Prompt word: Smart
Word count: 100
Tag: Somewhere before all the angsty bro-hate happened
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me. I only said I owned Supernatural that one time because I was drunk and trying to impress a girl...


Dean forever praises Sam for being so smart. But Sam remembers. Remembers giving up on a difficult trig problem and returning to find it solved step-by-step. Or falling asleep after a hunt, lab-report half-finished, and waking to find it completed, next to a bowl of cereal.

"Eat up Sammy; gonna be late."

Even now, when Sam's hitting a wall in his research, Dean will conveniently leave just the right book open, or leave a pertinent website windowed behind .

Dean always feigns ignorance, but Sam knows. His brother is clearly smart. His priorities however, are... addled.

"Sammy first."