives, autographs, my Hero of the Year Award!" Her plasma flared up hot enough to kill as she listed the possessions that were destroyed. Out of any other options to defuse the situation, Kim shocked Shego by freeing her arms and wrapped them around Shego in a fierce hug.

"I'm sorry," she said, burying her head in Shego's neck. "I didn't mean to, it was an accident. I didn't know you had your personal belongings, and I would have never destroyed them on purpose."

Shego's breathing and pulse started slowing, and her plasma discharged harmlessly into the ground. Kim cautiously looked up into Shego's eyes to find that the rage was dying down.

"Oh God, what have I done," Shego moaned, as she began to think rationally about all that had happened. A tear fell onto Kim's cheek, and the teenage heroine stared at Shego broke down crying. "I'm an idiot."

"It's fine." Kim comforted, awkwardly patting Shego on the back. She kicked herself mentally for taunting Shego earlier; making fun of someone who might have been going through shock was not appropriate conflict resolution. "The important thing is you're alright... right?"

"If by 'alright' you mean that I don't feel like gutting you like a fish anymore, then I'm alright."

"Then everything's okay."

"It's not okay to mess with someone's life like that!" Shego shouted. "Why aren't you angry?"

"Shego, I'm a little pissed that you decided to try and ruin my personal life, but I think we can count this as extenuating circumstances." Kim reassured. "Look, you're... you need to find some place to sit and talk, ok?"

"No, I don't need you or anyone else. I'm leaving," Shego snapped, drying her tears. "I don't want to be around people right now, especially the person who's responsible for this mess."

"Awww... please?" Kim asked, giving Shego the saddest puppy dog pout she could come up with. Shego quickly closed her eyes to prevent Kim from using her trump card, but then the whining started: the gut wrenching whining that made Shego's heart feel like it was going to curl up and die if she did not do something about it.

"Fine, I'll stay," Shego grumbled, giving in to Kim's sad look. "But don't think you can solve all your problems with that look, because one of these days I swear I'm going to develop an immunity."

After Kim dragged Shego back to the hovercraft and covered her with an emergency blanket, she made her promise to wait while she went to get something. The cheerleader returned five minutes later with ice cream.

"I got you a strawberry Cornetto. You like those, right?"

"More than life itself," Shego deadpanned, taking the ice cream cone Kim offered her nonetheless. The two sat in silence for a good while, slowly eating the ice cream.

"So, you had keepsakes with you?" Kim asked cautiously, nibbling at the last bit of her Cornetto.

"Yeah, I kept them around because... sometimes, the past wasn't as bad, and I'd like to remember it," Shego answered candidly. "Stored them in a safe deposit box and dragged them out when I was on vacation or between jobs, where they wouldn't get blown up by teenagers and mad scientists."

She looked over at Kim, but with considerably less hostility than before. Kim shifted around uneasily in her seat and opened her mouth to apologize.

"Save it, Princess," Shego cut her off. "It was an accident on your part and an act of stupidity on Drakken's to start a project on my vacation time."

"And I suppose the next thing you'll say is that it's your own fault for going into shock and flipping out on me?"

"Princess, you know me too well," Shego laughed. "You don't owe me anything, so why don't you get your bubble butt out of here so we can both move on with our lives?"

Kim could tell the laughter was not real; Shego did not find her amusing, she was just putting up a false front to compensate for the moment of weakness she had shown. If Shego thought that would be enough to get Kim Possible off her case, she had seriously underestimated her rival.

"You're impossible, you know that? Would it kill you to drop the bravado for a bit and acknowledge you're a person with feelings and that you're hurt?"

"Why do you care? I thought you hated me."

"When you tried to manipulate my personal life? Yeah, I did; enough to kick you into a radio tower. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded if you'd died right then and there, but you know what? That was a long lime ago and I've moved on."

"Princess, I don't think that was more than six months ago," Shego pointed out in disbelief.

"Long enough for me." Kim shot back. "Besides, I really got to know you as Miss Go, and it helped me see you as a real person. Kinda hard to hate someone who did your hair every night."

Kim hoped the joke would help ease the mood some. It resulted in an uneasy silence.

"You mean I helped apply that horrible dye job every night?" Shego gagged, pretending to throw up over the side of the hovercraft. Kim smiled as the tension broke.

"I keep telling, you, it's all natural; wanna make sure the carpet matches the drapes?" Kim teased, slowly unzipping her jeans. Shego rolled her eyes in response.

"And you keep wondering why people think you're into women."

"I think it had to do with a certain flier and one really sappy love song." Kim regretted saying it instantly as Shego's eyes hardened.

"We will never speak of the incident again," She ordered in a low, dangerous voice. Kim silently nodded in agreement. "Especially since the real question is if the drapes match the upholstery."

"You realize that this doesn't make us friends, right?" Shego asked, when the laughter finally died down. "Next time we fight I'm totally kicking your ass."

"I know, I know. You're a tough girl who doesn't need any love. Best enemies then?" Kim offered, putting her arm around Shego.

"Whatever," Shego replied as she leaned into Kim's shoulder. "Just be glad I snapped out of it before I did to you what I did to Drakken."

"What did you do to Drakken?"

Drakken hung from a chandelier in his ruined hideout, suspended by his underpants.

"Somebody please help me," he moaned, as he gently swung to and fro in the air.