Okay, first of all, there is a chance this will never get completed as the game wasnever, everdone because the creator of the game felt that s/he had to cancel it due to the popularity of the game being much more popular than the original Hetalia series. I'm writing this even though I know there is this chance because:

1. I wanted to see others maybe write their own ending to RomaHeta but since there was none...so...yeah!

2. To let my inner love of Hetalia and Final Fantasy (or Pokémon/Digimon?) feel satisfied after realizing such a fangame exist.

3. There is no reason number 3.

Also, I'm only putting this up because I'm itching to see the Hetalia fans reaction to this. If not popular, I shall take it down around the beginning of November. If it is popular though, I shall update it around the same day as well.

Disclaimer: Don't own the game RomaHeta or Hetalia. Just a fan I am. Enjoy!


Chapter I: Let's go! Error to the 2D world!

In a dark room located in the urban city of Japan, Honda Kiku's eyes stayed transfixed on the computer wired to electronics with different coloured lights going on and off frequently. He let out a breath of accomplishment, feeling proud.

"It is finally complete," he grinned as he sat himself in front of the computer. "After dreaming and making it, it is finally complete! The 'Go to the 2D World Device' or G2DWD for short!" The longer version seems to sound better though. He began to type enthusiastically on the keyboard. "I can finally go on real quests, find treasures, fight monsters and bosses; meet Miku-tan and Haruhi, do anything I want in the 2D world, whenever I want! Heh heh, I am sure everyone is going to be happy about this." He remembered when he told the other nations about it once. Everyone (especially Alfred who wanted to be the main hero) was looking forward to it when it was complete.

"Now to give it a test run," he pressed the 'Enter' Key and announced, "Power…ON!"

The screen went blank for a second; a low buzzing sounds was heard before texts started to appear.

Start power…

Virtual Fields…ON

Character Graphics…ON

Dimension Wall…OPEN

Transfer system has caused an error


Virtual Fields…

Character Graphics….

Transfer System…

Dimension Wall…FULL OPEN

Without warning, a huge burst of bright light suddenly burst forth from the monitor. It engulfed the whole room, devouring everything in its way.

Including Kiku's scream.


"Alrightie! Let's eat!" Feliciano declared as he sat down. Both the Vargas brothers just finished making their lunch and Feliciano's stomach was already growling at the sight and smell of his beloved pasta.

Lovino sat near his younger brother before he grouched, "Finally, I'm starving." And they began to eat (Feliciano was digging in already actually).

It was not every day that the two brothers dined together. Since Feliciano was always staying at Ludwig's place, the siblings didn't get to see each other as much often as usual. However, Lovino didn't want his little brother to stay with the German all the time. So once in a while, they would spend time together back at Feliciano's home, just to get him away from Ludwig. But that wouldn't stop him from actually talking about him.

But for today…"Hey, hey fratello, how are you and Fratello Antonio* going?"

Lovino choked on the red wine he was drinking and coughed really hard at the question. "What…the hell!?" he wiped his face of the tears caused by the coughing and the wine running down his chin. "Where the hell did that came from!?" he demanded angrily as he continued to wipe his eyes.

"Ve? But fratello is always angry when I talk about Ludwig, so…" Feliciano trailed off as he took another bite of his pasta.

"Shut up! It's your own fault for staying at that potato bastard's place!" What's wrong with my eyes? Lovino quit wiping his them and began to lecture Feliciano some more…


In a dark, curtains drawn in bedroom, Ivan Braginski cowered under the bed covers while trying to block out the banging on the door accompanied by his creepy little sister's voice. She had been going on for almost an entire day now, when would she ever stop?

"Брат, let me in! Marry me! Marry me, брат! Open up! Open this door that separates us…"

"-go home go home go home go home-" he kept on chanting. Can't she just leave me alone? Today he was planning to go to Toris' place (to 'play' with him, of course), but somehow in some way, Natalya invaded into his home…again! This was the sixth time this week, four times yesterday! "Please just go home…"

"Брат, don't you want-"

The door banged. "To-"

Another one. "Be-"

A harder one. "One-"

Harder than the last. "With me?"

With a last, powerful slam, the door finally broke down and crashed to the floor. Ivan was completely defenceless now, with nothing to protect him but the useless blankets and maybe the weak pillows he could use to throw at her. But all these together were nothing against his psychotic little sister Natalya; with her hair flared up from the lust for marriage flowing around her while she wore that creepy smile that seemed to say "You're mine…"

"Go home!"' Ivan cried as Natalya slowly advanced towards him. She was about to smother her brother with her undying love forever. She came closer, and before they he knew it…

She disappeared.

Ivan stopped whimpering and blinked at where she was a few seconds ago. After staring into space for a while, he calmed down and quickly searched the room for any hiding place his little sister might be, just in case.

Nothing. He turned on the lights to double check.

What he found, though, was that his hands were now turning see through...


"Arthur! What did you do to us!?"

"I didn't do anything!"

Alfred made an attempt to grab hold of Arthur's shirt but his hands just went through the Briton's more transparent body. "As if!" he shouted. "Only you could have casted one of those hocus pocus on me and Francis! And he's gone!" he pointed at an empty spot outside the room before continuing to try and grab the older nation.

"Will you stop that now!?" Arthur was annoyed with the American's constant attempts that only failed. "First of all, it's Black Magic!" he corrected. "Second, according to you, Francis disappeared when I haven't casted any spells today! Thirdly, if I did cast anything at all, why would I also be disappeari-" he vanished before he could finish, leaving only Alfred left.

"Arthur? Arthur!" Alfred stood there stunned. This couldn't be happening! With him gone, there was no chance in fixing this now (he still thought it was to do with 'hocus pocus'). He looked at his hand, distressed that he couldn't even see his fingers anymore. Soon he would be next and he couldn't do anything but wait for it to happen.

What's going to happen? Am I going to die? Is this the end for the Hero, Alfred F. Jones, the great U.S.A.?

Without warning, Alfred felt himself yanked back. One second ago he was standing still in Arthur's house, but now he was being pulled back into darkness. It was like that Harry Potter novel where they go through a thick darkness, except without the suffocating feeling and added millions of different colours flying past him. On and on, he kept being pulled back until he came to an abrupt stop.


In a wide open field of computerized grasses, there stood the Japanese nation, who silently scanned his surrounding area.

"Hmm, it doesn't look great but it could have been better. Why did I not use more tools to make much better graphics? Too lazy to, that's why!" Kiku made the expression of regret for a moment before sighing. "But now I hold my tongue like my usual self."

He closed his eyes and let himself relax. Soon enough, he heard all the other nations' voices around him, coming from different areas.

"What is going on aru?"

"Let go of me, dammit!"

"What happened to my tomato patch?"

"Are we dead?"

"Брат, where are you…"

"May I have your attention please?" Kiku spoke and everyone stopped whatever they were doing in wherever they were. "Welcome to the 2D interaction game I created. Surprised?"

"You actually finished it?" Alfred's voice came up, followed by everyone else's.

"Yes. However this is the first time I actually finished making one and it is a sloppy finish. Please bear in mind that this game will have skills' and items' name from varies well known games. I am going to record the events in here to be maybe the black history in my otaku life and put it up on Nico Nico Douga if I wish."

He heard a few murmurs of excitement. This is going to be fun, he thought as he prepared to go to where Feliciano was. "Oh that's right," he stopped and added one more detail, "the main character right now is Alfred-san." He chuckled when he heard a loud "Oh YEAH!"

Turning around to leave, the smile on his face didn't fade. Enjoy the game…for you'll never want to leave.



*If I've read correctly, the nations use a universal language that they share (but sometimes add their own language in it as well) when they talk to each other. That seems to make a lot of sense than talking in different languages to each other. Me going to replace 'nii-chan/nii-san' or anything the nations says in Japanese term with the nation's language then.


Fratello/fratello – Brother/brother


Брат/брат (Brat/brat) – Brother/brother

Finally this chappy is complete =3. I finally found the rest of the vids. I saw some of the subbed ones and I think I can survive with the rest of the videos without subs. Make up some random plot, my dear! Ha ha! But if anyone watched the subbed version, I know there was supposed to be some kind of disclaimer thingy but I do not understand half of it so I cut it out. So…yeah!

By the way, I like to thank o9higashi and SoteAG for taking the time to translate the game and subbing it. From here, I say you guys are awesome and found it as a great help to know what is going on in the game for once.

Reviews are appreciated, as they are delicious like Italy's pasta.